Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baby blankets

So Stella and I were off early this morning to drive to Langley to visit the fabric store with the uber sales! We are making receiving blankets for Ariel and another baby thats on the way in her family. Needless to say, if you have some sewing abilities, do not waste your money on the store blankets, RIP OFF! We got enough flannel fabric, with cute designs, to make about 15 blankets for what it may cost to buy 4. The fabric was marked down to like $2 a meter, wow! So, Ariel is getting some very cute blankets with poodles, fairies, bunnies and so much more. Whee. Also found a good pattern for making baby sleepers.

We then did lunch at Boston Pizza, my treat. That was tasty and then off to pick up Stella's sick sewing machine. Its all better now. Hee. Then we explored Langley a bit more since I had more energy. I think baby dropping has given me a new found burst of life I needed. More so I think because I can breathe so much easier.

I saw a Thyme maternity shop and managed to get a cute outfit for Marcy's wedding next weekend. I was freaking out since the only nice top I had was white, and I am too old fashioned to dare show up in it. Blah. I did get this beautiful turquoise top that I can wear after baby, very cute and a skirt to match in black with colored stitching to match the top. Yay. Crisis over!

Came home and rested for an hour, then headed upstairs to scan pics for the photo video for Marcy and Stephen. Got Marcy's all done and in targa format, now I need her to bring Stephen's tonight. Its going very fast, like I hoped it would. Should have it done by Sunday if lucky.

Ken is just leaving, he stayed to get some extra work done. Then he gets his hair cut tonight. Woot. I get mine done tomorrow. Good thing too, its looking a little rough, and very red... strange. All those hormones I guess. Ariel has had enough of me sitting on this wooden chair so time to move to a more comfy location. She sure is picky, hehe, not at ALL like her mother. LOL.

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