Friday, May 26, 2006

May Day Weekend

Not that it really is a big deal to me... but it does mean church in the field of the high school. Praying for no rain. Whee. However, it does mean the parade is happening on Sunday and thus the street cleaning machine was out in full force at 6am for an HOUR! Gack! I couldn't figure out why it seemed so loud, but perhapes it was due to my still fresh from a migraine head.

Last night was rough, not so much on sleeping but watching poor Ken suffer with illness and trying to get something done for the book's cd, which was do Friday morning. I had managed to convince him to stay home sick today because he really needed to rest and get better. However, with the technical issues, he ended up driving back to Vancouver at 10pm to redo something and was up till midnight with interesting language to say the least. My husband is the most wonderful man and this rarely happens, so when it does, its extremely hard to take.

Long story short, it was finally fixed and sent! Huzzah! He then rested, and I think is finally coming around the bend on this cold thing. We did get a lovely surprise later that morning, a few pdf's of the final layout of chapters and pics. It really made the pain of the previous evening vanish! Its gorgeous! I was pratically in tears it was so amazing. Its gonna be a real book!!! All those months of work and to see a little peak was making all the sacrifices worth it. Can't wait now!

Also today was the coffee party potluck lunch. All I can say, yum. I really needed a good homemade spread like that. Fun to chat with the ladies and celebrate the birthdays, with Nana cake of course. Hee. Baby was all bouncy coming home, she must have liked the food too. Girl has good taste!

The afternoon is a blur, I was watching tv with Ken and then fell asleep...woke up, dinner time. Strange... but ok.

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