Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weird dreams have to go!

Another one of the fun things lately has been the really strange dreams. They can be anything from just plain weird to extremely frightening. I am up at 5am this morning thanks to one, need to chill before going back to bed. I think my brain is too imaginative for my own good, blah.

Had our 2nd prenatal class last night. We watched 'The Video' in class, the one everyone knows is going to be shown as some point. It actually didn't bother me, and that made me feel pretty good. Ken seemed more nervous about how I was going to feel during the whole thing. I told him he can't hold anything I say during that time against me. Hehe.

The one thing the teacher stressed was the fact that labour was normal and natural. Being sent home in 24 hours after a normal delivery was perfectly fine, and that our bodies tend to relax in our home environment better than a strange hospital. I could agree with that. I hate hospitals, and plan to get out as soon as I can. Baby will stay with me right after birth, no nursery like you sometimes hear about, unless there is a problem with the child. Its like instantly you are responsible and they want you to understand that and make you comfortable with baby.

Later in class, the men had to put a blowen up balloon under their shirts to see what it was like to be pregnant. Much laughing followed this, and some pretty goofy guys being all silly about it. Yeah, its funny for that 5-10minutes, try 40 weeks! Learned some labour positions and what would be available to us at the hospital and what we should bring. Start making a list soon. Actually, in our class we are the first couple due to give birth... eek!

I think Ken is a bit better after resting yesterday. He was still a little zonked last night during class. We watched American Idol in bed when we got home (taped it) and we were pleased Taylor won. It was one of the better final shows they have done in awhile. More singing than listening to Ryan yak about how many votes there was, maybe since we ALL knew there was no way Katherine was going to win... Meatloaf made a special appearance! He has a new album coming out soon, oh my teenage years are coming back to me. Actually, lots of famous people were on with the idol kids so it was good all around.

Going to get my hair done this morning, there is a good chance I will fall asleep in the chair... oh well. Also, planned to shop with Stella afterwards, something fun I have been looking forward to. Ok, going to get a bit more rest before things get rolling. Later!

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