Friday, December 30, 2005

Whose Line is it Anyways..... yes it did air!

I'm sure many of you have seen the clip of Richard Simmons who was a guest on Whose Line is it Anyways? Needless to say if you haven't, please click this link to see it. (It will open in media player)

Now, the question has always been, did this really air??? Could it be on family tv, because it kinda is... well... its a little over the top, especially since it is pushed as a family show. I think the other thing that comes to mind is that it is a totally different Richard Simmons than your use to seeing. He usually is crying and hugging, not being... over the top.

Anyhoo, I have shared this clip with people and we all agree that it must have been cut from the orginal show and leaked to the internet. Well, last night in our hotel room we were watching the ABC family channel (different from regular ABC, this channel plays nothing but family aimmed shows.) So whose line comes on and in every game they have either someone acting like Richard Simmons etc. Ken says, this has to be that episode that clip is from. Then they bring Richard out for the singing game and Wayne Brady has to sing a disco song about him. I then say, they must have shot a few different things with him, because even that seemed a bit over the top but nothing like the above clip. Well, we were WRONG!!! After the commercial they air THAT CLIP!!! We were laughing so hard, mostly out of shock that it really did air on tv, on a family station no less!

So, the question has been answered... the year 2005 can now come to a close. Heheh.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hollywood Jesus Gathering Begins!

We just got back from the opening night at the Hollywood Jesus gathering. It was awesome to finally meet these people who you write to. It makes it all seem more real, wow. It has been kinda like an internet relationship, and finding out they aren't creepy old men. LOL.

It was fantastic to meet David Bruce, the man behind the website and the person who got the group of us together. He opened the gathering with a talk about how the website was started in 1997. It was so interesting to hear him speak, as a former pastor, and his new found role in sharing the word through media like movies, tv and comics.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend, and very glad we came. We are crashing early tonight since we were driving all day and I am pretty beat. Tomorrow there are lots of interesting talks so I want to be well rested. Ohh, I think thats room service with my chicken burger, later!

We are in Renton...huzzah

So we left the house at 930am this morning and packed up the Tank (car). We dropped off the keys for Kara, got some gas, dropped off the video rental and said goodbye to Nana and Papa. Then we were off on the road. Good weather for driving. Got to the boarder in about 30 minutes but then sat in the line ups for about an hour, ugh.

Saw a really funny sign saying the men's bathroom was closed for winter, heheh. We listened to my mix cd as we waited and time just flew by. We Finally get to the guard and he is like, where are you going, Renton, oh you live in Canada, where...., Ladner.....where? in Delta.....where? I finally say BC and he clues in, sigh!

We drive to Bellingham and grab some grub at the KFC / A&W. Ah yes, the fastfood chains here like to gang up on you. The first thing I notice is the fact there are none of the less fattening options that the Canadian ones offer. No side salads, not even the classic chicken burger, which is less batter, nope, just the triple dipped and fried stuff, ugh. I had a chilli dog, it seemed like the most less threatening thing.

As we continue on the weather holds until Seattle when the rain starts. Not bad rain, not like the one time where we couldn't even see the road it was coming down so hard. It lasted till the turn off for Renton and then we arrived. We checked in and went to the resturant for a small snack / dinner. The size of Ken's pot pie was freaky! Thats not a normal size! It was a mutant pie. But, the food was good and the help was friendly so it was nice.

Now we are heading to the opening of the Hollywood Jesus event. Woot. So check back for updates on our adventures here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Girls Night Ladner

So last night was the girls night out. The high school gang got together since Julie was in town and Christy moved back to town, so why not have dinner out! Well, we ate, Ann picked at her salad and didn't even touch her soda, BLAH! Hehehe. So we chatted for a few hours and then headed back to Julie's parents house. Which was filled with many of her sisters and their families. Full House! I won't even say what Julie's dad did, LOL. The fact the ones who were there know is good enough. Hehehe.

So we hung out and left at midnight, which was surprising, I can't believe how fast time flies when we are chatting. Christy gave me a ride home since Ken took the car to see the 3 hour King Kong with Mike and Toby. Twas a great night and it was great to see the girls.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So Christmas was fun and different this year. Sorta changed things around with it falling on a sunday but it all came together well.

