Monday, March 31, 2008

Keep on Rollin'

Can't believe we are at the end of March already! Yikes... that means countdown to my birthday on May 1st! Whee. Its strange by I am already dreading the end of my 20's and I still have a year left. I can't imagine how I will be on the big 3-0 next year. Gack!

This weekend was a bit of a blur. I was doing a whole bunch of sample layouts and possible designs for Maria from Frozen Reflections. She is the photographer who takes our family portraits and I just LOVE her and her work to pieces. Anyhoo, we got talking not too long ago about perhaps me helping redesign some of her newsletters and 4x6 cards she wants to leave at various locations for promotion. I got home on Friday last week to find a message from her to see my portfolio, so I quickly emailed it off.

Then the next few days were a buzz of emails and a phone call discussing her ideas etc. I had her email a bunch of her photos so I could play around with them and do up some examples of new directions. I had so much FUN!!! It was so awesome to get to work with another artist, and one that I totally mesh with. This is the beginning of a lovely working relationship, and I couldn't be more happier.

Sunday was church and a full nursery day. Turns out the gal who didn't show sent an email to Natalie that she was going out of town... but had no idea so was Natalie! So, this was how the chain of info got broken. Sadly she couldn't do this week for me because she was going to Hawaii with her hubby. Soooooooo, back to the nursery I went. I did get a surprise from one of the parents saying they help out! Yay! I think she the fact she saw me in there for the second week got her thinking we were short staffed. I am just happy to have her come to me, since I hate begging and trying to explain the idea that everyone should help. I'm sorry, it just seems like it would be common sense... apparently not. One down, a few more to go. Keep those fingers crossed.

The rest of the day we spent cleaning the pit, aka our home. We had the pastor and his family coming for dessert and I wanted to be able to see our floor. About 2 hours before they arrived, we stopped in to see Deb and Blair at Nana and Papa's place. Ariel was a total monkey and was living up to her videos from the blog here.

She somehow managed to get a bowl of ice cream. Lucky girl.

Then she helped Papa with his walker. This is by far the sweetest thing to watch. She loves her Papa. I think there is some of her Grandma Vickie in her spirit when she does those things.

We came home again and had the uber yummy parfaits that I had made before for our Oscar dinner. I will say they were a HUGE hit with Pastor Dave and his family... except for Ryan who lives on Peanut Butter sandwiches pretty much 24/7. Oh well. Ken got so share his new video that I posted last time, and one of the little films he worked on with Galen. We had a wonderful visit and the kids were groaning about school starting again today... I am sure I would have too.

Today was the most BEAUTIFUL day we have had in awhile. It was still on the cold side, but the sky was blue and clear. To celebrate, Ariel got to wear some of her new spring clothes. Kinda good timing since her winter duds are looking a big small. My baby is moving up to the 18-24month size, sniff.

Yeah, we love turtles! Hee!

We walked over to Stella's place and had a visit. Then Stella walked with us into town to see Nana and Papa. Then on to the post office when we got a huge surprise... Ariel's stroller wheel popped off! I was stunned, it was fine then 'pop' it was on the ground. A quick examination of the situation showed a broken cotter pin. Gack! However, lucky for me, or more so a blessing, I was able to leave Ariel with broken stroller with Stella, allowing me to go over to the hardware store to buy a new pin. I got a whole bag for a dollar, gotta love that! Went back and was able to fix the wheel in under a minute. I will be making a repair kit to keep in the stroller, in case this ever happens again when I am on the other side of town alone. Ariel was very happy to have her stroller fixed, as we like to walk.

We got home and Ariel took a nap and so did I. We had an early dinner since Ken was going to be late, and watched the Project Runway finale. Ariel was glued to her seat, who would win! Hahaha.

Tomorrow Nana, Stella, Ariel and I will be going up to Mom's grave. I still find it hard that its both the day I lost my Mom and my Dad's birthday. Will always be strange that way I guess. Then we will be going to lunch together, so that will be nice. Rita was kind enough to go stay with Papa so I could get Nana out of the house. 8 years... has it really been that long?

