Friday, December 16, 2005

Why pregnant, hungry women shouldn't watch late night tv!

Ok, tonight while Ken was out teaching, I ended up watching some tv and fell across a show on the travel channel or something. Anyhoo, it was entitled, the best places to pig out!

At first I figured, ok, its like the best places to eat. No, no, no! I was quickly corrected. It is indeed places to PIG OUT. Here is the list of the top 10!

Needless to say I found myself getting more hungry then I already was. Then in my head trying to figure out how I would make it to all these places in the states to indeed have some of the huge food platters they were serving. How sad is that! Sure I am indeed with child, but I have never been one to think sooooo much about food. I think my morning sickness is brought on by the fact I can't believe how hungry I get.

I'm sure the massive amount of exercise I got today didn't help either, just made my tummy cry out for more. Mostly I find I am craving fruit, thank goodness. So at least my eating is of a healthy nature. However, watching the food before me on the tv had my mouth watering as I saw the piles of pancakes. Oooh, I think I want pancakes tomorrow.

Besides my crazy cravings, the show itself was very entertaining. The contests of people trying to eat these huge portions was extremely funny and sick at the same time. 5 pounds of pancakes! 12 egg omelets! 8 patties of meat in one burger! Pizza the size of table. Good grief.

In other news, the christmas cards are almost ready to go out in the mail! Yay! A little later than I had hoped but since I had deadlines for my work projects this week there was nothing I could do. I also need to finish wrapping a few more gifts. I should take some pics to post of our awesome christmas tree. Its so cute! I got new lights this year and I love them!

Christmas Countdown : 8 Days!!!

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