Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Thats how I am feeling after getting forgetful last night and paying the price this morning. After coming home from prenatal class, which was very good by the way and I shall comment further later, I had a bad headache and took a pill to help it. Needless to say, my silly brain somehow concluded that it was my Diclectin I took and went to bed happy. This morning was not as sunny as it may be outside. I was quickly reminded why I still take the stupid pills, and now have had to sleep away the morning, trying to keep one down so that in hopes I can eat and drink again. With it being hot, I need fluid and if I can't keep it down, its not gonna help me. Ugh.

Ok, good stuff. Class was really good. 10 couples, including us. Some are from Ladner too, whee. The instructor is as well, so you know she is good. Hehe. We just did some basic overview of what would be happening over the 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the class, and feel pretty comfortable. I must point out there were some unhappy hubbys there, apprently there was a hockey game on. Hey, I was missing ANTM so deal with it. Heheh.

Out of all of us, only 2 couples (us being one) knew the sex of the baby. The other couple we overheard had gone about it the same way we did, via 3D ultrasound. They are expecting a little boy. You could tell that the others were curious how we got our info since the Richmond policy is basically no one tells you at all. I think the 3D place is gonna be getting lots of calls from our classmates. It was also my first view of the hospital where I will deliver. Its nice, and we know now where to park when the time comes, Ken's biggest concern. I'd like to point out its very close to Pizza Hut, and perhapes snacks after class maybe in order. Hmmmmm.

Speaking of Ken, the poor guy is really taking an emotional beating at work these days. Its hard, he is taking it so well while balancing everything else in his life these days. I wish sometimes though the complaining would stop, it isn't a perfect world, therefore, why expect a perfect workplace. Places change and grow, and there is ALWAYS growth pains. The need to let go and trust others, bringing more people in to help, and needing to realize that you can't do everything yourself. In the end, both Ken and myself love that business deeply and believe in it. We know its time for growth and change, sure we like to keep it how it was, but then so much good that has come out would have been missed. You may lose things in change, but you gain too. My life has been a constant reminder of that in the most dramatic of ways.

Ok, I think I am ready to try something in my tummy again, sigh. Wish me luck!

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