Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey Look... its 2015

Oops.... I guess I kinda forgot about this thing. Not sure if anyone is still out there listening, but here is an update on us.

I have been enjoying life with both kids in full time school. Its allowed me more time for my business and of course the things I enjoy volunteering with, church, Girl Guides etc.  It was an odd adjustment at first with Xander starting Kindergarten. I soon realized the days go fast and they are home again.

I cut my hair, which was a huge move for me. I had an extremely rough few months personally and emotionally. There is something with cutting off that much hair that is therapeutic. Its like cutting off the pain of the old and starting fresh. Personally, I am in a good spot now, happy and healthy, and feeling very much at peace. Thankful for a loving God who truly watches over me and keeps me safe, and has put a very patience man in my life to walk along with. Thanks Ken :)

Ken has been busy with work and play. He is animating a new project, working on a book project and gets the opportunity to travel with work here and there. Last summer it was London and Paris, we were all jealous! Ken and I will be celebrating 14 years married this June. Crazy stuff! He also turned 40, so far so good!

Ariel is in grade 3, dancing 7 hours a week, yep you heard me, and continues her Brownies, AWANAS and the odd swimming lesson. She completed her grade 2 ballet exam a few weeks ago, so we are waiting for the results to come in several weeks. Dance competitions are starting soon, she has been working hard with her 3 competitive groups and her first jazz solo. She takes it all in stride and enjoys performing.

The Nutcracker performance was an amazing experience for her, we are just ordering our dvd and photos from the show now. She is considering auditioning again, so we will see.

Xander, the big man in Kindergarten and taking the world by storm. He grew up so fast over the summer and surprised me with his quick and seamless transition to full day school. He loves his teacher and is thriving. He is showing signs of a budding artist and loves to sit and draw for hours. Xander also took up soccer this fall and found his happy place. So we have become soccer parents, something new for the 'non' sporty folks here, but we are learning.

He also joined Beavers after the countless times he had to tag along for Browines, he just had to be apart of the badges and camps. He loves it and seeing my kids in uniform makes a Mommy proud!

Meeko just turned 2 and is enjoying the long walks I can take him on in the afternoon while the kids are at school. He is always excited to see them come home but he is happy chasing the cats while they are gone. He likes to pretend he is a cat... or maybe he is one. Here is a great shot of him in 'cat loaf' position.

Boris and Tasha are settled and a wonderful part of our family. They just celebrated their first birthdays and are quirky and give us endless entertainment. Boris likes to watch over us from 'his' spot on the stairs, and Tasha is a master of waking up the kids for school. Both are snuglers and sleep at the foot our bed.

Spring break is coming to an end this week and everyone will be back to their routines. Well, that is a brief update from us... leave a comment if you are still around. Maybe I'll tune in more.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

um... its MAY!

Yikes... that was a long break... did you think I be back?

Well, lets do a brief recap of the past few months. In one word, work. I did a lot of work right after Christmas and its been solid since. That is pretty typical and I find it continues into the summer for weddings. Its been so much so that I have been turning lots of people away, thankfully a friend started a cake business too and I send her lots of people. Its helpful to have someone to send them to as its hard to say no and see someone disappointed. I think its time to raise my prices again, a hard thing to do but it will be the best for me and my time.

I have been working for the church in my typical children's coordinator role for some time now and with the size of our programs they are in the process of hiring a family pastor. Until that happens, they have made the decision to pay me for my time, which I do appreciate!

Brownies is still going strong, and we end at the end of June and conclude with camp in July. Can't wait! I love my girls and I am excited for next year and some new ones coming up from Sparks that I know from Ariel's school.

We officially registered Xander for Kindergarten. I had applied for cross catchment again to get him into the same school Ariel is in. We were told we would find out in May if he got in and I am excited to say he was! Woot! He can't wait to come next year and I am looking forward to dropping off at one school only!

