Monday, July 31, 2006

40 weeks, 16 hours and 47 minutes...

Pretty sad eh? I'm not trying to complain... in fact I read today that anxiety can produce a hormone that slows down the starting of labour. Sooooooooooo... empty thoughts... empty thoughts (Ken I am trying to think like someone we know and 'love' - lol)

Just thought I'd update with my finished craft project of the day. As you can see, the letters turned out super cute. Its hard to see the detail, but its a pearlized pink paint, with some glitter added. I then nailed ribbons to the top to hang them above the closet door. It fills that empty space perfectly. I also managed to get the picture working in my previous post today, stupid blogger.

Other than this, my day has been very lazy indeed. Talked to Trudy online and she is almost e-mailing me daily if the baby has arrived. We were going through the list of possible things to try and start labour. She commented how she wished we were closer, and I couldn't agree more. Maybe one day we will look at Edmonton... not sure Ken would go for that, heh.

I plan to clean up a bit tonight and make dinner. Ken is gonna animate tonight so I think I will be sewing or stitching. Maybe I can do that load of towels... someone is kicking me, yeah, I know your there, come out would ya!!!

40 Weeks Pregnant

Gack! Those are the only words I have at this particular moment. I really want this little turkey out. Had my doctor appointment about an hour ago and made another one for next week. They are hoping that I don't need it but at this point, I think the little darling has made herself quite comfy and doesn't plan on showing up anytime soon.

Had a pretty low key weekend. Last night we had dinner at dad and Rita's place for Nana's birthday. Made her a quilted wall hanging, my saturday project to keep my mind off things. Food was good, dad grilled steaks. Yum. Showed us some pics from their trip to Rome and Italy. Kinda crazy to think they saw stuff that I learned about in Art History class. Maybe I'll get there in person one day.

We made a trip to the craft store for more things to keep me busy. I am painting letters to hang in the nursery, pretty cute. Will post a pic when finished. Here's hoping that the next post will be somthing about going to the hospital. Wouldn't that be nice.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A change in weather

Yes, it seems the worse may be over. Today is much cooler by far, although I still may sleep downstairs since I have all my junk there now. I'm far too lazy and huge to move it again. Hehe. Last night Ken brought home a feast of sorts from Boston Pizza, so I didn't have to cook. I had a pretty rough day in general after the early morning sickness and it was still somewhat lingering.

Mike and Jo stopped by after dinner with a baby gift of a very cool bouncy/vibrating chair. Babies love those things. Here is Ken with the other stunt baby, 'puppy.' Jo and I managed to put it together while Mike and Ken sat on the couch watching tv. Hmmm, funny how that is eh?

Then gave Jo a tour of baby land upstairs and all the fun things we have set up. I don't get in that room as much living downstairs, plus its a bit sad that I can't use it yet. Blah.

After they left for the movies, I called to see the status on Papa who had been sent home from the hospital. Turns out it doesn't look like a stroke now, and the scan didn't show much. He will be having some tests done later this week I believe.

The rest of the evening was me sewing and Ken animating for the Galen project. He is feeling better, but still not completely well. I figure by the end of the weekend he will be out of the woods. Yay.

This morning, Ken went to teach and I got a free breaky. Whee, thanks Mikey. We all went to Rickies for Nana's b-day. At the end of the meal Jo got everyone's baby predictions about when the little stinker would arrive and how much she would weigh. I will be posting those soon, once I get a copy of them. I want her to get out ASAP. I want to sleep so badly on my tummy again. Sigh.

I decided to walk home to see if I could stir things up, and ended up running into the Champions. Turns out I showed up at the right time as they wanted my opinion on a wedding gift for Mike and Jo. Its so lovely, and thats all I can say, HA. Gotta wait to see it guys.

Time for a good rest, and lots of decorating shows.

Friday, July 28, 2006


So I woke up at 4ish this morning, actually we both were up at 2ish when the couple that I refer to as the PMS pair were fighting in the hallway. They seem to have one really good fight a month and it never fails to happen at the same time every month. Hehe. Ok, back to the story, was up at 4am and went to the washroom and hit the internet for a moment since I was upstairs. Upon coming back downstairs I was hit with a ton of bricks, I needed to be sick. It was sooooo weird. Needless to say, I was sick. Yuck. Seem to be feeling better now, and I have added another pill to my daily schedule since it could just be an increase in my hormones, which is what my doctor said early this week.

