Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby Clothes Ahoy!

The package from Ken's mom arrived yesterday. She wasn't kidding when she said she went a little nuts. There are some pretty adorable outfits, so I will have one flashy baby. At least one of us will look good. The note included mentioned that Dan (Ken's youngest brother) thinks she needs therapy. Hehe. I think she is excited to finally buy pink, after having all boys, its a new thing for her.

We took this picture to send her in a thank you e-mail last night. Baby Stitch is wearing the cute bonnet, which I love! She also included socks, booties, headbands and a hand and foot print kit that comes with cute frames to hang in the nursery. Whee. I got everything sorted and loaded into the dresser after showing it off at tea this morning with Nana, Stella and Kara. Stella said we better have a girl now. Lol.

After tea Nana and I went to the other nursery, the plant one. I got some cute new plants for my planters and a neat mushroom, made by a local artist, for Ken. It had 2 little frogs on it. Awe. I planted them this afternoon and now I feel better about the look of my deck pots.

Got some cross stitch done today on the baby sampler. Its almost done, and I will post pics soon. Yay. Of course it will be without the name and date, I'll have to steal some time when baby arrives to do that, but it won't take more than a half hour to do. I'm sure there will be someone wanting to hold the kid, hehe. In fact I have been told to expect not to get to hold the baby at church at all. Everyone is waiting to get a turn with a newbie, since its been awhile since there was a wee little one around. Guess I may need to put a tracking device on her ankle.

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