We experienced a few snowy days in February, not always common for us, so the kids loved every moment of it.

Ariel had her first experience with what ballet exams will be like when she completed a 'presentation'. She did wonderfully and she is excited to do exams next year with the big girls! Its amazing to think these guys have been dancing together since kinderdance, they have grown so much!

We had some pageant fun and Ariel won her first 'Grand Supreme' title. A very exciting day for her!

Her Shirley Temple Soda Pop ad also came out. I love her hair all curly. So cute!

Xander continued to grow himself, not only in size (although he is still a little guy) but in his confidence. He took a hip hop class and loved it. Although we are always reminded he is super shy when it comes to performances. He wouldn't do it in class when we came to watch but at home with only mommy. We are working on that. Ariel always is his biggest fan, as is as well for her. I love that they support each other so much! 

In March we had Spring Break and a Brownie camp which was a blast. Over the break I took the kids geocaching which is a new past time of fun for us! Finding treasure is a hoot! Ariel even managed to earn her challenge badge for all the fun we had. Who knew! We also attended a small pageant and Ariel won the whole thing! She was thrilled, and I was shocked. She really has been having a great year performing.

Following spring break started dance competition season. We did 3 festivals with 2 different routines. Always a great experience and fun. We are looking forward to the recital now!

The kids finished up AWANAS for the year and what a year it was! Xander did both his books in Cubbies and earned his bear and ribbon. Ariel in Sparks finished all 3 books and won 2 ribbons and the Sparky award. They had to work hard since they were only in each program for a year as we were new to the club. I am so impressed with them and their work... but my secret joy comes when I hear them quote scripture to each other when talking about what God wants them to do.  Xander is moving up to Sparks next year and Ariel is up to T&T. 

Preschool has been going really well this year for Xander. He is really emerging as a little artist and loves to tell me about the things they learn. We had a field trip to the beach....

...a very special Mother's Day tea and bug day is coming up! I know how much I am going to miss him next year. These years really do go fast!

Xander has joined Spring Soccer as his current activity. He is loving it, as his teachers told me it might be a great fit after watching him play with his friends at school. We may have found his 'thing' but we shall see. We are registered for fall, as he is eager to be on a team!

On the day of Ariel's last competition, we got word of an open audition down town for the Goh ballet's nutcracker performance. We decided it be fun to try out and went down to experience it.

What an overwhelming experience. The kids were behind closed doors for over an hour, to which Ariel tells me was lots of dancing to the piano. Most of the kids auditioning were from the Goh's own studio so we didn't think much would come of this. The surprise came a few days later when Ariel got notice that she was selected! She is a lamb in act 2, and rehearsals start in September! All I can say is WOW!

So that brings us to now.... we are having computer issues, grrr. Haven't solved what the issue is but working on it. Until then, hoping we can finish backing things up so we can deal with the issue.

Oh, and we are getting 2 kittens.... more on that soon.Haha

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014... seems like 2013, haha.

So where to start?

Early December was some fun stuff. Ariel got to be in the Santa Claus Parade downtown, which was a blast but lots of work as we helped build the float the few weeks prior to the event.

We were thankful for no rain! The girls looked great and were so well behaved. We had lots of compliments on how nice they were. Dad and Rita came down to see Ariel on the float which was special too. 

Shirley Temple Soda is now sponsoring National Canadian Girl for the parade over the next 2 years, and so they got to carry some on the float... and drink it afterwards. Ariel quite liked it... it was pink! LOL (this was taken by my friend Amber... leading to what happened next)

The following weekend was the Christmas charity pageant, where the girls helped and we had a toy drive! It was then I was told that the soda company wanted to do a photo shoot with some of the girls for their new ads, and Ariel was picked as one of them!

So in the midst of the whirlwind of holiday fun, we had a photo shoot and these are some of the pictures they took. I will share the ad once its released. 