To close, some fun Ariel pictures.

Love the 'go to sleep' pose she does. Haha.

Mommy's little princess.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Feel Like Hibernating

Hey everyone, sorry to drop off out of no where. It has been a short week, but then at times seemed to take forever to end. I have been sooooooo tired, more so since I haven't been use to Ariel waking up in the night for a long time. Update on the eye teeth, still haven't shown themselves... but there are bumps! I have hope... what are we going on... 4 months waiting.... whats another month? Sigh.

Then to add insult, we were given the worst week in weather! Mostly rain... yesterday we had SNOW!!!! My buddy Brenda said they were due to get snow, but apparently the snow forgot where it was suppose to go. At least I still have our snow tires on the car, I still remember the freak snow of May that one year... yeah.

On Wednesday we were to be hanging with Erin and Carter, but sadly he woke up that morning with a fever. Ariel was disappointed not to get to see 'Tartar' but its better he gets well first. Get well soon big guy!

Instead we mostly hung out at home and Ariel was showing her love for hats and mitts. She loves dressing up in that stuff. In fact she likes anything she can put on, perhaps its time for more dress up clothes.

There was also the puzzle hour... Ariel can't get enough of these! It all started with the great one Brenda and Mallory got her for Christmas, and she has started learning to do the small peg ones. 2 and up my butt! Haha!

We also had another potty training session. Basically I let her sit and read on the potty, drink some water and hope that something happens. So far nothing, but at least she is liking sitting on the potty instead of making her toys do it now. She understands that pee goes in there, but hasn't performed the event yet... stay tuned.

Thursday morning was spent at the church as I was helping getting the directory printed. Turns out my printer specs were different than the church ones, ugh, so I had to play around a bit to get them to print properly. During our time there, we missed the hail! Yes, hail! Nana called to say she come to watch Ariel so I could zip home to get the car, good thing I wasn't finished yet and when the time came to go, the weather was holding. I am sure that is why I am tired too, I miss my walks.

Ariel managed to entertain herself while I worked by destroying the office space. Thanks again Irene for letting us cause havoc in your personal space. The highlight for Ariel was riding the dish cart from the kitchen, whee!

On the way home we saw Stella and Donna at the Quilt shop. Stella gave us some very pretty flowers.

Its 'that' weekend again... it will be 8 years since my Mom died. Perhaps this is another reason for my tiredness, since my body tends to shut down sometimes until its over again. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Good thing I have my little princess to make me smile regardless of how my heart is feeling.

During the evening we got to chat with Kara online for a bit. We hooked up the web cam and she got to see Ariel put on a show. I can't believe Kara will be home for good soon! Yay!!!

Friday morning we had breakfast with Dad and Rita. Yummy. Ariel spent the majority time when not eating, trying to figure out how to undo the seat beat. Then with the snow falling, we drove to the craft store in Richmond to get the thread I was missing for my cross stitch. Not sure what we were thinking with that one. Even Ariel seemed concerned with the trucks blasting past us making it hard to see. However we arrived safe and I got Ariel some funky crayons for surviving the drive with her mother. Haha.

We came back to town and stopped in to Nana and Papa's place. Nana and Ariel watched the snow fall... it wasn't even nice snow, it was cold, wet, blowing snow. Yuck! Ariel is showing a bit of her Uncle Mike with her dislike of things falling on her head. She seemed really irked that the snow was landing on her hair. Mikey use to hate that too when he was little, and would pull his coat up to protect his head. Awe. I already knew she hated having dirty hands, so we shall add this one to the list.

Papa seems to be recovering well. He has been walking well with his walker, but his leg is still pretty swollen and he isn't sleeping well. However he seems to always perk up with a visit from princess. He even told Nana that, so that makes me feel like we are helping somehow.

Ken was working late, so we had an early dinner and played until he got home. Glamor girl!

Ariel brought me my camera and wanted a picture with Mommy, awe. I just thought it was too cute not to post, so just excuse the lack of make up and the bags under my eyes. Haha.