Other news, Nana called this morning to say Papa was in the hospital. Looks like he may have had a small stroke. He is doing ok, and they are gonna do a catscan to check him out a bit more. If things look ok and he can walk, they will release him. So keep them both in your prayers. Its Nana's birthday this weekend, kinda sucky timing.

I am going to try and eat something now, wish me luck.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Onion Rings are yummy

Indeed, a very good lunch.

Just wanted to post that Ken and I have started a baby blog for Ariel. With so many family far away, and seeing how its the hip thing to do these days, we have started one for her. Here is the link to Ariel's World, which is by far cooler than Elmo's world. Hehe, sorry Elmo. We hope to post pictures everyday so everyone can watch her grow along with us, no matter where you are in the world. Technology can be pretty cool... sometimes.


Hows that quote go, if the world gives you lemons, make lemonade? Not always easy to agree with, but usually the best route overall. I am in a somewhat cheesed mood at the moment. My hubby woke up, feeling better, got an amazing email from his editor (I'll go into that in a bit) and basically felt on top of the world. In a matter of minutes upon arriving at work, he was crushed. I can't go into details, but what I will say is this, when is the crap gonna end? When he calls and tells me to pray for him I know its really eatting him inside. So, keep Ken in your thoughts and prayers today, he is really frusterated. Honey, I will try and go into labour to help you escape, lol.

Ok, here is the good news. Leonard Maltin, film critic and writer, best known as that guy who shows up on Entertainment Tonight every so often, wrote Ken's editor for a copy of his book to review on his website!!! Say it with me, HOLY SHEEP! He wrote, I normally don't cover tutorials but this one sounds especially interesting for my film-buff readers because it also covers the history of the genre. He better give my boy a good review!

Yesterday would have been my mom's birthday. Nana came by with some little white roses, very nice. Now my table is pretty. Today we are going to White Spot for lunch, whee. I like air conditioning and onion rings. Hee.

Just finished some last minute changes for a client, and now time to shower up.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Evening ramblings

The heat has continued to make my life interesting to say the least. I slept on the couch downstairs last night and found it worked better than upstairs. Needless to say, I am still waiting for that much promised rain.

We had a great time at the Esau's on Monday night for dinner and conversation with a fellow from Winnipeg who was invited also. He does a radio show called God Talk, so him and Ken had much to yak about the world today and media. I enjoyed not having to cook, whee. Dinner was bbq salmon and fresh veggies from their garden. The kids were hiding from the bees that were brought on because of the salmon. I remember doing the same thing at that age, hee.

Ken was home sick today. I think perhapes it was a stomach flu or something along those lines. Right now my stomach is jumping due to a particular baby who has the hiccups. We just played a game of scrabble on the deck by candle light, that was nice. I won, an amazing victory from behind.

Feeling a bit better today. Sent an email to Ken's mom about the situation and she seemed ok, from what we could read into the letter. She knows babies have their own clock, so that makes me feel somewhat relaxed about the situation. Also thanks to my friend Sonny for his kind words and funny cheer. Yay!

Ken is joining me downstairs tonight, we got out the air mattress. Here's hoping he has a better sleep tonight. He is no fun when he is sick, and I have no energy to take care of anyone these days except myself. Its hard to admit that, since I feel the need to help out anyone I can, but the past few weeks I have learned to let go a bit.

Aunty Fran came by tonight with some diapers and a money gift for baby stuff. Very lovely indeed, and I think we are going to put it towards the play yard or baby cage as Ken calls it. Mike and Jo have claimed the bouncy chair as their gift of choice, so really we are just about ready to go at this point. Huzzah!

Ok, off to bed.... or couch in my case.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Baby Update

Saw my doctor this morning, and Ariel's head has dropped some more, which is good. Still not totally engaged, boo. Next monday is my due date, and somehow I think the kid has other plans. Sigh. I am taking it all in stride, but its hard with the heat and all the upcoming events.