Amber asked if I wanted to do a fun photo of Ariel and I said it be neat to capture her love of dance, and this is what happened... that is baby powder... oh the mess that followed but the photos from it were STUNNING!!!

Our Brownie troop had our enrollment ceremony, most of our girls are first year so it was very exciting. Here is Ariel's circle group the Fairies waiting to take their promise. 

The girls could work on badges but wouldn't get them until they were enrolled, so Ariel got a LOT that night. 

My little Brownie. Congrats sweetie! I am looking forward to doing a post on my Brownie life and how its changed over the years compared to hers. I even have my Mom's old Brownie stuff. Look for that in the coming week.

Both kid's had school performances, Ariel's class were angels, the play was about all the different traditions at Christmas, really awesome and its always nice to have a touch of 'the real meaning of Christmas' in a public school. Did I mention how much I love our school!!!

Xander had a speaking part at his preschool production, something he honestly dreads but worked hard for. He did great, saying his line and flashing a big thumbs up to us watching. I cried, it was a big moment for him and how far he has come. Great work shepherd #2

Then at church we the kids program. I don't have many pictures since I running around with the kids, but Ken got this video of the dance. This was a special one, Kara was due with baby of course and was sitting out and so we had Madi and Kate take over teaching and doing the choreography for the girls. Needless to say its a HUGE job and I am impressed with them. Easter is coming girls, and I know they are excited to do another dance!

We had some crazy snow days, one on the last day of school before the break.

Ariel's school had a skating field trip, and Xander decided he wasn't going to sit and watch. Thankfully Ariel pushed him around the ice several times. Reminds me of Ariel with his determination... way to go Xander!

Ariel's dance studio had a meet the snow queen photo day, and of course it landed on those few days we had crazy snow, but we went anyways and had a great time. Sounds like it was a great success and they will do it again next year.

Christmas was nice. Quiet, and simple this year. We had an early family celebration as it the year Dad and Rita spent it with her family. Deb and Blair joined us this year which was very special. It was also at that time that my pink eye had started. Yes, both eyes, with TERRIBLE pink eye. It hurt so bad, but didn't get to the worse stage until Christmas Eve of course. I managed to get through the discomfort as all of Ladner was out of the special medicated eye drops... yeah, awesome.

Christmas Eve also brought the news of Kara and Chris' daughter arrival. Much like our girly, Aubrey chose to arrive a tad late, but of course it was exciting to hear she finally came safe and sound.  The Christmas Eve service was special, Ken had to film Ariel's special part since I couldn't see, lol, thanks pink eye. There is no greater joy than seeing your child serve the Lord, using their gifts.

Christmas day the kids slept till past 8, and we all got up and slowly started with stockings and Santa gifts. We would eat, open a few things, then facetime with Ken's families during the course of the morning. The kids got some special treats. I had wanted to have more hands on gifts this year, so craft kits for Ariel, and paint and play doh for Xander. I had gotten a lot of the things brand new but second hand on our local swap and shop page. Ariel and I spent most of the holiday crafting, lots of rainbow loom bracelets, beaded animals, pom pom puppies and clay charms.

Xander is showing a very artistic side these days. He is quite the play doh sculptor and painter, so his new goodies are getting good use.

Meeko got his own stocking this year... can I point out that Ken and I didn't get ours finished, and the dog's is? 3rd child indeed! I made it from a pattern I found online. He liked the treats that came in it.

Fast forward to January and a quiet new years eve, chinese food and early bedtimes for most, I stayed up playing with Ariel's loom, making a unicorn, haha. Fun times.

Everyone went back to work and school and lift started rolling again. Xander decided to take a break from gymnastics and is trying out Hip Hop. He is REALLY enjoying it, and usually I am asked everyday if its hip hop day. Perhaps we will have 2 dancers in the family?!

