Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl means.... food!

Serious, that is the only thing I like about Superbowl time, is all the yummy recipes that come out to make for your parties. I think I only usually watch the half time show anyways, haha. I'm so pathetic, oh well. I got some amazing ones from The Pioneer Woman Cooks and will totally be making one of those come Sunday. I'm pregnant, and can't help it. Speaking of cravings, Ken had to make an ice cream run last night and a sweet potato fry run after his hair cut on Wednesday. I wish I wasn't so hungry, even with all the nauseousness, I eat like a horse! Ugh. All I can say is I will be doing some SERIOUS weight loss after this baby. At least I know I can do it this time. I shall enjoy my ice cream while I can, haha.

So today... and the past few days have been rough. I am tired, really tired. I feel sick, but don't get sick (thanks pills). I can't keep up with my daughter, which scares me. I just want to sleep... which looking back to my pregnancy with Ariel, was pretty much all I did. With Ariel not into napping anymore, it makes things tough. Only 31 more weeks to go... and look at this face, its worth it, but oh its hard. (Only a few random pics for this post, since I have been too sick to pull the camera out).

I missed my weekly check in, so here it is. Week 9, yay! We are slowly closing in on first trimester, which FLOORS me. It seemed to take forever last time, but it really is going by fast. Every week I get notice that another friend is pregnant! Its crazy, but its very exciting to share the journey with friends. I got great news from one of my online friends today, but until she shares publicly, I will be sitting here giddy for her! So happy for you girl! (You know who you are).

Here is my ugly picture of the week. I am so tempted to cut the heads of these pictures until I start looking better. My hair is in desperate need of a cut, and my face is now called 'pizza the hut'. I am not 'glowing' by any means, haha. Until my face clears up, I won't be smiling at the camera any time soon. HA!

Not too much happened this week, just a few small outings. Lunch with Nana and Papa yesterday which was nice. Although Ariel managed to get berries from one end of the table to the other. Mommy was on stain patrol the remainder of the afternoon, and surprisingly, I saved her white tights. Hoping Nana was as lucky with her white top, sorry again!

This morning was waffles with Grandpa and Rita. Katie was there this morning too so the girls had fun playing and we all watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Came home only to start to crash. I just feel really queasy, and like I need to stay near the bathroom. Its the worse I have felt since getting on the pills, so its a little hard to deal. I am hoping they aren't giving up on me. I am on the full dose at the moment, and although I feel really sick, I still can eat. Weird!

Dad was telling me this morning that he officially retires on April 30th! That's very exciting, and then the next day I turn 30. Talk about a big party weekend. Woot!

Well, I can't think of what else I had to say, so I am going to close this up and hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Insert Blog Title Here...

Haha, I really had no clue what to title this, so you can make something up yourselves today. So as you can see, I got some much wanted tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert this May here in Vancouver. Eek! I am so giddy, and had to add a countdown to the big day, haha. I got a presale code via the radio station and I am VERY thankful I went with what I got then because Monday morning when I checked again, as they went on sale to the public, they were pretty much sold out, no 4 tickets together which is what I have. So Dad, Rita, Ken and I will be rocking out in a few months. Hehe, Ken said baby will get some good musical influence that day, so true.

I was hoping to blog last night, but I was feeling kinda gross and Ken had some work to do so I am just catching up while Ariel is watching cartoons with Quachi. Its snowing at the moment, more of a dusting, but its still white, so that's still snow in my books. Its not suppose to stay, but rather turn to rain, so we shall see.

This weekend I don't recall doing much. Got out for a few walks and finally made it to church, woot. Ariel wore her veggie dress I got second hand, isn't is super cute?!

I ran into a friend from high school who told me is is expecting too, and due around the same time I am. Seriously, there is something in the water, I know several friends all due at the same time, and we are all the same age. Maybe its the dreaded '30' that is all getting us on the baby bandwagon. Haha. Funny to think our kids will probably all be in high school together one day. Guess I will see them in PTA meetings, hee.

Monday morning Stella came to take Ariel to ballet so I could get some work done on Graeme and Kalia's wedding video. I made great progress and have Kalia's part finished! I still have to start scanning Graeme's pictures but to know I have one third done is a great feeling. While I did well, Ariel on the other hand did not. She wasn't interested in dancing and stayed on Stella's lap pretty much I am told. She really does know something is up. She knows Mommy has been sick. Did I mention I caught her showing 'Joy' how to be sick in the sink? Breaks my heart thinking she is affected by everything, but at least things are improving. She always asks now if 'Mommy sick?' Awww, my sweetheart.