Ken and I were up early to do the morning present call to Michigan, much to our surprise, Jonathan had decided a new routine this year so they called us back in 30 minutes, hehe. In the meantime, I had my lovely morning sickness and we did our stockings. I got a good haul of chocolate which I am sure will come in handy being pregnant. Ken always finds what I call the mommy chocolates. I got them every year and I can't wait to put them in my kids stockings. Also got magazines, cds and some crafty things.

We then did our presents for each other. I got Ken the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes. Woot. He was excited! He got me a lovely necklace of a white gold heart with a tiny gold heart on the inside, both with tiny little diamonds on each. Very symbolic as usual with Ken. Thank you sweetie! Also got the best and worst of american idol dvd. I think Ken just wanted to watch the bad singers over and over. Heheh.

All dressed we headed to church, and there were maybe about 25-30 people. Not the usual crowd but it was lovely. Pastor Dave wheeled out a cake and we had a birthday party for Jesus, complete with noise makers and balloons (Ken managed to pop his). Dave then read this "letter" about how Jesus might feel when we celebrate Christmas without him. It totally got to me and I remember when Mike and I were young how mom always had a birthday cake for Jesus. Something I plan on doing from now on.

The afternoon was a rest time, and we watched some of the dvds and called Grandpa Priebe and Ken's dad called us. We then loaded up the gifts for the family in the laundry basket and went to Nana's.

Dinner was great (what I did eat of it) and Dad made a very impressive Coconut cream pie for dessert. Mike and Jo arrived from her family's place and we started the gifts. I was pretty tired at this point but pulled it together as much as I could. Mike and Jo got me the season 4 Macgyver set! SCORE! Heheh. Dad and Rita gave me a martha cookbook, sheltie calander and gift card to Linens and Things, the happiest place on earth. Woot. Nana and Papa got me some fuzzy socks (my new love) a huge bucket of gel pens, a wooden turtle puzzle (I think its for the baby but I plan to play with it too) and my long awaited ironing board! Yay!

We all chatted a bit more and then started to all fizzle, it had been a crazy, long day. Ken and I loaded up the car and came home. Got into bed and watched some Macgyver, Merry Christmas indeed!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve!

Its finally here! It sure came fast, maybe cuz I have been too sick to notice. Hehe. Anyhoo, its an exciting day. Ken is home and we are going to take care of some last minute stuff and just relax. Tonight is church, Kara is dancing. Yay. Then we will come home, watch a movie, eat snacks and stuff each other's christmas stockings. Usually we end up opening them right after midnight cuz we are totally brats! But then it is so much easier to sleep having a little something to open.

This year christmas is on a sunday, very cool. So we will be off to church in the morning. Pastor Dave was glad to hear at least a few of us would show up. Hehe. I most likely will be resting the remainder of the day so that I will be awake and perky for dinner and gifts with the family.

Now for some wacky fun stuff. Here are some odd and cute christmas web things. Enjoy!

The Snow Dog Card - Very cute and sweet

Penguin Baseball - Try and hit a penguin as far as you can! A good time waster!

Chin Carols - This one is just creepy. Type in a christmas carol and the chins sing it.

Holiday Snowglobe - A Personal favorite, just because its sooooooo weird and funny.

Friday, December 23, 2005

New Pet!

I adopted a cyber pet hamster! Whee, isn't he cute. All the joy of a real hamster but no mess. I love you Orko!

my pet!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

8 Weeks

Today was our first meeting with the doctor who will be doing all my pregnacy exams and such. Ken came along which was great and we basically did the rundown of family medical history. No major exams or tests. Just tried to keep from barfing on the doctor. Heheh. Our next appointment is on January 19th and a heartbeat will be heard! YAY!

Afterwards we met up with the family at Ricky's Resturant and I had an awesome benny! yum. Mike is offically finished school, wow. So there is a planning of the party for January. I'm glad we are waiting till December is over, its nuts enough as it is.

We were to be going out tonight but that was cancelled due to the flu bug floating around that home. Something I'd like to avoid! So, a quiet night with Kenny is perfect. He wrapped all my gifts last night so I have something to shake under the tree! I can't believe that sunday is christmas!!! I have to finish a last minute ornie that I totally forgot about and feel terrible about. UGH! So I need to try and bear cross stitching when sick. Should be interesting.