Ariel after lots of pleading the past few years, has finally started piano lessons. She is taking lessons with a lady from our church, and is loving it. Since we don't have a piano, we borrowed a keyboard for home and when we are at church for any reason during the week then she practices on the real piano. So far its working and honestly she is better at it than I ever was. Haha.

I have been under mountains of paperwork lately. From kindergarten forms for Xander to booking camps for my Brownie troops, its been a tad nutty. Work has been busy too. Lots of cakes, to the point it sometimes makes my head spin.  Sometimes when people come to pick up I need to ask what cake its for, that is how many I have been doing, haha.

Ok, I have enjoyed catching up but its time to run and get Xander to a birthday party!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wow, its been over a month, sorry. Its been busy here with the kids, hubby and doggy over the very full month of December! I am actually a little in shock its Christmas today!

Its a quiet day for us this year. We had our family dinner last weekend and its just us four er five if you count Meeko. We have spent the day lounging, eating, opening gifts, facetime visiting with Ken's family and building toys. I just stuck the turkey in the oven for most likely a later dinner since we got a late start.

I'll do a full recap of Christmas and stuff leading up to the big day maybe later tonight, but for now I will leave you with Ariel and her special moment at our Christmas Eve service at church last night, sharing what the real reason for the season is.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here comes Christmas!

Wow, November was a blur, literally! We have only one week left and then we are on to CHRISTMAS time!  Yay!

Our past few weeks were filled with regular routine, add in Ken going on a business trip to LA for several days, Remembrance Day and lots of cakes... lots! The weekend Ken was gone turned out to be my busiest week, 9 orders, ack!

My Brownie troop has been busy preparing for enrollment next week. Ariel has been enjoying working on badges, and she is excited to be finally getting most of them at the ceremony as she will finally be an official Brownie. She is a circle leader this year, we only had 2 second year girls, so we had to have some of our first years take on the big jobs.

Working on her gardening badge - building a rainforest in a pop bottle. 

We marched in the parade for Remembrance Day, thankful the day was actually some what warm and sunny. So proud of how many of our girls came too, I think we had the best turn out for Brownie units. Woot!

Ariel leaving her poppy on her school wreath. 

For the past several months we have been looking for the right bed for Xander's room. At first we thought a mate's bed would be good, but we realized that it wouldn't fit the space as we hoped and wouldn't be able to make it up to Xander's loft.  I put out a request on the local swap and shop page on facebook and ended up getting contacted by a lady selling this bed and mattress for $90, which was perfect for our budget and allowed us to take Xander out to pick some fun new bedding. I got to pick the nice neutral comforter and he picked the Angry Bird sheets, haha. He was so excited the day it arrived, big thanks to John for helping with his truck. The first night the kids had a sleepover in his room, so cute.

I got invited to paint the library windows of Ariel's school again this year. The kids picked out the characters for me, and as usual it was a blast to do. 

As promised here are a few photos from Ariel's pageant in October. Here she is in fresh face, the girls all wear the pageant t-shirt and black bottoms.

Glitz beauty wear, her cupcake dress fits her almost perfectly now. Only took 2 years! lol. I ordered a really cute present for Ariel for Christmas, I found a lady who can copy your pageant dress into a mini one for an American Girl doll. She is gonna flip!!!

Outfit of choice , her spacegirl routine. I had to modify her costume since she grew. Made the dress more of a tunic with shorts under, worked perfectly.

Still her fav, Mary Poppins for dollwear. Always a crowd pleaser too. 

Finally, broadway dollwear, Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. Ken is the puppet plant, and she got the best reaction from the crowd from this. 

 In big news, next weekend Ariel will be in the big Roger's Santa Claus parade riding the float with her fellow royalty girls of National Canadian Girl. So today I spend a few hours helping work on the float. Its looking good, lots of pink! It will be televised the following weekend it looks like, so look for our girl! I'll be riding in the truck with a few moms, others are walking, I frankly don't want to be on tv, haha.

Well I am looking forward to posting Christmas fun, so stay tuned!
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