Wearing her new outfit from Grandpa and Rita

When she got home, I did some activities with her. One thing we did was set up our Valentines stuff, since its just around the corner. First our cute tree (which doubles as our Easter tree as well in another pot).

Then the pretty heart shaped dish filled with my favorite cinnamon hearts, yum.

Well, I am going to get myself together. The pills are kicking in finally this morning so I feel like I can get some stuff done. The house is a mess, ugh! Wish me luck, haha.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...

The fog has finally lifted out of our town today... its been here all week. Along with the fog outside, so went my personal fog of 'blah'. After 48 hours, the pills were finally kicking in and I am so happy to say I feel like ME! Thank you for your kind words and prayers, they really do mean a lot. I was really feeling down for a moment, and didn't know how I was to function... because up to that point I hadn't been.

It was so nice to wake up this morning, walk out and not need to run to the bathroom. To not feel at all nauseous, and I am so, so grateful! I was able to fast last night and finally go and get my blood tests done for my doctor (just the routine pregnancy ones). I still feel pregnant, probably more like what regular people feel like, just not the extreme case that I seem to get. Now I can start getting work done, like the wedding video and the numerous other projects I have on the go. Its a new day, and the fog is gone. Woot!

I am still somewhat getting days confused, as today I was convinced it was Saturday. Doh! I was up early because I was very hungry but had to give my blood first, so I dropped Ariel at Dad and Rita's and headed over to the clinic. Thankfully I got in before the rush and was out again in under 15 minutes! Drove back and had a VERY awesome breakfast of waffles, eggs, ham and fruit. There is something wonderful about a big breakfast after fasting. I ate 2 big waffles and the baby was pleased, haha.

Nana and Papa even came, so that was nice. Ariel was happy to see everyone, and quickly polished off her food so she could play. Dad and Rita had just gotten back from their trip and brought us some goodies. Ken got some coffee (I told him on the phone and he can't wait to try it), I got a bracelet and Ariel got 2 cute outfits. The valentines one (which should fit next year too since its a 3 - might be big this year) was from the US Costco, and the white one is all hand embroidered and from Panama I believe. Love them!

After breakfast I ended up taking a nap on the couch and so Rita and Dad took Ariel on a nice walk. When they got back, we decided to use up some of the McDonald coupons I had, hee. Ariel I think has been going through a growth spurt, as she has been extra hungry lately and been complaining of her legs feeling sore. She won't walk down the stairs and asks to be carried. Poor girl.

During the drive home, Dad told me that they added a Vancouver stop on the Fleetwood Mac tour!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I am beyond excited, now to get tickets, and I am so willing to sit in the cheap seats that touch the ceiling. Haha. Best part, they come shortly after my birthday, I turn 30 and may possibly full-fill a dream of mine, eek! Tickets go on sale soon, so I will let you know how it goes. Keep those positive vibes going, haha.

When we got home, there was a package in the mail for Ariel. It was her dress that she will be wearing to Ross and Kailey's wedding next month. I got a fab deal on ebay, and its so cute. Ariel LOVES that it twirls and didn't want to take it off.

Then she and Joy both posed with their new duds. Joy got her dress today as well in the mail. Ariel was very pleased!

I still need to get a picture of Ariel in her cute Olympic coat Nana's friend, Joanne, got her. Its super sweet, and Ariel is in love with the mascots, so its perfect. Note to self, take picture!

When I came upstairs to see where Ariel went, I found both her and Joy fast to sleep in her bed. Awww, must have been really tired. What a sweetie.

Well I am looking forward to spending some family time together tonight, as Ken has both Saturday and Sunday evening booked with animation festival activities. Hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will, yay for pills!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8 Weeks and Watching History

I am 8 weeks today, here is my nasty picture, and not much change from last week, at least to me. I had my first appointment yesterday with my regular doctor and found out I will have one more prenatal with her before going on to the specialist. The time spent was mostly paperwork stuff, and I need to do some blood work this week, joy. (I hate needles) My blood pressure was beautiful (her exact words - hee) and the big moment was getting my prescription to diclectin!!! Woot!

By the time things were done and I headed to pick up Ariel from Stella's, I was dog tired. I was pretty out of it for the rest of the day. Thankfully I had leftovers for Ken and Ariel, so I didn't need to do anything for dinner.

Speaking of Stella, before my appointment we did some work on the quilt, and check it out!!!

