Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Tree and Cheese!

So here is our christmas tree, as promised. Isn't it beautiful! I love the look of the white lights, so magical. I would also like to point out the presents under the tree. I was so thankful I got all my shopping done and wrapped before we left for Michigan. Once returning I started getting very tired and sick. A very big blessing in my books!

Yesterday was the Church's kids christmas concert. Oh it was very good, the music was wonderful and the drama was funny. I give a hand to my hubby for directing the drama portion. Huzzah! The past few weeks without him to help in sunday school were hard, but seeing his handy work in the play, it was worth it. My class did so well saying their lines! Kindergarten kids can do no wrong! They are just so cute!

We had dinner at Nana's since there was a family friend in town and the main discover of that meal was that pork is not my friend. Yes I put a piece in my mouth and bearly got it down. Blah! So I will add pork to the list of foods I do not like in this pregnacy. LOL.

Now for some cheese. This thursday marks and annual Ed the sock Fromage show!!! I have gone to muchmusic to vote! However, we are booked at someone's place for dessert so we will be taping it and watching when we get home. If you have never seen it, basically its Ed making fun of the years worst videos. In my personal opinion, the best show was the worst videos of all time because it was the big y2k year! But, there is always something to laugh at. Its not offically christmas without Ed the sock! Heheh.

Christmas Countdown : 5 Days

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