Ken's mom emailed today, and wants to buy us a crib! So thats very cool! The problem is finding some place like they have in the states. She wants to get one of those fancy fine wood ones. I guess we will go out in the new year and search for a place we can tell her about. If anyone knows of a good place let me know. I personally would love a crib that turns into a toddler bed. I think thats practical... but thats just me.

Christmas Countdown : 2 days!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Tree and Cheese!

So here is our christmas tree, as promised. Isn't it beautiful! I love the look of the white lights, so magical. I would also like to point out the presents under the tree. I was so thankful I got all my shopping done and wrapped before we left for Michigan. Once returning I started getting very tired and sick. A very big blessing in my books!

Yesterday was the Church's kids christmas concert. Oh it was very good, the music was wonderful and the drama was funny. I give a hand to my hubby for directing the drama portion. Huzzah! The past few weeks without him to help in sunday school were hard, but seeing his handy work in the play, it was worth it. My class did so well saying their lines! Kindergarten kids can do no wrong! They are just so cute!

We had dinner at Nana's since there was a family friend in town and the main discover of that meal was that pork is not my friend. Yes I put a piece in my mouth and bearly got it down. Blah! So I will add pork to the list of foods I do not like in this pregnacy. LOL.

Now for some cheese. This thursday marks and annual Ed the sock Fromage show!!! I have gone to muchmusic to vote! However, we are booked at someone's place for dessert so we will be taping it and watching when we get home. If you have never seen it, basically its Ed making fun of the years worst videos. In my personal opinion, the best show was the worst videos of all time because it was the big y2k year! But, there is always something to laugh at. Its not offically christmas without Ed the sock! Heheh.

Christmas Countdown : 5 Days

Friday, December 16, 2005

Why pregnant, hungry women shouldn't watch late night tv!

Ok, tonight while Ken was out teaching, I ended up watching some tv and fell across a show on the travel channel or something. Anyhoo, it was entitled, the best places to pig out!

At first I figured, ok, its like the best places to eat. No, no, no! I was quickly corrected. It is indeed places to PIG OUT. Here is the list of the top 10!

Needless to say I found myself getting more hungry then I already was. Then in my head trying to figure out how I would make it to all these places in the states to indeed have some of the huge food platters they were serving. How sad is that! Sure I am indeed with child, but I have never been one to think sooooo much about food. I think my morning sickness is brought on by the fact I can't believe how hungry I get.

I'm sure the massive amount of exercise I got today didn't help either, just made my tummy cry out for more. Mostly I find I am craving fruit, thank goodness. So at least my eating is of a healthy nature. However, watching the food before me on the tv had my mouth watering as I saw the piles of pancakes. Oooh, I think I want pancakes tomorrow.

Besides my crazy cravings, the show itself was very entertaining. The contests of people trying to eat these huge portions was extremely funny and sick at the same time. 5 pounds of pancakes! 12 egg omelets! 8 patties of meat in one burger! Pizza the size of table. Good grief.

In other news, the christmas cards are almost ready to go out in the mail! Yay! A little later than I had hoped but since I had deadlines for my work projects this week there was nothing I could do. I also need to finish wrapping a few more gifts. I should take some pics to post of our awesome christmas tree. Its so cute! I got new lights this year and I love them!

Christmas Countdown : 8 Days!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Christmas is Most Like What Movie?

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Each year, you really get into the spirit of Christmas.
Which is much more important to you than nifty presents.

I actually believe that! I always has a soft spot for that sad little tree they bought. Plus the whole scene with Linus at the end on stage is really special and one of those fantastic moments in tv history... well in my opinion. Plus, honestly people, who wouldn't want to dance like those kids do. Heheh.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Baby vs. Jay

Well I had quite a rough weekend to say the least. I think the tide is finally turning and it makes me very happy. Not to mention sighing of relief!

Saturday night, Ken and I had to make a visit to the ER at Delta Hospital due to a brief blood spotting. Needless to say we both freaked, and thus were at the ER for 2.5 hours. The spotting stopped about as quickly as it had started, so that made me relax a bit.