There are still 2 borders to go around it, and then the top is pretty much finished! YAY! Here is Ariel trying it out... she makes a good size ratio device too. Haha.

Yesterday morning I was up by 7am and camped out in front of the tv. It was finally here, the big day when we all saw Obama became president of the USA. I found the whole moment moving and even pulled Ariel out of bed so I could tell her later that she watched it with me.

This morning we went to pick up my pills and at lunch I took my first one... and I was out like a light. I forgot how at first they make you really sleepy. Thankfully Ariel played and would wake me from my couch bed every so often to ask for more Cheerios.

Ken is working late tonight and several more times coming up with all the animation festivals and such. Its hard, I'll be honest, to get through everything while I am so sick. Its making me somewhat overwhelmed and sad. I often wonder why my pregnancies are so hard? Why do I get so sick? I can honestly say that I don't think I could do this again. I love my daughter and I will love this child, but I think that's it for us. It makes me sad, but I feel like I am a failure to Ariel right now. Its only 8 weeks, and I hope the rest go fast and the pills have me up and running more like my old self. I miss me... the real me.

Sorry I am such a downer tonight, hoping and praying I bounce back soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dancing Queen Returns!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is such an exciting day. Yes, I am excited about the new president, and the huge historic moment, but I am more thrilled that I should get my pills tomorrow!!!!! Yay! Haha, sorry, I just have been counting down the days all weekend. Ugh. Its been another weekend of laying in bed or on the couch resting. I am just tired and sick. I wake up thinking, hey, I feel good only to get up and run to the bathroom. Then the rest of the day is just extreme nauseousness. I remember the sickness with Ariel, but this extreme nauseousness is somewhat new. I don't recall it being this bad... but then I did lose 50lb this year, maybe that is having an effect on me too. Who knows.

Friday night we had a lazy evening watching Ariel act like a nut. Ken usually plays YouTube videos for her to watch while he works. She was really hyper, so we let her get her sillies out and I managed to capture some of it on film. First was her watching her new fav Sesame Street bit, one Jim Henson was a part of, so very cool to see our little Muppet fan coming out. Haha. Followed by some fun dancing to a sped up version of 'Banana Phone' (yes you can find anything on youtube!) and finally some 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time!' Enjoy!

Saturday Ken was back to all day teaching. I woke up early and Ariel and I zipped out to AirCare to take the car again. We had gone the week before but failed, and after going to the garage found out an important part that would make us pass wasn't working at all. So this time we passed with flying colors, yay! Then I went to the insurance place and got the car set for another year. That took care of all the major business for the day and we went home to play.

Sunday morning I woke up and felt AWFUL! Ken and Ariel went to church and I slept. Then they came home and we had a picnic in bed and then I went back to sleep till 5pm. I felt pretty good in the evening, as long as I stayed sitting.

This morning was better, but I knew my princess had dance class so I had to pull it together enough for that. So we arrived and Ariel was excited but a little shy. It has been awhile since she went, so I think it may take a class or 2 to warm up again.

This time the class is not parent participation, but we were encouraged not to be far off since tears tended to happen in the first few classes. Ariel wasn't sure about having me that far away and kept scanning the room to find me and come hug me. Awww. When she got into things, she did forget to look for me, so I am sure it will be fine. 'Picking a star to put in her basket'

Played one new game called train, which Ariel didn't quite get at first. Hee. Actually once I took this picture, the train quickly turned into a free for all. Miss Nicole turned around and was like 'what happened to my train!' Haha.

Of course class ended on a high note, the ribbons! Ariel was so excited and danced beautifully. I was very impressed at how graceful she was.

After a stop at the grocery store, in which I picked up more craving items (nothing super healthy I might add, haha) we came home and had a huge surprise from one of my close friends. I wish I could tell, but it has to stay a secret for now. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

Well, time to get dinner together. Making pulled pork in the slow cooker for dinner, yummy. Wish me luck tomorrow while at the doctors! Should give a full report on Wednesday with my weekly belly picture. Ack!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Counting the days....

...until I see my doctor and get that prescription for the diclectin. Ugh, today was not good. In fact, the past few days I find I am slowly getting more and more nauseous. I hate complaining about it because I know it means a healthy baby is growing, but I am finding more and more of my day involves resting, trying not to be sick. That is very difficult with a busy little girl, I kinda figured I would be distracted enough to keep going with her and ignore my symptoms... apparently not.

Since not much has happened, I don't really have much to say, so I will take this time to answer questions that people asked in the last post. Here we go!

