Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So Christmas was fun and different this year. Sorta changed things around with it falling on a sunday but it all came together well.

Ken and I were up early to do the morning present call to Michigan, much to our surprise, Jonathan had decided a new routine this year so they called us back in 30 minutes, hehe. In the meantime, I had my lovely morning sickness and we did our stockings. I got a good haul of chocolate which I am sure will come in handy being pregnant. Ken always finds what I call the mommy chocolates. I got them every year and I can't wait to put them in my kids stockings. Also got magazines, cds and some crafty things.

We then did our presents for each other. I got Ken the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes. Woot. He was excited! He got me a lovely necklace of a white gold heart with a tiny gold heart on the inside, both with tiny little diamonds on each. Very symbolic as usual with Ken. Thank you sweetie! Also got the best and worst of american idol dvd. I think Ken just wanted to watch the bad singers over and over. Heheh.

All dressed we headed to church, and there were maybe about 25-30 people. Not the usual crowd but it was lovely. Pastor Dave wheeled out a cake and we had a birthday party for Jesus, complete with noise makers and balloons (Ken managed to pop his). Dave then read this "letter" about how Jesus might feel when we celebrate Christmas without him. It totally got to me and I remember when Mike and I were young how mom always had a birthday cake for Jesus. Something I plan on doing from now on.

The afternoon was a rest time, and we watched some of the dvds and called Grandpa Priebe and Ken's dad called us. We then loaded up the gifts for the family in the laundry basket and went to Nana's.

Dinner was great (what I did eat of it) and Dad made a very impressive Coconut cream pie for dessert. Mike and Jo arrived from her family's place and we started the gifts. I was pretty tired at this point but pulled it together as much as I could. Mike and Jo got me the season 4 Macgyver set! SCORE! Heheh. Dad and Rita gave me a martha cookbook, sheltie calander and gift card to Linens and Things, the happiest place on earth. Woot. Nana and Papa got me some fuzzy socks (my new love) a huge bucket of gel pens, a wooden turtle puzzle (I think its for the baby but I plan to play with it too) and my long awaited ironing board! Yay!

We all chatted a bit more and then started to all fizzle, it had been a crazy, long day. Ken and I loaded up the car and came home. Got into bed and watched some Macgyver, Merry Christmas indeed!

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