Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Its seems to be getting hotter each day, which means summer is really around the corner. Sleeping is difficult enough, not sure how I feel about added heat. Hmmm. I should have bought one of those misting fan bottles I saw at Disneyland back in 2003, that would have been great.

Yesterday was my old high school's graduation celebration. Its always fun to head down and watch the kids all dressed up in fancy dresses and tuxs. Lots of different looks this year, many retro ones and sooooooooooooooo much black. All I could think about was how hot they must be, since it was extremely sunny. I think my favorite this year was this burnt orange colored one, with nice bead work and cool design. I couldn't get over the amount of backless dresses. Eek, not for this girly.

Ran into some gals from my grad class and we discussed that next year is our 10 year reunion. Assuming since no one will take it on, looks like those left in Ladner shall bear the task. Sure I'll have a baby hanging off me, should make it interesting. Hehe.

Afterwards we went to the house of the grad gal we had gone to see. Her parents were having a little party in their backyard. I use to babysit her, not many of those left that haven't graduated. Strange to think my little one might be graduating someday from that school too.

Ken arrived home from work and we caught a bite at Boston Pizza and afterwards managed to find him a white shirt for his serving stint at the Ladies Tea this week! One more thing off the list. Yay. Walked by the video store and finally rented 'Rent' and disc one of season 2 of 'Corner Gas'. Ken also got me some ice cream, yum! The music in Rent was amazing and made us want to see the live stage show just to compare it. Plays never seem as good on film, there is just something about the theater. Its quite a downer of a story since its all about the lives of some HIV and AIDS infected people, those on drugs etc. Needless to say, the music still was fantasic.
Also this week watched, 'Shall we dance' and I really liked that one. Kinda a deeper message that you don't see coming and a ending that had me in tears. (Darn those hormones!) Discovered a cover of a song by Peter Gabriel that was amazing. Its the new one on my playlist. When its played in the final scene of the movie, its just so cool. One of those perfect romantic moments Richard Gere seems to get, like the one in 'Pretty Woman'. Sigh.

This morning, I am off to prepare flowers for the mothers day service at church tomorrow. Then to Nana's to see the family that is coming in for the weekend, yay. Ken is back at teaching now, and that will go for 12 weeks or something. So, by the end of that we are gonna have a baby. Whoa.

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