Kristin asked, Did those symptoms last your whole pregnancy with Ariel or just the first trimester?

Answer: YES! Sadly, until the day Ariel was born, I had to stay on the medication or I couldn't even keep water down. I remember being at the hospital while they tried to induce me and I had forgotten my pills. Ken had to rush home for them so that I wouldn't be sick on all the nurses.

Kristin also made light to the idea of twins. Well, it be lovely, I would freak but it would be nice. Haha. Actually, funny story with my first ultrasound with Ariel. The lady wasn't showing the screen while she did the measurements and I could only make out little things she was typing on the screen. At one point she left to get something and I saw the screen say 'kids'. I nearly started hyperventilating on the table. TWINS?! Noooo, it can't be. Deep breaths, ohhhh. It wasn't till I realized when she showed the pictures later that it was a picture of 'kidneys', 2 of them in fact... 'kids'. DOH! Slams hand to head. So there is something funny for you all.

Brenda asked, How come we didn't get to see YOUR modeling pic? :)

Answer: Because I look TERRIBLE! Haha. You got the belly shot, only one bad picture of me a week. Hee. Besides, it will be so much better when you get to see me with nice hair and make up. Trust me, you didn't' want to see me yesterday, ugh. Not pretty!!!

I see at this point on the poll, the guess of a baby girl is winning slightly. I was thinking it be fun to try the silly wives tales when I get to second trimester. If you have one you think I should try, post it in the comments. Will be entertaining to say the lease. Hee.

Oh, had to share this with you. Ariel has this off tendency to fall asleep under our computer desk. This happened last time I was working on the computer. I got up thinking she was just being silly, only to realize she was snoring. Haha.

Today Ariel and I made it coffee group this morning. It was nice to visit but I found myself only nibbling on things. Food at one point seemed to help keep me feeling less nauseous, but today it felt like the opposite. My mouth has a funky taste in it, and I feel like I need to chew gum or something.

Well my daughter has just walked up wearing my bra she found in the clothes basket... she is laughing at her self pretty hard. Haha. I think she thinks boobies are funny, as she keeps pointing to mine with a smirk... or maybe its just the state that mine they are in now that is so comical. Frankly, they make me laugh... then cry. I have doubled in size and hurt. Ugh. Hormones, crazy things!

Sigh, so that's it from me for the weekend I think. Ken is back to teaching, so its gonna be a long day. Have a good weekend, and will see you again next week!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 Weeks and I want French Fries

Hey everyone! Seven weeks today and feeling pretty good at the moment.

Here is the week 7 picture, excuse my nasty hair and lacking of make up. If you look to last week, there is growth! Oh my goodness, that didn't happen that fast last time! Kinda freaks me out!!! Eeek! I guess the sooner I have a real belly, the less I will feel like I am just 'fat'.

Also, I added a poll to my blog - is baby a boy or a girl? We will be finding out again around 20 weeks, so make your vote before then. Yay!

So I got out this morning to Richmond for Gymbucks day, hee - such motivation, and did well. While in the line up to pay, I started getting really nauseous and the store alarm keeping going off making my head ache and I started to worry. I rushed out of the store and made a run to the food court and got some french fries, lifesavers. I remember them helping when I felt sick with Ariel, so yay! That's the only thing that has been rough, how fast the nauseous feeling turns into the 'uh oh where is the bathroom' feeling. Ugh. Oh, besides morning sickness, I also managed to get a nasty kink in my neck this morning during 'sick time'. It hurts and its hard to turn to look right or left, doh! It made driving this morning a bit tricky also.

While Ariel and I waited for our fries, we had a nice chat with another mom in the line up. She was mentioning that Richmond is finally changing their policy on telling you the gender of the baby. They will tell you after a certain number of weeks, at the point where you can't abort the child. For those not from here, sadly there is a high number of people in this area due with particular backgrounds and cultures that will terminate the baby if its not the gender they wanted (boys). Its terribly sad, but then it leaves many people who would NEVER consider doing such a thing, without any rights of finding out what your having unless you get into another ultrasound place in an area that will tell you or by paying at a specialized clinic, which is what we did last time. The lady said that apparently so many couples were going to other areas that did tell, that they had to change something. Yay!

Anyhoo, I promised a spring fashion show, so here we go! Yay, short sleeves! Here is the cute 'gator' shirt Ariel LOVES! She couldn't wait to take a picture to send Daddy at work.

Then same skirt with a green top. Its a nice change to have green and yellow instead of pink all the time. (Although princess does prefer her pink).

