Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy Day

I shall soon do my all about 'a' post Dianne, so don't worry. Hehe. For now, just a regular update.

I seemed to be running all over today. Up uber early to drop the car off to get the tires dealt with. Ran into Nana and had a quick snack at the coffee shop. Dad came to get her from my place, it was Mike's grad ceremony today, YAY. He only finished back at Christmas, but the ceremony is only in Spring, go figure? Anyhoo, I got a load of laundry done, finally getting on track again.

Got a call that the picture I dropped off to frame was ready. However, had a doctor's appointment first. Got there at 1pm, baby is growing away. Whee. Measured at 32 weeks, and I am 31 and a bit, so thats good. 150-160 heartbeat, nice and strong, never get tired of hearing it. Booked another appointment for 2 weeks.

Went and got picture at framers, looks awesome! Its for the baby room. Hee. Picked up package at the post office. Decided since I had Nana's car I would pick up her dead computer (Mikey is gonna have a go at it). Got home, package was the canopy for over the crib, yay! Tire place calls, car is ready.

Walk to pick up the tank. Several bolts or something replaced, all is good. Got the brake fluid flushed too, all safe and ready for baby now. Went to pick up Papa so he could get their car and drive it home.

Set up canopy, looks good. Called Toys R Us to get stupid crib mess fixed. 45 minutes later problem solved, and crib arriving on Thursday. Long story on the issue, needless to say I will still be sending a letter to the head office on the on going issues I have had with this one particular store.

Trudy comes online and get a nice chat with her. Got some new pics of the boys. Theron's hair is light now and his eyes are now dark like his mom's, too cute. He sure is getting big. Saw Will's grad pic from pre-school. What a little man. Little Lucas is toooo cute! Mike and Trudy have got 3 handsome sons!

Ken calls, is on his way home! YAY. Leftovers for dinner, too hot to cook. That pretty much wraps up my uber busy day. Glad only the prenatal class is on the schedule for tomorrow, I need to rest.

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