The sucky part is that if I am heathly, and baby is doing fine, they will let me go to the 10th at the latest, then within 3 days afterwards I would be given some stuff to help start labour if nothing has occured. Thats fine, however, Ken's mom and brothers are booked for coming the 9th to the 14th. There is a possiblity of no baby while they are here. I am trying not to think about it, but my heart would break if that happened. We are soooooooooo far away and I don't think people really understand just how hard it is on them. They miss Ken terribly, and the idea of the first grandchild being just as far away, is not great. It just makes me feel guilty, even though its not my fault, I still feel that way. No one is going to change my mind on that.

Today is cooler, yay. I got up at 2am and sat on the deck. So nice and cool, and then I crashed on the couch till sun up. Might be doing that from now on, especially when Ariel arrives. Ken isn't feeling well today, so I am hoping he perks up. I had an emotional breakdown at bedtime last night, just cried for an hour. Lots on my mind, and just needed to get it out. Its amazing how overloaded one's mind can get.

Well, I am gonna go rest, and talk to this kid about how great life is outside the tummy. Not that she will listen of course, because I am her mother. Heh.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


To the person or persons who threw some sort of balloon filled with chucky, orange goop that resembled barf at our car last night.... congratulations, you offically suck! Its too bad I didn't catch you or you would have been washing it with toothbrushes just so you wouldn't forget. Sigh.

Yes, we came out to go to church this morning and found our passenger side covered with this crap, and with the uber heat, had baked on really nicely. Lovely! So, after parking in the corner so no one would have to be grossed out (seriously, it was so nasty that I was nearly was sick) we took it to the car wash in town to get it cleaned. I scrubbed it off rather than Ken, I needed to take out my frusteration over this event. We literally just had the car washed by the youth, so it was not making my day in the least. It eventually came off, after some serious elbow grease. I got buff arms now.

Tonight Ken is driving out to Burnaby to give some of his books to his contributors, so looks like ordering a pizza will be dinner. Besides, its way too hot to cook. Tomorrow we are going to the Esau's for dinner, that should be fun, and again, one more meal I don't have to cook. Whee.

I am thinking Ariel may have dropped some more. Will find out at the doctor's tomorrow morning. I felt really sick this afternoon and the pressure below is building. Good thing Ken took the laundry down for me today, its a big help.

And finally, the best baby gift ever, our neighbours moved out!!! Praying someone nice moves in. It wasn't that they weren't nice, but they weren't quiet. I think there were something like 2 adults and 3 teens living in there and no one ever had keys so they yelled from the outside to the upstairs on a daily basis. Um, its called an intercom! They never really got the hang of it. So yesterday while watering my plants, I see them moving their things into a big truck (yelling of course to the others upstairs not to forget things). I kinda had a happy little moment. Maybe they saw I was having a baby soon and decided that it was gonna be loud, LOL. Like they have any idea! Hehe.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot, hot, hot.... blah.

Ok, I am offically dying in this heat. I think Ariel has good intentions of staying in my belly since its most likely a more favorable temperture. Heh. Last night we slept with no covers and the fan on full blast. I would wake up for the regular potty visits and wash myself down with cold water to help. At this point there is no end in sight, but I am ok.

Tonight is the Tour de Delta outside our place. Might take a look later if I am feeling up to it. I could hear the street cleaners early this morning. They are straping the hay bales to the light posts as I type. Ken joked it be funny if I went into labour tonight since it would be an added challenge escaping our place with the bike race on. Wouldn't that be interesting.

Gonna find something cold for lunch. Ice cubes are looking good.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Still here....booooooooo

Thats pretty much my husbands thoughts, and I really am not far behind. Hehe. Today is BRUTAL!!! I went out to mail some of Ken's books for him this morning, left at 9am which I figured was early enough to miss the sun. Wrong. I couldn't believe how hot it already was. Needless to say, I took a cold shower once returning home. Got the slowcooker handling dinner tonight. Huzzah. Not that I really am hungry much these days. Just trying to keep the fluids up so I don't pass out or something.