Plus Ariel got a 'valentines' shirt, even though I think it can be worn anytime since its so cute. Ariel loved the sparkles on it.

The other major mission this morning was looking for something for me to wear to my cousins wedding next month. I was kinda in a panic since as every pregnant gal knows, the first trimester is the struggle of what to wear! No one wants to go straight to maternity, and frankly I am kinda in between stages at this point. My belly is growing much faster this time, a shock to me, but I still don't feel like I am ready to go full into maternity world!

I only had my black dress which would have been fine except I used it overtime over Christmas and New Years due to things feeling tight. I managed to find my really cute maternity starter skirt and figured if I could find a top I be set. I got lucky at Dynamite and the girls found a shirt that would work as a maternity style top, without actually being one. Yay! I tried it on when I got home with the skirt and I am super happy! Plus its a beautiful teal blue and looks much brighter than just black.

Then we got Ariel some white shoes, as her old pair were much too small. Ariel is wearing a super cute pink gingham Gymboree dress I found on ebay from last year to the wedding, she is gonna look so cute. I am glad Ken is so easy to dress since he has nice things already for work purposes. Now I can relax, ahhh.

On Monday we had a play-date with our friends at Erin's place. I got to meet new baby Hayden (and totally forgot to get a picture of her). Ariel had a fun time with her friends and we had a tasty lunch. All the kids seemed to think plates as hats was really funny, hehe.

Then yesterday was 'take the car to the garage' day. We had failed one little area on aircare and soon found out why... and many dollars later (grrr) its fixed. Sometimes I really hate cars! Will go back this weekend to redo aircare so that I can renew our insurance.

Other exciting activities yesterday included calling the cable company (which changed hands) to figure out why our new bill said we didn't pay last month when it in fact it was paid on time (their mistake - surprise!). Stella came over for a quick visit and gave us a 'binkie' holder bag. Ariel is convinced its a purse for her, hehe.

Ariel and Bert going for a ride on the horse.

When Ken got home we had baked beans from the slow cooker for dinner with cornbread. Yummy! I ended up going to bed early again, while Ken and Ariel watched American Idol. Ken only ever watches the beginning, he likes the bad singers. Haha. I felt so sick last night and just couldn't get comfortable. Ugh. Is it really only 7 weeks? Its gonna be a long 9 months, haha.

Well, I think I have caught you all up on the past few days. Looking forward to coffee party group on Friday, yay! Also found out from Ken we got free tickets to this year's big Oscar party that our friend organizes every year. This time it is being held at the planetarium, which is sooooo cool! Can't wait... just need to get a babysitter, hee.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blah... but I am ok

It's been a rough day. I haven't been sick so much today, but the nauseousness has been extremely bad and thus making me very tired. I decided to skip church, something I hate doing, so you know its not good. The original plan was for Ken to take Ariel so I could rest in peace, but he went to Sunday School and at that point Ariel was still sleeping. She ended up coming to snuggle with me and was an angel the whole time. My big teddy bear, hee.

I got up to take a nice long shower and Ariel sat on the bathmat and read some books. I am truly blessed that this little girl is handling her mommy's morning sickness so well. By the time I got out and we were both dressed, Daddy was calling asking if he should pick something up for lunch. Oooh, cravings... hot dogs. Wow, I am craving fake meat. Haha. Nice.

I love this little smirk she gets while eating, haha!

Ariel chowed down on some cereal while waiting for Daddy. She loves to eat it dry, and is pretty happy Mommy got some Cheerios this week. (Another craving)

Daddy got home and made up the dogs. Ariel enjoyed our little couch picnic.

Some point after that I crawled back into bed thinking I would rest for a bit and come back later. The next thing I remember is Ken poking his head in asking if I wanted dinner. I had slept the whole afternoon. Yikes! I am just so tired and feel gross, I wish I could shake it. Trying to drink lots of fluids to keep hydrated, and I do feel ok, just kinda out of it.

Ate dinner, and watched some of the Golden Globes but the TV was bugging my eyes and after seeing Wall-E win for animated feature, I decided that's really all I cared about. I had critiqued the red carpet outfits earlier, haha. So I figured I'd do a quick blog update and head to bed again.

Yesterday we had a nice morning, although it was DUMPING rain. Not really much fun driving or getting into places with that happening. The highlight was getting Ariel and Ken both a new pair of jeans (Ariel was the only one interested in showing them off, haha).

