Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This blog is brought to you by the letter 'A'

In an attempt in trying this game, here is a run down on things on my mind this week, all having to do with 'A'

Ariel, my little berrykin has a new game called kick mommy till it hurts. At times its cute and fun, but not when mommy is trying to do some work on the computer, the aim is straight at the ribs, ack!

Annoyed was my mood yesterday dealing with Babies R Us. After chatting with others on my pregnancy message board, it seems I am not alone.

Awake is how most of my nights have been the past several weeks. The heat and growing size of my tummy made it hard to get comfy. It seems things are finally getting a bit better, at least this week.

Amen has been on my lips since I got my new berry flavored TUMS!!! For a girl who has never had heartburn before, the new experience was not one to be dancing about. It was never really bad until now. Has something to do with the size of my ever growing uterus. Eek!

Awe. I truely am in awe of the work my husband has done on his book. We saw the revised cover today, and were both excited and much happier than the orginal one made us feel. Won't be long now. Hee.

Amazed at how quick the days are going. Tomorrow is the beginning of June! In 30 days we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Wow!

Anxious about the coming months. The changes, the mystery and all the wonder we are about to experience. Its an overwhelming blessing and responsiblity.

Angels are watching over us, just like my mom the eagle, who flys by our window everyday since I got pregnant. She has been keeping an eye on me.

Awesome, a word not used much these days. Takes me back to high school. This is the only word to describe life, no matter if its good or bad.

All over! Well, until the story about building the crib tomorrow at some point, heh.

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