Friday, December 30, 2005

Whose Line is it Anyways..... yes it did air!

I'm sure many of you have seen the clip of Richard Simmons who was a guest on Whose Line is it Anyways? Needless to say if you haven't, please click this link to see it. (It will open in media player)

Now, the question has always been, did this really air??? Could it be on family tv, because it kinda is... well... its a little over the top, especially since it is pushed as a family show. I think the other thing that comes to mind is that it is a totally different Richard Simmons than your use to seeing. He usually is crying and hugging, not being... over the top.

Anyhoo, I have shared this clip with people and we all agree that it must have been cut from the orginal show and leaked to the internet. Well, last night in our hotel room we were watching the ABC family channel (different from regular ABC, this channel plays nothing but family aimmed shows.) So whose line comes on and in every game they have either someone acting like Richard Simmons etc. Ken says, this has to be that episode that clip is from. Then they bring Richard out for the singing game and Wayne Brady has to sing a disco song about him. I then say, they must have shot a few different things with him, because even that seemed a bit over the top but nothing like the above clip. Well, we were WRONG!!! After the commercial they air THAT CLIP!!! We were laughing so hard, mostly out of shock that it really did air on tv, on a family station no less!

So, the question has been answered... the year 2005 can now come to a close. Heheh.

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