Ken is growing rather anxious, like any new dad would be like at this stage of the game. Its almost to the point where I look for ways to keep him out of the house and busy just so it takes his mind off it. Everytime I call, he thinks its time, and is so disappointed when its not. I will make sure to tell Ariel one day how daddy was driving mommy nuts waiting for her. I am ready for him to carry her for awhile, since I have done it for 9 months already.

Found out last night one of Ken's friends from back home is pregnant again. Yay. Lets just say they will be close in age, most likely less than 13 months apart. Wow, they are gonna have their hands full. Soooooooooooooooooo not what we will be doing. I want a year or more off before I do this again. Hehe. However, saying that, I bet I will see that little face and want to rush in again sooner than later.

Ok, time for shower number 2. Cold water is good. Very good.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


At 530pm sharp I wanted to clean. Boy was that strange. I head to the pantry and start rearranging it and throwing out old stuff. Then I did the fridge, this better mean things are starting soon, it was just too weird. I am having some pains right now, in front and back. They come and go, nothing too strong, but enough that I notice them. Its really hot out right now, ugh. It doesn't make things any easier.

Nana brought some chicken and potato salad for us for dinner. Yum. It was very much appricated. Ken got his big box of books today and is now preparing them for sending to the various people that helped him out with interviews and such.

We found out that his friend David Bowes and his wife had their baby boy early at 35 weeks. Lucky ducks! Little Aiden had to stay in the hospital a week but is now home and doing great. He told Ken to make sure to take at least 7-10 days off after the baby arrives. Heh.

You know when its offically summer when the bubblegum pop songs really start hitting the airwaves. So addictive and yet can't turn it off. UGH. The new Jessica Simpson song is mulling around in my brain. Why must pop be so catching!!! This one kinda has an 80's sound to it so it makes it that much harder for me to forget. Oh well. Anything is better than Nickelback. LOL.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Watermelon is my friend

At least it will be once it is delivered via Nana delivery. I am really at the point where I refuse to go out in public during peak hours due to the overwhelming comments I get. Emotionally I really am at the end of my rope and can't wait for this to be over. I want my child and not this oversized lump that is wiggling to no end because she is uncomfortable too. Sigh. If I hear one more person say 'is it twins?' or the famous 'your still here?' I think I may just lose it and enter a state of mumbling in the corner. Trudy said the final weeks were the worse, she wasn't kidding.

Its cooler today and I have been cross-stitching. This makes me calm and its very much enjoyable. The past few nights at 9pm, Ken and I take our hour long walk when the sun is gone, the air is cool and the streets are empty. Ahhhh. Its pure heaven! As the days go on I am feeling more and more sick. Like I need to toss my cookies or something. Doctor said thats a good sign of labour coming soon. Nights are filled with cramps and my mind racing if its indeed time yet. Heartburn is still pretty steady, looking forward to that one being done with the most.

Apprently the hot weather is coming, big time... kinda scared.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Shower and Strain

Yesterday, Julie, one of the bridesmaids and Jo's oldest sister, threw a lovely shower at her home in Vancouver. It was a beach theme, since Jo is a beach bride! See how happy the bride was to get all this attention. Lol. It was very nice, and the food Julie prepared was fantastic! A girl after my own heart with a great sense of design and presentation. Woot!

I got to finally give my memory box that I painted for them. Can't post a picture until after the wedding since I matched Jo's dress perfectly and we can't let Mikey see it. I was happy Jo liked it, Mike said it was cute (the half of it that he was allowed to see, but it wasn't filled with cash so its not as exciting - right Mike? Heheh)

I managed to win a pretty candle for guessing the number of shells in the glass vase. Actually, Jo's mom guessed the same number so we both won. We said 65, and it was 75, pretty good eh? Then Julie gave everyone a lovely outdoor candle for warding off the bugs, woot, and a little top for Ariel (in the beach theme color of blue). Too cute. Here is a pic of the whole gang, or better known as the new family (minus a few). Family is really a blessing.

It was nice to visit and relax a bit. I was still pretty tired from the wedding the day before, but getting out is great when your usually caged in at home most of the time. Ken went to a dinner that evening with some work people to celebrate Bill Matthew's birthday. Bill gave Ken quite a lovely complement on his book, but I will let him share that.

