Monday, May 22, 2006

The Blues

So, I think I am suffering a case of the blues lately. I think the lack of sleep and growing discomfort is making me difficult to live with. My brain is really starting to quit on me. I am repeating myself a lot more and just generally forgetting everything! To top it off I just feel bored and want things to get going. I haven't gotten everything set up yet which makes me all giddy, and I can't until other people take care of their commitments. I will feel better once the room is set up and I can go in and feel relaxed. 10 weeks to go.... sometimes I hope they go fast and other times I don't think its enough time... Does that make sense?

Last night Ken had youth pastor Dan over for pizza and movies. They had a good time and I spent my time surfing the net, since I don't see the computer much when Ken is home. After Dan left, Ken did some editing and I worked on a mini table runner I may put in the baby's room. The instructions I thought had a mistake in them, and since I was positive that was the case, I walked downstairs to look in the Quilted Bear's window to see the sample. Sure enough, I was right and had to unpick a large section and redo it. All that is left is the back and the binding.

Sounds like Ken's mom and brothers have figured out when they are coming in August to visit. They are planning on the 9th to the 15th. They could end up being here for the birth if baby is overdue (praying thats not the case). My doctor said they wouldn't let me go past the 10th of August. Might be an interesting visit if that comes to pass. Since the baby showers around here happen after the baby arrives, I am hoping one could happen during their visit, so Ken's mom can be included, since its her first grandchild as well. Hard to say with all the wedding stuff happening but it be nice and I think she would be happy too. The distance is a hard factor sometimes. They felt so left out of the wedding, I don't want that to happen again with this baby.

Ordered our maternity prints today, finally. Seems like I keep forgetting to get these things done. But a long weekend helps when there is another brain in the house. We had pancakes and bacon this morning, yum. Nice to have a meal together like that. Ken pretended to feed the imaginary baby pancakes, hehe. He is now doing the dishes, sweet!

Tonight is my long awaited birthday dinner with the family. Looking forward to it indeed!
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