I also found a new baby book for this little one I am growing. I am kinda kicking myself for not buying 2 copies of the same book when I first got pregnant. I LOVED that book and I haven't found anything like it since. It was a Precious Moments book from Hallmark. The new one out isn't nearly as nice and cut all the features out that made the one Ariel had so cool. That kinda had me disappointed, but I did find one pretty close to the old ones format. Its kinda plain looking, but with pictures added, it will brighten up. Who knows, I may find a better one before baby arrives and I can exchange it. The gal at the store did say some new ones were coming in, but I am pretty content with this one at this point.

We then had lunch at White Spot with our gift card from Natalie and Peter. Ariel was thrilled with her lunch, although only eating half of it (saved the rest for dinner). She was too distracted with the boys in the next booth! Yes, boys!!!! She kept looking over, smiling and waving. Oh my... Ken had to entertain her by drawing funny things on her menu, and I had to bring it home to show, its too cute! See, the egg man is drinking the milk, there is a fish swimming in the glass, a crab wishing he could have some too and a happy cherry on the ice cream. Whee!

I don't remember much about the evening, except poor Ken had to run out to the store because I forgot to get the noodles for our bok choy stir-fry. The bonus was he picked up another AMAZING cake while out. Oooh, sooooo good. I went to bed and Ken stayed up watching a movie his brother had been bugging him to see for months, something that didn't interest me in the least, Hellboy, blah.

Other weekend updates, I made more progress on the quilt, in fact I am at the point where I can't do anymore until I get more pieces cut, yay. I updated Ariel's photo blog, finally. Have several outings planned this week, so hoping I can get to them all with little trouble. Its also the long awaited Gymbucks week! Yay, so hoping to have a fashion show later this week with some fun SPRING looks. I think we may need it to encourage us that the warmer weather will be around the corner before you know it.... or maybe its just me that needs that. Oh well, on to new week! Huzzah!

Friday, January 09, 2009

...and there go my cookies...

Yes, at 6 weeks and one day pregnant, I am officially tossing my cookies. Sorry everyone who didn't need to hear that, in fact I warn you now that for the next several months we are heading into 'pregnancy talk land'. Thus, you will be hearing about all the joys and woes of carrying a baby... just so you know you have been warned. Haha.

Yes, so I couldn't handle the nauseousness any longer and found myself running to the bathroom Thursday morning. I was shouting to Ariel to go read a book and thankfully she did. I never thought of the idea of getting sick with a 2 year old watching, poor kid. So after further review into my previous pregnancy, I was mistaken, my 'light morning sickness (only sick once)' started at roughly 7 weeks and the 'heavy oh my goodness I am gonna die morning sickness (the all day, can't eat anything variety) happened at 10 weeks. Thank goodness for blogging, as I have a nice journal of info on my pregnancy with Ariel. Anyhoo, this baby is breaking the record and starting the light sickness early. Woot. Does this mean the other side is around the corner? Perhaps, and frankly I am counting on it.

Everyone keeps saying, oh you might not get it that bad this time. Yes, that's true, but aren't you going to feel terrible if I do? Haha. At this point, I am thinking the worst, so that I am not disappointed when it doesn't go away. Really, I am getting a beautiful baby out of it, so its a good trade. While we are on the subject of the bonus' of pregnancy, I predict now that this summer will be the hottest one we have had in YEARS! Yes, the summer I had Ariel it was record breaking heat... then the past 2 years have been actually really cool in comparison. Soooo, what does that mean, Jay is pregnant, so time for a hot summer. Haha.

Other interesting facts to note at the moment, still craving OJ, chocolate milk and sweets. The chocolate cake Ken and Ariel picked up last night is gone... it was good... very good. Just a note, Ken and Ariel did get some, so people don't think I am a huge pig. I wish we had more cake... sniff.

Yesterday morning Ariel and I returned to Stella's to do some more quilt stuff. Things are really coming together and I am happy to say that the cupcakes are all appliqued on and most of the 9 patch squares are together as well. Here are a few pictures of the progress...

The funky cupcake with most of the stitching done!

One version of the 9 patch block. Looks like a little flower, hee.

A little peak at things coming together. There are some light cornerstones missing but that's for next time. I am very happy with how its all coming together! Yay!

So later at 4pm I was listening to my fav station Crave 95.3 turn into the new Virgin station. I must admit, I am hooked! Love it, the whole moment was so well crafted and had me more excited than I thought I would be. Ariel really liked it too and for the next 2 hours danced to every song that came on. I think what I like is that they are keeping my beloved Nat and Drew, as well as all the other on air personalities and just adding new content. So its better, and I give my thumbs up. Whee.

