Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Put on a happy face

I am trying to keep myself happy today, even though my sleeping pattern isn't improving. Last night being the worst in awhile. When the going gets tough, look at a red panda! How can one not be happy and laughing after looking at that face! I saw a red panda for the first time ever in Michigan when we went to the Detroit Zoo (which the government is trying to close, boooooo). I bought a stuffed one at the gift shop and he lives in our bed. But the live ones are uber cute and I needed a smiling one today.

Ken is home sick today. Just some sort of flu/cold I think. I feel somewhat responsible since I could have been waking him up in the night with my new routine. Either way, he is here, and has a sore throat and heavy head. When he came home yesterday, he looked like a truck had run him over. He never uses his sick days, so I was somewhat surprised when he said he was going to cash one in today. I think he will sleep most of the day away. He has to pull it together for class tonight... should be interesting.

I am gonna get us some lunch, my boy needs food and so does my berrykin.

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