Tuesday, May 02, 2006



My friend has gone... there are no words to say how much I will miss my fluffy boy. Even as he lay there, gone from his body, he still was the most beautiful dog.

His eyes showed his age, his face was tired and his legs just didn't work anymore. It was time for him to go home, but why is that so hard. He was with me for so much of my live. 13 years, its kinda weird to think about him not being under the table to beg or to come running to say hi when you would visit. He was a perfect little guy, with such funny quirks that made him human is some strange ways.

Lucas loved salad and his rope toy. He hated being wet, he was quite a priss actually. I always figured if he had a voice it would sound like Niles from 'Frasier.' He use to bolt after the birds in the backyard. Bark when the phone rang or the mail man came. He accidentally destroyed a few letters trying to pull the mail from the slot when it was inserted. He was proud, and walked in such a way like he was prancing. He was well trained and it showed. Lucas had one ear that would always stand straight up, and he would pose whenever he saw a camera.

I took some video of him taking a last walk around the yard this morning before we had to go to the vet. In a senior moment, he decided that he needed to use the bathroom at the end of the footage. Sigh, thats my silly dog. Your heart beat so strong for everyone, you loved to cuddle. Its funny to think how we almost lost you at a few weeks with a bad heart. One operation later and you showed us that you were gonna take the world by storm, well in a dog way of course.

You were the most amazing dog in the world, and truly one of a kind. Ken said he pictures you sitting beside mom's chair in heaven in a large field where you can chase the birds. You were never the same after she left, your heart broke like ours did. Say hi to her for me and give her a good snuggle. I think she has some cookies for you in her jacket pocket.

My Lucas, my friend, my dog... I will miss you forever.


Dynamitedianne said...

So sorry to hear about your pup.
I know how hard it is.

Ross Thomson said...

oh my goodness janet i am so sorry... lucas was an amazing creature with the most outstanding energy... he created happiness to all those who witnessed his great being.

I am saddened by his passing but understanding that he contributed so much to this world. He provided our elders with his energy that without one might wonder that they may not have had the kind of lives that they indeed experienced.

While we have had many outstanding animals in our lives... Lucas definately stands out as one that provided unparalleled love and energy to those around him. We all understood that he was getting old but I don't think anyone really truly realized that his life was nearing completion.

I don't think anyone can say that he didn't live a complete and fully healthy life considering the mitigating cirumstances of his early years. He fought hard and lived longer than any of us could have imagined.

Every time we visited we believed that his life was a perpetual existence and that he was meant to live for not only himself but all those who depended on him. I suppose that reality had to set in and that he was to one day return from whence he came and that his life was to eventually mean something more. I believe that his existence is truly blessed and that everyone who met and loved him are better for that experience.

Once again I am truly sorry and I hope that Lucas is truly remembered for the wonderful friend and compatriot that he once was.

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