Today we went over to do some laundry at Dad and Rita's and pick up their mail. Ariel was excited to get to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while there. Afterwards we came home and I did a bit more sewing while Ariel played. Pastor Dave came by to pick up a file from our computer. Ken's 'Dare you to move' video which he is using in his Sunday School class this week. If you never saw it the last time I posted it, here it is again.

Tomorrow we have a busy day and its also the last Saturday Ken has off before he starts teaching again. We are going to air care, doing some shopping and having lunch out with a gift card we got at Christmas. Whee. Now its time for me to do a dedication to my sweetie. Ken is totally being awesome during these nasty first few weeks of pregnancy. Extra cleaning, odd jobs and things he usually doesn't have to do around here when I am at full operating capacity. Anyhoo, I love this song and I found a acoustic version that I almost love more!!! I love you babe, all I see is you! Thanks for being my everything.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

6 Weeks

And thus starts our weekly countdown to baby! I am officially 6 weeks pregnant today and had my confirmation visit with the doctor. Its always funny because they don't get excited about the baby until they know you are happy to be pregnant, haha. So Ariel and I went in and Doctor gave her a lollipop as a congratulations on being a future big sister. Of course she was thrilled and Doctor was impressed she knew her colors, when she grabbed and named the orange pop. Mommy's smart girl. Hee.

So, not much to report at this point, except I found out I am considered 'a high risk pregnancy' due to my last c-section. Sadly that means I can't use my doctor from last time, but that I will need to see a specialist. I got word today that the doctor I will see for prenatal care is in Richmond, blah! Kinda of a bit of a drive for such short appointments, but not much I can do about that. I get my physical done here locally with my regular doctor, then I go on from there with the specialist. Oh, and my doctor said she can give me a prescription to my good ol friend Diclectin when I need it, yay!

Oh, here is my 6 week pregnancy belly picture. I decided to do belly shots this time since I didn't do that with Ariel. I think I will try and do them weekly or biweekly, what do you think? Thoughts from those who have done them is appreciated. See, I already have a little 'bump' which is mostly likely from being bloated (and too much Christmas treat goodness). Yay pregnancy!

Ariel woke up when I was doing this and wanted her picture taken too, awe.

Other major news, yesterday Ariel and I awoke to a power outage. One of those weird ones we sometimes get where half our house is out and the other half isn't. So anything on the left side was working, and the right wasn't. WEIRD, I know! The kitchen was all without power, but the bathroom was fine. Woot! Haha. Ariel was very concerned and didn't understand why I wouldn't turn on the lights. Plus it didn't help that it was a miserable day yesterday and dark in general, so much for natural lighting. I ended up taking Ariel out for lunch since we had nothing cold to eat in the fridge (we were doing the big shop later that evening with Ken). That perked her up.

After lunch we went to the doctors and came home to find all the power out now. Well, Ariel was REALLY upset because the hallways were dark when we came in and it scared her. The positive thing was if it was all out now, they were working on it. I called the Hydro line and it was to be back in an hour and a half. So we called Nana and went for a visit. While there, we got to take part in the afternoon ice cream treats they get! I had a very yummy maple crunch ice cream cone, ooh. Sorry no pics, my camera batteries were recharging in a house with no power, blah!

In the evening after dinner we went to the grocery store and did our month shop. I must say having Ken there helped, and we may have to do it this way for awhile. Its fun shopping together, and he did sneak in a few treats. Naughty Ken... but I can't complain since I am totally snacking on the chips while I type, haha.

Today there was a break in the rain and Ariel and I were able to walk down to town. I was loving being out but slowly found myself getting more and more nauseous. Part of me thinks just getting sick now would be better than waiting for it to come... I think this is how I felt about the whole thing last time. However, public throwing up isn't my idea of fun... nor to I think people want to see that sort of thing.

We came home to have some lunch and chill out a bit. Ariel had her first taste of chocolate milk this week and let me tell you, it was love at first sip. I do believe my daughter has a sweet tooth. Haha.

Later we had a call from Stella asking if we wanted to come over and start cutting out things for the cupcake quilt. So we headed over and got most of the bits cut up. Tonight I finished all the pieces for the cupcake blocks and laid them out on the floor. Sooooooooooo cute! The empty places will be a nine patch design using the colors from the cupcake tops (pink, green and blue). The striped material will be a boarder around the whole quilt, but I had to have one funky cupcake in the middle, just for kicks. We will be going back tomorrow to start some sewing! Yay!