Once princess was in bed, I spent the remainder of the evening working. I have been putting together some samples for a possible new client. I really hope it works out because she be so great to work with! Guess we shall see how it goes.

In closing, had to share this with you. This is Ken's newest little video project he did over Easter weekend. I love it, my sweetie is awesome! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mini Zoo

Today we were back into the swing of routine, Ken was back to work and us girls found things to keep us busy. This morning I had a meeting with friend Brenda in regards to designing a logo for her. She runs children's art classes from her home and wants to expand more into the community and get her name out there. Got some sketches done while there and we have a clear idea of how to proceed, yay. I also got her own blog that she will update and make more of a website for her business. Can't wait to see it really become her own once we get some pictures up.

During our meeting, Ariel was kept busy with Josie and Ellie (who was over while her mom was at yoga), Brian and Jessica were at soccer camp. They had fun playing cars, and as you know with Ariel, anything with wheels is a big hit!

Ellie goes driving by...

...Josie was a great 'big sis' for Ariel. Hee.

Then they came inside for a snack, but Ariel's hands had gotten cold and she didn't like the feeling of them warming up. I don't blame her poor baby. Ellie gave Ariel her cookie to make her stop crying, what a sweetheart. So with tears drying, Ariel ate her cookies.

One of the fun things about Brenda's place is the many animals. Ariel was in love with the dog, and then she discovered the bunny. She watched him for awhile, and tried his water, yuck! Mommy stopped that pretty quickly.

When it came time to go, we had to visit the chickens one more time. Ariel liked watching them eat. I am sure she would have tried their food too had I let her. Sigh.

Brenda and Ariel sitting together watching chickens. What a way to spend a day, I wish I could have chickens again... maybe someday.

On the way home we swung by Nana and Papa's to check in. Things seemed pretty good there today. Ariel is always happy to see them. All the way in the car it was... Nana.... Papa.... Nana.... Papa.

Lunch was some smoke salmon wraps. Ariel LOVED the salmon! When I asked her if she did, Ariel proceeded to kiss the remaining piece on her plate and lean in and go 'ahhh'(she makes that sound when she is hugging someone). LOL. Thats my weird kid.

I am in the midst of cooking dinner, lemon garlic chicken. Yummy! Ken has to work on the computer tonight so I am blogging early. Ariel wanted to stay in her crib and play, so I will capture this moment of peace while I can. Whee.

This afternoon I was listening to the radio and heard the new Madonna song that features Justin Timberlake. DANG! I Love it!!!!!!!!!! I am such a music junkie, especially catchy pop songs. Needless to say we will be downloading this one later on itunes. If you haven't heard it yet, take a listen.

Thats pretty much all from me for tonight. Jay out!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pool Party

It was really nice having a long weekend with Ken home again today. We decided to go to the pool for some fun since the morning was kinda blah looking. Besides, the plan was to really make Ariel tired so she would have a good long nap today. Last night she was up several times, not sure why, but she would go back to sleep once she got a cuddle. Not sure if it was teeth or something completely different, but either way, she NEEDED the rest.

The bathing suit beauties. Lol. Don't you wish they made turtle suits for adults. Hahaha.

Ariel LOVES the pool, especially the slide. She wanted to spend most of her time there. She is the stair master.

Daddy was trying to keep up with her.

The best part is the splash at the end. Hee.

Had to capture the pro at work.

Ken and I each managed to sneak away for a moment alone in the hot tub. So awesome! Then proved we were still big kids too and did the big slide. Ariel was very impressed with Daddy's huge splash landing.

We were all pretty tired afterwards and were ready to head home for some lunch and a nap.

Instead of heading straight home, we swung by Nana and Papa's today for a brief visit. Ariel has been very attentive to the fact her Papa has been injured, and wanted to read her alphabet book to him. Such a sweetie.

Came home and had some soup and bun for lunch and Ariel went down for a nap. She was pretty much asleep by the time her head hit the mattress, and slept for 3 hours. Yay.

