Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Project 365 - Day 120

Day 5 with deck plants... still alive, yay me!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Love

Project 365 - Day 119

Sometimes a substitute mother's arms will sooth a tired baby, and give the other mommy's arms a much needed break (especially when the baby is a brick!) My children and I are blessed to have so many wonderful and loving people in our lives. Sometimes when one feels sad about those that are missing from the picture, as I often feel at times, its moments like this that remind you of those that are filling the void. So to everyone who has been a part of that 'bigger family picture' I thank you for being a part of our lives. We love every one of you.

Thank you also to my good friends for such a lovely lunch today... I helped my heart today. Hugs!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventure Walking

Project 365 - Day 118

Today Ariel's school was having a Walk-a-thon. Even though she was too little to take part, I went with Xander to take some pictures for the school. It was an Indiana Jones theme and of course lots of decorations added to keep that feeling and make it fun for the kids. Can't wait to hear how much money they raised.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you are bad, you go to the Dungeon

Project 365 - Day 117

While Ariel was playing on the deck this afternoon, she stuffed all her sidewalk chalk inside my lantern. Apparently, they were bad and were sent to the dungeon... yeah, my kid is weird.


So yesterday my little man turned 8 months! On top of that he got his first 2 teeth, pretty much at the same time. On Friday Xander was sooooooooooo not himself, in fact he was down right mad. He just wanted to be held the whole day, nothing seemed to make him better. Just nursing and cuddles. The following day he seemed better, and the gum had opened up and then on Sunday morning, teeth! Woot! Now it seems as if he might be getting a top tooth! This is just crazy fast compared to how drawn out teething was with Ariel.

I was hoping that it would be all our excitement, but sadly it wasn't. Late Sunday afternoon, Ken took the car and went to do some work for the book downtown. Ariel was playing in her room and I was cleaning the bathroom while Xander played with his toys and watched me. I had noticed the flat iron was left on and so I unplugged it and left it to cool down before putting away. Xander was down the hall at this point and when Ariel called I left the bathroom, not even thinking anything could happen. Xander made a dash back to the bathroom to the dangling cord (ugh I cringe still). I heard a yelp and dashed back to see my poor baby crying and 2 long white lines on top of his hand. The flat iron fell on his hand, and since it was still warm burned him!

I felt awful and cried of course, I felt terrible. I quickly got his hand under the cold water and he stopped crying, in fact he didn't seem to be in any pain at all. His hand looked ok, just those white lines. He nursed and fell asleep and I put him down. However when he got up those lines turned into huge blisters! So it was indeed a 2nd degree burn and the size of the blisters had me freak a tad and so I called the nurse line to see if I should take him to the clinic.

She said yes and then it hit me I had no car! I called Ken and he wouldn't be able to get back fast enough for me to make it to the walk in clinic. I paced a bit and realized my Dad had Xander's baby seat in the garage and so I asked if he could stay with Ariel so I could drive to the ER since the clinic was closed now. Then Ken could pick them up and get Dad back to his car. I arrived at the ER to a packed room, mostly of kids.

Long story short, I was there for 4 hours... and I didn't get seen. Only one doctor on (the slow one at that) and then a huge accident of this drunk guy driving a motorcycle... yeah that was gross to see come in. Ick! Xander's hand was looking better, especially since it drained on its own while waiting. Stella came by with Katie with a sandwich when I called to say where I was, and she thought it looked ok, so I asked the nurse if she thought I could leave. She agreed and she had no clue when I would get in anyways thanks to a 'doctor not moving things along' (her words not mine). She gave me a few pointers to keeping it clean, and what to watch for ie: fever.

As of today its looking like a scab is building up, so its healing, its just gross! I call him Freddy Krueger hand, but he just smiles at me. My boy is tough, much more than me. Sigh... I know these things happen, but its hard when its the first major accident.

So this morning the kids and I went to Stella's to cut out flower girl dresses for Amanda's wedding. That is coming up fast in June! Crazy how fast time is flying. Gack!!! I am making 2 dresses, one for Ariel and another for the other little girl, so there is a tad more pressure, but I think I should be ok. Nothing exciting to show yet except cut up fabric, but once I have something more exciting I'll post it. Until then, enjoy a cute picture of Ariel!

Something to share that is exciting is how registration day went for our camp! We had 67 kids sign up that morning!!! Then after church it was up past 70! We have room for 100 and something so we most likely will be full come July! Its AMAZING!!! We were so blown away and touched with the response. Ariel, in her own way has been excited with me, especially when we walk and see Mommy's posters hanging all over town. She insisted she hang one herself, so its up on our door, haha.

Last week was also Ariel's Noah Ark party at school, where she managed to fit into her peacock costume still! She was super excited until we got to school and none of her friends were in costumes yet. She got embarrassed and shy, but thankfully they suited up quickly and all was good again.

The cookies were a hit too... 2 by 2 of course.