Today I went to the doctors, and baby is still there. Sigh. There is a chance I will need to have a c-section because she is a little on the big side. They want to try everything of course before going to that, but that we should be prepared. I somewhat had this in the back of my mind since we got pregnant. Maybe I always knew. Guess we will see what happens. I am really getting anxious and tired at this point of the game. I want her out as I feel more and more sick and uncomfortable. So everyone pray that labour starts this week, the sooner the better. In my mind, the eviction notice has been presented.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Marcy and Stephen tie the knot!

Its official! Stephen and Marcy are now husband and wife, and they looked awesome today! It was a lovely wedding and reception. I cried, hormones, LOL. Seriously, it was wonderful and touching, and watching Stephen lose it seeing Marcy come down the aisle. Takes me back to our wedding and seeing Ken overwhelmed while waiting for me to meet him. Sigh, doesn't seem so long ago.

The colors were brown and pink, so modern and cool. The weather was amazing and yet there was a nice breeze to cool things just enough. Ken and I arrived early enough at the church to snag a good pew for me to get pictures. Marcy's dress was gorgous! She just looked so happy.

At the reception, we got to chat with alot of people we hadn't seen in a long time. Including a fellow from my class at high school. The funny thing was he thought I was someone else from our class at first. Guess its the dark hair I have now, since I was more a blonde back then. We sat with some of the bride and grooms single friends, which was funny because at first we thought they were couples. Turns out we were the only couple, and they had fun asking about the upcoming baby. One girl was a nurse but said she knew nothing about birthing babies so that I shouldn't have it then.

The food was really yummy. The salmon was my personal fav. Our video slide show was a big hit and we got many nice comments from the guests. Always nice to make people happy and laugh. At 10pm it was time to get me home, twas a busy day and I need to rest for the party tomorrow. Gack! So much these days!

Congrats Stephen and Marcy, may the Lord bless your life together!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Book, baby and big feet, oh my!

So today the UPS man came (not the cute one either) to deliver us the first copy of Ken's book!!! The box of his free copies will come next week. As you can see, my boy is pretty dang happy and excited about his first book! I once heard someone say life begins at 30. Well, I don't agree entirely, but I can't deny that his career dreams are really starting to grow and blossom and its only year 31 for him. Hee.

Its weird to see this book after the months of it just being files filling our computer. Its fat, 350 pages, on really nice glossy paper. Full color too! My sweetie is an author, and I couldn't be more proud of his accomplishments!

We can't wait till Ariel arrives and we can take the picture of both of our new arrivals together. LOL. I'd like to point out Ken's 'book pregnancy' was only six months. I think I get the medal for the full 9 months. Hehe. Well, I did get an ice cream treat tonight. I'm special!

Today was a cooler day for the most part. I was confined to the compound today since we knew the UPS man was coming. So I brought down my sewing machine so I could watch tv while I sewed baby nighties. I got them all done too! Two medium sized, one large and one romper dress. I have enough material left for some cute t-shirts, but will need some more fancy elastic. I am thinking I may work on the kit I got from the quilting store tomorrow. I don't have the room to layout my skirt, so I shall wait and do that at Stella's place next week.

Pastor Dan came to get our car and make it all nice and clean. The youth only took an hour to wash and vacuum, and its fabulous! Money well spent, and a good cause too. Now we need to get the car seat installed so I can end my dreams of terror. Hee.

Kenny is cleaning my kitchen as I type. Yay. I can't stand anymore today, my feet are once again huge. I woke up this morning and the ankles were somewhat normal again. However, once I was up they soon returned to puffy. I miss my feet. One day we will meet again...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ken is still at work, which is important. He is trying to get as much done as he can before Ariel shows up, which he keeps thinking is sooner than later. I think she has another idea, but maybe he knows something I don't. He is pretty stressed these days. Lots to do for getting the september intake in order and yet on top of that it seems there are daily twists to give him more reason to be concerned about leaving. It really sucks because he has so much to be excited about this month, with not only baby but his book he worked so hard on. I hate that he can't enjoy this the way he should. He is trying to relax, and late nights like this somewhat help him. I support his effort 100%, he is doing this all for his girls he tells me. Thank you.

