Sunday, May 11, 2014

um... its MAY!

Yikes... that was a long break... did you think I be back?

Well, lets do a brief recap of the past few months. In one word, work. I did a lot of work right after Christmas and its been solid since. That is pretty typical and I find it continues into the summer for weddings. Its been so much so that I have been turning lots of people away, thankfully a friend started a cake business too and I send her lots of people. Its helpful to have someone to send them to as its hard to say no and see someone disappointed. I think its time to raise my prices again, a hard thing to do but it will be the best for me and my time.

I have been working for the church in my typical children's coordinator role for some time now and with the size of our programs they are in the process of hiring a family pastor. Until that happens, they have made the decision to pay me for my time, which I do appreciate!

Brownies is still going strong, and we end at the end of June and conclude with camp in July. Can't wait! I love my girls and I am excited for next year and some new ones coming up from Sparks that I know from Ariel's school.

We officially registered Xander for Kindergarten. I had applied for cross catchment again to get him into the same school Ariel is in. We were told we would find out in May if he got in and I am excited to say he was! Woot! He can't wait to come next year and I am looking forward to dropping off at one school only!

We experienced a few snowy days in February, not always common for us, so the kids loved every moment of it.

Ariel had her first experience with what ballet exams will be like when she completed a 'presentation'. She did wonderfully and she is excited to do exams next year with the big girls! Its amazing to think these guys have been dancing together since kinderdance, they have grown so much!

We had some pageant fun and Ariel won her first 'Grand Supreme' title. A very exciting day for her!

Her Shirley Temple Soda Pop ad also came out. I love her hair all curly. So cute!

Xander continued to grow himself, not only in size (although he is still a little guy) but in his confidence. He took a hip hop class and loved it. Although we are always reminded he is super shy when it comes to performances. He wouldn't do it in class when we came to watch but at home with only mommy. We are working on that. Ariel always is his biggest fan, as is as well for her. I love that they support each other so much! 

In March we had Spring Break and a Brownie camp which was a blast. Over the break I took the kids geocaching which is a new past time of fun for us! Finding treasure is a hoot! Ariel even managed to earn her challenge badge for all the fun we had. Who knew! We also attended a small pageant and Ariel won the whole thing! She was thrilled, and I was shocked. She really has been having a great year performing.

Following spring break started dance competition season. We did 3 festivals with 2 different routines. Always a great experience and fun. We are looking forward to the recital now!

The kids finished up AWANAS for the year and what a year it was! Xander did both his books in Cubbies and earned his bear and ribbon. Ariel in Sparks finished all 3 books and won 2 ribbons and the Sparky award. They had to work hard since they were only in each program for a year as we were new to the club. I am so impressed with them and their work... but my secret joy comes when I hear them quote scripture to each other when talking about what God wants them to do.  Xander is moving up to Sparks next year and Ariel is up to T&T. 

Preschool has been going really well this year for Xander. He is really emerging as a little artist and loves to tell me about the things they learn. We had a field trip to the beach....

...a very special Mother's Day tea and bug day is coming up! I know how much I am going to miss him next year. These years really do go fast!

Xander has joined Spring Soccer as his current activity. He is loving it, as his teachers told me it might be a great fit after watching him play with his friends at school. We may have found his 'thing' but we shall see. We are registered for fall, as he is eager to be on a team!

On the day of Ariel's last competition, we got word of an open audition down town for the Goh ballet's nutcracker performance. We decided it be fun to try out and went down to experience it.

What an overwhelming experience. The kids were behind closed doors for over an hour, to which Ariel tells me was lots of dancing to the piano. Most of the kids auditioning were from the Goh's own studio so we didn't think much would come of this. The surprise came a few days later when Ariel got notice that she was selected! She is a lamb in act 2, and rehearsals start in September! All I can say is WOW!

So that brings us to now.... we are having computer issues, grrr. Haven't solved what the issue is but working on it. Until then, hoping we can finish backing things up so we can deal with the issue.

Oh, and we are getting 2 kittens.... more on that soon.Haha


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