Sunday, July 02, 2006

Relaxing Weekend

So after a lovely anniversary, we spent the rest of the long weekend relaxing with various activities. Canada Day brought lots of fun attractions down our street. We went and enjoyed the pancake breakfast while listening to the music of a local Celtic band, very cool. Then Ken got his first visit to the local museum and tried the 'find the famous Canadians' game. I think we did pretty good considering how tricky it was at times to find all the hidden pictures among the artifacts.

After that we came out for the offical speeches and cutting of the huge cake that had been decorated as a flag using strawberries!!! Yum, nothing beats white cake with strawberries in the summer. We came home to veg out a bit before we hit the road again for the next party.

Later we went to the McDonalds for the Canada Day / surprise wedding shower for Mike and Jo. Needless to say I think they were surprised, and a little overwhelmed. I think that ended when they got a good look at their loot. Woot! Had a great dinner of salmon, turkey, salads and more cake!

We came home to our warm house and fell asleep pretty fast, it was indeed a full day for me. Sunday we were off to church, at its new summer time. Lots happening with the construction, very exciting. After church we decided that a movie was in order, not to mention the fact they have awesome air conditioning there. So we took our free pass we had been saving and went and saw 'Cars.' Another brilliant film from Pixar, truely moving and Ken came home and wrote a review for Hollywood Jesus. Hopefully it will be posted soon, it was very well written as usual.

Tonight we are hanging out. Picked up some groceries for the week, Ken is getting some animating done and I am resting. Got a call from Marcy's mom and we are nowing helping them put together a photo video for the wedding in 2 weeks. They are really stressing with the wedding so close and now Marcy's dad's mom is in the hospital and that just added to everything. They are going to drop everything off Tuesday night, so I will have something to keep me busy with, yay. I'd do this in a heartbeat for Marcy, she is a wonderful friend and stood up for us at our wedding, so enough said!

Tomorrow Maureen is stopping by for a morning visit, so I should get to bed and rest up. Gonna have a busy week. Whee!

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