So I went to the quilt shop for goodies, and got a cute pattern for a wall hanging that I think will be the start of Ariel's christmas collection. Gotta get her going young. Hee. I look forward to having her sit in a bouncy chair beside me while I sew. Just a daydream I have often. While in the store I sat and watched Stella teach her sewing class to these cute little girls. I remember sewing with my mom. Her making sweatshirts that I could fabric paint. One of the sweatshirts she made was one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I saw it in a picture the other day of me, Mikey and the cousins bowling. Kinda made me happy to think that maybe my daughter will have the same memories of things I make for her.

In fact, I started the sleepers today. Whee! Stella got a production line going of cutting the pieces out as I put them together. I got 2 entirely finished! These are the smalls. They are awesome because the bottoms are elastic and are easy to open in the middle of the night for diaper changes. Expect more photos as I complete more. Got the mediums to do next.

The only major downer of the day is the fact my feet are HUGE! I don't know what happened but I looked down and my ankles were very puffy. Sniff. Not too happy at the moment. I can only wear flip flops, as my sandels are too tight now. So I am gonna go put the feet up, maybe they will be better tomorrow.

Christmas in July

Its happening down at the quilt shop below our place today, I plan on going and getting many fun things! Whee. Any excuse to have christmas early is fine by me.

Yesterday was busy and fun, just what I needed after a few days of blah. Nana, Stella and I had lunch at Pizza Hut, that would have been enough to make my day. I think that place would be the only reason I may ever move from Ladner. Hehe. After lunch we went to the fabric store to shop for material for the baby nighties I am making, as well as stuff for a dress for Nana to wear to Mike and Jo's wedding. She got this gorgeous navy blue with bright blue flowers print. Its gonna be sooooooo pretty.

I found so many adorable fabric prints and it was tough to decide. I would post a pic of my fabric haul but Stella was nice enough to take it home to her place to wash for me. Awe! I also found a nice skirt pattern and fabric for the dedication. I cut out the pattern pieces and planned on starting last night but the way they wanted the pattern laid out was odd to me so I will be checking with Stella first.

Ken had an early morning phone call with his editor in Boston. She said the books hit the warehouse! YAY! She is trying to get one or two sent overnight via Fed Ex this week, and then the box of Ken's free copies will be sent in the next week or so. Sorry, but most of those are spoken for, namely the folks who did interviews and such. Now Ken has agreed to do some animation for a project our good friend Galen is working on. He hasn't committed to alot because of his busy life, but he figured a newer credit wouldn't hurt his resume, and getting paid is fun too.

Youth pastor Dan is coming by to pick up our car to get it cleaned, inside and out. Kinda sucks that its raining today though. Oh well. Its really the inside I wanted cleaned big time. I keep waking up thinking I am in labour and don't have the car seat installed yet. Blah.

Ok, need to get going. Need to hit the bank, the bakery, quilt shop and then I can chill.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I heart slowcooker!

Yes I do! It made the best sweet and sour ribs for our dinner tonight. Complete with fresh summer veggies. Hmmmm good eattings. Plus plently of lovely leftovers. Huzzah.

The dvd for Stephen and Marcy is offically finished and in its cute little case. I am so glad they were happy with the final product this morning. Always makes the effort worthwhile. Can't wait for the wedding this weekend. Yay.

Other news... not much. I rested today since I had a nasty sleep, as I blogged before. I also realized its full moon today, which does explain my lack of zzz's. I never sleep the few days surrounding full moons, crazy. I have had this issue for years, aren't I lucky. No I am not a werewolf. I did also read that a full moon can sometimes start labour, lol. That would be interesting.

Ken is animating right now, and I should continue burning the dvds. Got a doctors appointment tomorrow. Interested to see what she says. Ariel feels like she is still getting lower. Every little punch is at bladder level, not fun. Ken is referring to her as the monkey child. No kidding!

Not sleeping...

