Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two posts in one day, wow!

Ken is still at work, doing some sort of composite thing. He still isn't well, in fact he really should be in bed resting, but there are so many stupid meeting this week that he should be there for. Needless to say, I had to cancel our guests for tomorrow night. I don't want to get any of their 3 kids sick, nor did the parents sooooooo, it works out I guess. I think Ken was disappointed but what else could I do. Sigh. There is always a next time.

Ok, my hair is uber cute! Lisa always is so awesome, which is why my next sentence makes me groan. She gave me an envelope when I left, inside was a letter for her clients saying she was leaving that studio and opening up one of her own. On the one hand I totally give her props, the girl is top notch and totally deserves it, however, its in Steveston, not a huge drive, but enough to make it difficult. I like local stuff, works better especially once I have a baby to haul and get sitters for. It really sucks, but maybe I will get lucky and get another good hairdresser at that place. I will give it a try at least. Dang, she really was good with my hair!!!!!!

In better news, Kara got the local job that I agreed to be a reference for. YAY! They never called so I guess she never needed my help, she had the stuff all along. 'Aunty' Kara did surprise me with a baby gift today, too cute! Even though she is technically finished at York and moving on to the Ballet place, its still awesome! What a lucky little girl she is gonna be with all this love!

Stella and I went to Costco and Superstore for a lookie. I got some boring bathroom stuff we were almost out of at Costco along with a new fan (with remote control!) and some random things at Superstore that I practically got for free after I cashed in my points. Woot! Love free stuff. Afterwards I was pretty zonked, and rested on the couch. Had some leftovers and now I am on the net surfing for a bit until Kenny gets home. He just called, the thing he was doing went well and he is on his way home, yay! Early to bed if I can get him to do that, depends how long this other thing he has to do tonight will take. Praying it goes fast!

Can't wait to try the new fan, but need to get Ken to unload it from the car first. Blah, on not being able to do it myself.


Dynamitedianne said...

LOVE the hair :) You look awesome!

Jay said...

Thanks, its so nice to feel put together again!

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