Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve!

Its finally here! It sure came fast, maybe cuz I have been too sick to notice. Hehe. Anyhoo, its an exciting day. Ken is home and we are going to take care of some last minute stuff and just relax. Tonight is church, Kara is dancing. Yay. Then we will come home, watch a movie, eat snacks and stuff each other's christmas stockings. Usually we end up opening them right after midnight cuz we are totally brats! But then it is so much easier to sleep having a little something to open.

This year christmas is on a sunday, very cool. So we will be off to church in the morning. Pastor Dave was glad to hear at least a few of us would show up. Hehe. I most likely will be resting the remainder of the day so that I will be awake and perky for dinner and gifts with the family.

Now for some wacky fun stuff. Here are some odd and cute christmas web things. Enjoy!

The Snow Dog Card - Very cute and sweet

Penguin Baseball - Try and hit a penguin as far as you can! A good time waster!

Chin Carols - This one is just creepy. Type in a christmas carol and the chins sing it.

Holiday Snowglobe - A Personal favorite, just because its sooooooo weird and funny.

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