Gonna crash later today, but oh well. I see Ken sleeping beside me and its rather depressing that I can't so here I am blogging. Oh joy!

Weekend was fun, not a whole lot happened. Saturday was pretty much a write off. I was somewhat depressed and lacked any spirit for doing something productive. I guess I used it all up during the week. Heh. Ken was nice enough to take me to the 'Boot' for dinner. Yummy. We were entertained by a 4 year old girl at the next table. When the waitress brought her plate, she saw the fries on her plate were curly. I guess this was a new thing for her and she held it up to her mom and said "what happened?" I couldn't help but laugh over that one. Poor kid was pretty confused.

We decided to rent a movie and got "The Producers." I am glad we did, as we were both laughing quite hard and I think I really needed that. Musicals rock. I made Ken watch it upstairs in our room rather than on the big tv since there was a comfy bed, fan and easy bathroom access. LOL. How sad is that.

Sunday came, and it looked so cool outside since it had rained, but low and behold it became the muggy day that I HATE! Ugh. We had leftover noodles and some fresh corn on the cob for dinner. Oh, that corn was amazing, need to get more. Then Ken dragged me to the London Drugs to finish our shopping for the hospital bag and the little things we will need when Ariel comes home. I must admit I was glad he made me go do it. Now the bag is pretty much packed, except for clothes for me, and some food to take for Ken.

Then we made some labour cds. One of peppy music that I am sure I will only enjoy, lol. The other more mellow. None of that new age crap, I can't relax to that stuff, sorry. 80's all the way! Ken feels sorry for the nurses, I think they may enjoy the change.

Marcy and her mom are coming in the morning to view the video, so I guess I should try again to get some sleep. The week is slowly getting full, which is good, keeps me busy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Feeling pretty

This week I made sure I took some time for myself, since in the next few weeks my life will shift to giving all my time for Ariel. Thursday I got my hair done, and got a great surprise that my hairdresser was still there for one last great cut before baby. Yay. She was nice enough to tell me that if I couldn't come to her new salon, to call her and she would recommend someone here locally for me. Nice.

Then yesterday I got my toes touched up. I could bearly get on to the bed, that was pretty sad actually. The gals can't wait for me to bring in baby at my next visit. That will be fun for sure. Hee.

Went to Stella's after my appointment and got to play on the serger, whee. I edged all the blankets and they are ready to go, check out how cute they are! Ken picked out one for bringing baby home with. Its strange how much energy I had at times this week. Must be nesting.

In other news. Mike and Jo found a new apartment already and as I type, I believe they are moving the majority of their things today. They are gonna be on the 15th floor, and have a nice view Mike said. Basically the move is being brought on because of a crappy landlord. Making a long story short, the oven and washing machine broke down and she refused to fix them. Ummmm, yeah. She told them they could fix them and then take them when they moved. LOL. The sucky part is that they are having to fork out 2 full rents in one month just so they can get into a new place ASAP. With the wedding several weeks away, and not to mention Jo has her test coming up next week, this is the last thing I would want to be doing, but then again, we got our place the DAY before the wedding. All we came home to after our long weekend away was a bed and a table. Ahhh memories. At least only Mike was living there and putting up with all the crap, men can live with those annoying things longer then women can. Can't wait to see the new digs.

Been hard at work finishing the photo thing for Marcy's wedding. I think I got it perfect last night, so just need her mom to come see and we can get a DVD burned. Whee. Need to make the cover today so that its ready. I am pretty happy I managed to get it done so fast. Yay energy!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baby blankets

So Stella and I were off early this morning to drive to Langley to visit the fabric store with the uber sales! We are making receiving blankets for Ariel and another baby thats on the way in her family. Needless to say, if you have some sewing abilities, do not waste your money on the store blankets, RIP OFF! We got enough flannel fabric, with cute designs, to make about 15 blankets for what it may cost to buy 4. The fabric was marked down to like $2 a meter, wow! So, Ariel is getting some very cute blankets with poodles, fairies, bunnies and so much more. Whee. Also found a good pattern for making baby sleepers.