Sunday, I taugh my sunday school class then came home to sleep. I had a terrible headache and ended up missing the Champions party. BOOOOOOO. I did get a lovely plate of goodies to make up for it. Yay!

So today I saw my doctor and she reassured me that my numbers for my HCG level was right were it should be for 6 weeks and no sign of problems. Thank the Lord! However, I was told to continue bedrest and slowly return to my regular routine. If it starts again, back to bed. I'm really hoping things go smoothly, so lots of prayer is good.

In other news I officially started "tossing my cookies" this morning. Yay! As gross as it is, and I'm sorry if its too much info, but I can't tell you how great it feels. I have been so sick and just wanting to let it get out and finally I did, twice! Ken was still home and was so loving and supportive. I love my boy so much!

Tonight he is bringing home chicken so I don't have to cook. I think I will be pulling out the slow cooker for the next few weeks while I feel sick.

As I count down the days till christmas, part of my counting is for my prenatal visit on the 22nd. I am hoping to hear the heartbeat and be calmed that much more. Through all the frightening moments, I didn't loose sight of the fact that I want this baby so bady. We have waited so long and I will do everything I can to help it grow safely in my belly.

Tis the season to be joyful, and I sure am!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My head is melting....

So, this is what morning sickness feels like! Two words - NOT COOL!

I haven't been throwing up or anything but gosh do I feel like I want to. I almost wish I could. Last night I discovered that baby doesn't like some of my favorite foods. BOOOOO. Needless to say, without grossing out everyone, I spent much of my night in the bathroom and on the couch with a fever and the shakes. I woke up at midnight and managed to crawl up to bed to sleep the rest of the night. This morning I feel like mashed potatoes, and I am sure I look equally as frightening.

I managed to eat a bagel with peanut butter and jam, and later a few crackers with cheese. That seems to be good so far. I will dive into my fruit drawer later and maybe a salad too. yum.

I went to the library this morning to look for some books for Ken. He needs them for his book research. While there I found a book on dreamweaver and I think I might give that a try if I feel better next week. As for the next few days I am trying to finish the work for Hans. Shouldn't take too long, I just need to feel like I can look at the computer for over an hour without passing out.

Also, must clean house!!! I say, the moment I get sick the place becomes a trash dump! The dishes are all over the house and there are several piles of junk that need to be dealt with. With people coming over tonight, I kinda want to get things looking better.

Ok, I am gonna clean, rest, work, rest, eat and did I say rest?

Monday, December 05, 2005

5 Weeks

So I am offical 5 weeks pregnant, according to my doctor. How Exciting, its so weird and strange knowing this is finally happening!!! Ken is just glowing and so full of joy. We decided that telling people, even though its early, was the way we wanted to do it. If something did happen, we would want the support from all our friends. So needless to say, its all over town, thanks to the future great grandma!

This weekend was full of activities, friday starting with the coffee party at my place. It sure helped me get motivated to get my christmas stuff up. I love my tree this year, we bought some white lights and oh its gorgous!

Saturday was Mike and Jo's engagement party! We got to meet the members of her family which was great. It was also announced that Ken and I are both in the bridal party. WHEE! I am so excited, I have waited forever to be a bridesmaid. I will be a post pregnacy one but I don't care! My biggest concern at the moment is getting a dress that will work with a pregnant body. I'm due a few weeks before the wedding but I highly doubt I will shead much weight in such little time. So searching for an dress we can work with.

Sunday, went to church and we overwhelmed with the love, support and excitement from our church family! I can't imagine doing this with out all of them cheering us on. Its like lots of extra aunts and uncles. I told our sunday school class, that was pretty funny. One of the little boys put his hand on his hip and said, "I don't believe you." I laughed and said you will believe it in a few months when my tummy gets big.

Then after church Ken surprised me with my early christmas present. Tickets to the stage show of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which was playing downtown. So we grabbed some lunch and went to the afternoon show. It was wonderful!!!!! I miss going to the theater more often.

We got back into town and headed to our Bible study's group potluck dinner. Oh, such yummy food! We had a riot with funny games and a white elephant gift exchange. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. After such a busy day I was ready to fall into bed. Had a good sleep and I am heading to costco today, woot. Ah the joys of a pregnant gal!
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