Monday, December 05, 2005

5 Weeks

So I am offical 5 weeks pregnant, according to my doctor. How Exciting, its so weird and strange knowing this is finally happening!!! Ken is just glowing and so full of joy. We decided that telling people, even though its early, was the way we wanted to do it. If something did happen, we would want the support from all our friends. So needless to say, its all over town, thanks to the future great grandma!

This weekend was full of activities, friday starting with the coffee party at my place. It sure helped me get motivated to get my christmas stuff up. I love my tree this year, we bought some white lights and oh its gorgous!

Saturday was Mike and Jo's engagement party! We got to meet the members of her family which was great. It was also announced that Ken and I are both in the bridal party. WHEE! I am so excited, I have waited forever to be a bridesmaid. I will be a post pregnacy one but I don't care! My biggest concern at the moment is getting a dress that will work with a pregnant body. I'm due a few weeks before the wedding but I highly doubt I will shead much weight in such little time. So searching for an dress we can work with.

Sunday, went to church and we overwhelmed with the love, support and excitement from our church family! I can't imagine doing this with out all of them cheering us on. Its like lots of extra aunts and uncles. I told our sunday school class, that was pretty funny. One of the little boys put his hand on his hip and said, "I don't believe you." I laughed and said you will believe it in a few months when my tummy gets big.

Then after church Ken surprised me with my early christmas present. Tickets to the stage show of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which was playing downtown. So we grabbed some lunch and went to the afternoon show. It was wonderful!!!!! I miss going to the theater more often.

We got back into town and headed to our Bible study's group potluck dinner. Oh, such yummy food! We had a riot with funny games and a white elephant gift exchange. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. After such a busy day I was ready to fall into bed. Had a good sleep and I am heading to costco today, woot. Ah the joys of a pregnant gal!

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