We then did lunch at Boston Pizza, my treat. That was tasty and then off to pick up Stella's sick sewing machine. Its all better now. Hee. Then we explored Langley a bit more since I had more energy. I think baby dropping has given me a new found burst of life I needed. More so I think because I can breathe so much easier.

I saw a Thyme maternity shop and managed to get a cute outfit for Marcy's wedding next weekend. I was freaking out since the only nice top I had was white, and I am too old fashioned to dare show up in it. Blah. I did get this beautiful turquoise top that I can wear after baby, very cute and a skirt to match in black with colored stitching to match the top. Yay. Crisis over!

Came home and rested for an hour, then headed upstairs to scan pics for the photo video for Marcy and Stephen. Got Marcy's all done and in targa format, now I need her to bring Stephen's tonight. Its going very fast, like I hoped it would. Should have it done by Sunday if lucky.

Ken is just leaving, he stayed to get some extra work done. Then he gets his hair cut tonight. Woot. I get mine done tomorrow. Good thing too, its looking a little rough, and very red... strange. All those hormones I guess. Ariel has had enough of me sitting on this wooden chair so time to move to a more comfy location. She sure is picky, hehe, not at ALL like her mother. LOL.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ariel declares independence...

Well, sort of. This morning I had a lot of cramping and was trying to find a somewhat comfortable position in bed. Finally it passed and I managed a few more hours of sleep. While sitting on the edge of the bed, I looked at my tummy, it seemed somewhat lower... odd. Then at my doctor's visit this morning, we discovered that Ariel has started to drop. YAY! She has had enough of the second rate 'womb service' as Ken calls it.

So at lunch, Ken calls and I give him the report. I think it finally hit him that this is really happening. He got all, so how long, can they say? Noooooo.... I wish. Hehe. It could be a week to several weeks, depends on her attitute. LOL! But, there was a sound in his voice that was very much that scared first time Daddy to be. Needless to say, I will be packing my bags, don't want to be caught off guard.

Weather is much nicer today, no hot sun! Whee. They are installing the new intercom today. Apprently it will ring through our telephone, crazy. Well, someone is hungry and kicking me, so better get some lunch.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Jay = Geek

Three words.... 90210 Marathon today!!!!

I am in my happy geek filled world of bad 90's tv. Life is good.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Relaxing Weekend

So after a lovely anniversary, we spent the rest of the long weekend relaxing with various activities. Canada Day brought lots of fun attractions down our street. We went and enjoyed the pancake breakfast while listening to the music of a local Celtic band, very cool. Then Ken got his first visit to the local museum and tried the 'find the famous Canadians' game. I think we did pretty good considering how tricky it was at times to find all the hidden pictures among the artifacts.

After that we came out for the offical speeches and cutting of the huge cake that had been decorated as a flag using strawberries!!! Yum, nothing beats white cake with strawberries in the summer. We came home to veg out a bit before we hit the road again for the next party.

Later we went to the McDonalds for the Canada Day / surprise wedding shower for Mike and Jo. Needless to say I think they were surprised, and a little overwhelmed. I think that ended when they got a good look at their loot. Woot! Had a great dinner of salmon, turkey, salads and more cake!

We came home to our warm house and fell asleep pretty fast, it was indeed a full day for me. Sunday we were off to church, at its new summer time. Lots happening with the construction, very exciting. After church we decided that a movie was in order, not to mention the fact they have awesome air conditioning there. So we took our free pass we had been saving and went and saw 'Cars.' Another brilliant film from Pixar, truely moving and Ken came home and wrote a review for Hollywood Jesus. Hopefully it will be posted soon, it was very well written as usual.

Tonight we are hanging out. Picked up some groceries for the week, Ken is getting some animating done and I am resting. Got a call from Marcy's mom and we are nowing helping them put together a photo video for the wedding in 2 weeks. They are really stressing with the wedding so close and now Marcy's dad's mom is in the hospital and that just added to everything. They are going to drop everything off Tuesday night, so I will have something to keep me busy with, yay. I'd do this in a heartbeat for Marcy, she is a wonderful friend and stood up for us at our wedding, so enough said!

Tomorrow Maureen is stopping by for a morning visit, so I should get to bed and rest up. Gonna have a busy week. Whee!
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