Well, I think I may craw into bed early to relax, feeling pretty tired. Yawn, goodnight!

Monday, January 05, 2009


Ah, its all coming back to me now... ugh. That nauseous feeling hit me hard this weekend. I haven't started throwing up yet, sorry if that's too much information, but I feel like its coming... soon! I pulled out my pregnancy journal that I kept with Ariel, and my morning sickness started at 7 weeks. I am officially 6 weeks pregnant on Wednesday, so lets see if I keep with tradition. Haha. I have my visit with my regular doctor tomorrow to 'confirm' my pregnancy. Something I find funny because I have several positives tests and every symptom in the book, and yet I need to pee in a cup so they know its true. Oh well, its protocol. Then I get my referral to my baby doctor and we'll get things rolling. Hoping I will get in quickly because if I do get that nasty morning sickness like I had last time, I will need to get on Diclectin again fast. Oh, the memories are getting so clear again, joy! Haha. Its all good, don't get me wrong, I just find it amazing how much you kinda forget.

It was a crazy weekend around here. Ken got super motivated to start moving things around, so we did. His animation desk is now in our new reorganized storage room, which is also so much more tidy. It looks more office like now with the bookshelf and some of the toys. We had to box up a good part of our Muppet shelf collection, which Ken talked about it on his blog. Kinda sad, but they will return one day when we have room to properly display them. For those who haven't seen it, here is the crazy shelf... we will miss you guys!

Other news is we found a desk on the Ikea website that matches the style of pieces we have in our living room, so I need to go in and order it. Yay! That will give us enough time to deal with moving the computer down with little interruption, as we need to stay connected for Ken's work stuff and my sanity. Haha. Ariel keeps talking about her big girl room and her 'cupcake blankie'. Yes, I really need to get started on her quilt soon. Maybe Mommy and Stella will have a fabric cutting day soon, so Mommy's baby brain won't make a huge mistake while measuring.

One thing Ariel found during our clean up was her old bouncy chair. She immediately climbed in and pretended to sleep (fake snores included). I guess she will always be our baby... and perhaps she agrees. It will be interesting what she thinks when the new baby gets to use it... hmmm.

Besides moving, cleaning and packing up stuff this weekend, we did manage to get out and have lunch with Nana and Papa. Ariel loves fish and chips day! The cream of carrot soup was also a hit, really yummy! She was a real ham that day, maybe because Daddy was with us.

Ariel has been toting baby Joy along everywhere these days. That doll is fast becoming the first toy she really has had a deep connection to. As you can see, she needed her own chair as well. Maybe I can make some matching clothes for the the 2 of them as well this summer. That be so sweet!

On Sunday night we also had another snow fall! Ugh, then it rained right afterwards, basically creating a huge slushy mess. Ick! When will it end? Who knows? I am ready for it all to end... soon!

Today was a quiet day, but Ariel and I did venture out briefly to get me some orange juice, ugh cravings! I was so nauseous by the time we got back that I didn't feel like doing anything. Thankfully Ariel was a real sweetie today and played happily with her toys. At lunch time we tired out her new sandwich cutter and she was very excited about the hearts!

I snapped this picture from the kitchen because she kept looking up from lunch, grinning from ear to ear. She is such a doll, peanut butter face and all. My pretty girl, Mommy loves you.

At some point in the afternoon, Ariel took a nap (shocker!) and allowed myself to get a quick one too. Oh it was heaven, and how I needed it. Then when she woke up we watched Arthur like we always do. (She LOVES that show) While sitting on the couch, she turns to me and says 'Joy watch Arthur too', and with that she hopped down, found the doll and came back to show Joy her favorite tv program.

Mondays are fun because we also watch Jon and Kate plus 8 right after Arthur. Ariel loves watching 'the kids' and today they were eating soup for lunch, well she climbed up to her chair and wanted soup for dinner. Mommy was feeling generous since Ariel was such a good girl today, and so she got soup like the other kids.

Daddy got home and he had the leftover chicken while I sipped oj and nibbled pretzels, which I find work as well as crackers do. Later, Irene came by tonight with the boxes of photo albums of Graeme and Kalia, as we have been hired to put together a photo video presentation for their wedding. Its always such a joy to do these projects, and I am sure this one will be a blast.

Well, time to crawl into bed... when did it get past 11pm? I will end with the funny Ariel quote of the weekend. While getting dressed, I joked if Ariel needed a bra like Mommy, to which she replied... 'I no wear any bra, I wear Ariel dress.' Lol, pure gold!
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