Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Girls Night Ladner

So last night was the girls night out. The high school gang got together since Julie was in town and Christy moved back to town, so why not have dinner out! Well, we ate, Ann picked at her salad and didn't even touch her soda, BLAH! Hehehe. So we chatted for a few hours and then headed back to Julie's parents house. Which was filled with many of her sisters and their families. Full House! I won't even say what Julie's dad did, LOL. The fact the ones who were there know is good enough. Hehehe.

So we hung out and left at midnight, which was surprising, I can't believe how fast time flies when we are chatting. Christy gave me a ride home since Ken took the car to see the 3 hour King Kong with Mike and Toby. Twas a great night and it was great to see the girls.

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