Since Ken was home we had an early dinner of leftovers from last night's awesome dinner. Some chicken, ham, potatoes and I made up some broccoli. Even a slice of cake for Ken and I. Ariel had her cupcake that Rita saved for her. She was pretty keen on the 'peep' on top. Oh boy, pure sugar!!!

Ken is back at work tomorrow and I have a meeting with a friend in regards to creating a new logo for her business. Should be fun stuff, yay. If the weather is good we may join some of the gals for a walk later this week, so lets hope for some sun instead of the rain they are forecasting.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and fulfilling Easter! Things for us were petty good, a few bumps along the day, but in the end, it all worked out.

This morning we woke up to see what the Easter bunny had left us. Ariel was very excited about her new carrot toy filled with bunnies and her magnetic numbers.

I was touched to find a lovely basket of flowers and some low calorie chocolate. Yay!

We had some breakfast and got ready for church. Then some pictures before we left. First Daddy...

...then Mommy.

Ariel wore her special bunny coat. So cute!

When the service started, it became apparent that the person scheduled for the nursery didn't show up or make arrangements to trade days. Frankly, it made for a very upset and cranky me... especially since I had family here today and I am suppose to do it next week. I am hoping this person can do it next time for me... I am really frustrated with the whole thing these days. I don't understand why no other parents are signing up to help. I am not the only one using the nursery, so why shouldn't others help too. I know we are planning to put in effect the 'if you use it, you have to help' policy this summer... after today and my frustration with the whole thing, I am almost wishing it could be sooner. Sigh.

So yeah, I missed the whole service and I was pretty bummed and disappointed. We also didn't do the flowers on the cross like we usually do. It still looked pretty, but it wasn't the same. I like traditions... and I hope the old one comes back next year. I know I wasn't alone on that feeling too, since I heard several people mention their disappointment. Oh well, Jesus has still risen regardless. Hee.

Today in the nursery, blog pal Kelly's daughter Taeya came to play. Ariel liked feeding her fish crackers.

Then Ariel decided to be the queen, enough said.

After the service, there was much paska to be eaten. Ariel was very happy indeed!

After church, I had a surprise baby shower to go to. Yes, that was what the secret event I didn't mention yesterday was. Hee. I got a very late invite, since it was a very late planned event. Julie was very surprised I think to see Gwen and I standing in her living room.

It was a fun little shower, and as usual I stunk at all the games. Haha. Had to take a picture of the diaper cake Kelly made her sister. Very cool, and had I had more time, I am sure my gift would have been more exciting. I plan on getting a cute outfit once baby arrives. Hee. It will be fun to shop for a wee baby again.

Ken and Ariel came to pick me up and we headed to Nana's to help with dinner. Yay for a pretty table!

Jo the tax goddess brought all our papers to sign tonight, and we surprised her with a little gift of thanks! She rocks! Woot!

Dinner was soooooooooo yummy and so was the costco cake I got for dessert. Ariel polished off a big piece. Chocolate was everywhere.

Then came some gifts, a cool book and hair things from Dad and Rita. Ariel totally loved the book. I expect it to be a favorite for a long time. Nana and Papa had given Ariel the sandals earlier in the week, can't wait to wear them. Then Dad got to open his gifts. Talk about funny when both Mike and Jo and us got him Keg gift cards. Seriously, what are the odds? Great minds think alike.

Then came the egg hunt, inside due to rain. Ariel did very well finding the not so hidden eggs.

Only once was she distracted by the wheel chair.

Then she found the big prize! Yay!

Afterwards, we all hung out and visited in the living room. Ariel played nurse again and brought out the cookies... yeah, I am sure thats the idea. Ha!

After watching Ariel twirl and giggle for an hour, it was time to pack up to go home. I spent most of the evening while Ken was bathing her, looking for a missing sock. This is why I have the bag they go in after being wore. I hope it shows up since its a cute lacy one. I am assuming the princess stuck it somewhere... if you ask her, she just says 'gone'. Not a big help. (UPDATE - sock has been found, yay!)

Well, so ends our big day. Ken is off tomorrow, and we aren't sure what we will do. I guess we shall see. So to close, Happy Easter, from all of us to all of you! Blessings!

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