While Ariel was at school I walked home but went by the thrift store when I saw a little picnic table sitting outside. It was a super cute smurf one and it was only $2. I was worried it be too big so I measured it with my feet, haha, and went home to check our deck. Turned out it was perfect and Xander and I walked back for it. I surprised Ariel when we brought her home and she was thrilled! Since then she has been wanting to eat any meal she can at it.

So this weekend is the big pageant! Ariel is so excited and practices her wave and smile daily. Its very cute and I hope she loves the experience. Of course it also happens to be my birthday as well, so lots happening. Ken is also going to be done is book this weekend, gack! Lots to celebrate coming up, so its very exciting. Well, I need to bath some kids so I can watch Glee tonight. The Madonna episode last week was killer, gosh I love this show!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Project 365 - Day 116

Xander likes his glow worm friend. He is starting to figure out how to make it light up and sing to him which is very cute.

I was hoping to blog tonight, but Xander isn't wanting to go down to sleep yet and Ken is coming home which means I am gonna lose the computer. Bah!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Project 365 - Day 115

As of this morning, both bottom teeth have popped out! Xander has calmed down and is back to his regular self... including sleeping through the night... amen!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Project 365 - Day 114

Ariel and Xander spent the morning with Stella today since I was doing the registration for the summer camp and Ken had a work open house. When I picked the kids up Ariel showed me how she can crack open an egg. Stella asked if we taught her and I said no, she has only watched us do it. Once again Ariel surprises me with her level of capability with just observation... she can crack an egg pretty darn well. Wow.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Project 365 - Day 113

Dear teeth, I see you under Xander's gum... I feel you there. Please come soon, I am slowly going insane... thank you, one tired Mommy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring is Sprung

Project 365 - Day 112

Stella gave me this table runner that she made awhile ago and didn't use much, I love it. Yay spring table!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Project 365 - Day 111

When I dropped Ariel off at school this morning I happened to notice the seeds they planted a while ago have sprouted. Very cool!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A crawling we will go...

Project 365 - Day 110

Just because I wasn't weird enough, I wanted to share a strange obsession I have. Ken HATES this about me, well... maybe not hate, but thinks it is beyond wacky. I have to have the kids plates, cups and bowls from Ikea in rainbow order. I honestly believe I have some sort of compulsive disorder that causes me to freak if they aren't properly stacked. Don't believe me, ask Ken... he is the one rolling his eyes. Ha!


Ok, lets recap.... within a week Xander learned to crawl, then how to crawl fast and now is pulling himself up on to everything he can. All I can say is whoa! Its like someone hit the fast forward button or something on this kid. Then to top it all off, last night I noticed his bottom gums looking puffy and now we should have some teeth popping through any day. Crazy!

I got some video of the little man crawling, here is pretty much when he started crawling... the end of the week he was pretty fast. Do you think he is proud of himself?

The pulling up just showed up in the past few days and has me scrambling for baby proofing as much as I can. Its strange since we never really did much for Ariel because she was one of those kids who didn't get into anything (oh she is making up for it now, haha) and would happily sit and play on her blanket. Xander is the opposite, where can I go, what can I get into and how cute can I look while doing so.

Example A. - The discovery of the computer desk, something we didn't have in our main living space when Ariel was a baby. Xander loves to get the disc envelopes out and make a mess of them... while tasting the odd one.

Example B. - The random object pull up. We had a spare chair out from the shower I helped hosted and Xander deemed it a toy and would not leave it alone until I put it away. The positive point is now I am much faster in getting things away in their proper place.

Example C. - STANDING! Seriously, he is really an overachiever at this point. I think he is determined to walk as soon as he can. He just noticed the electrical fixtures and so all of those are plugged up now. He hasn't really noticed the stairs yet, something Ariel did right away. I think we will do what we did with her when he does take notice, which is to teach him. It made them less exciting and I hope it will do the trick as it did with the princess.

I guess I will be lowering the crib mattress later today... sheesh!

Its been pretty crazy around here with Ken finishing up the book. He got an extra few weeks extension since he pretty much was pulling his hair out trying to finish it. On Saturday he spent nearly 10 hours animating for the disc that comes with the book. He returned home around 2am in the morning but the animation he had to show for his time away was worth it.

Sunday was the big bridal shower that Stella and I were hosting for Andrea.

It turned out wonderfully! We had a such a great time and it looked lovely. Andrea's colors for her wedding are black, white and a touch of green, so we took that as our decor hints.

I decided to try making corsages again, and after a quick refresher on YouTube (is there anything you can't learn to do on there?)I managed to make up 3 for the bride and the moms in attendance.

I can make them, but I can't pin them on to save my life! Thanks Stella for pinning them, haha.

Isn't a party without the famous tux berries (and the bride berry for that matter).

The first time I made these was with Andrea, as we were hosting a shower for then bride to be Chelsea. As we made them Andrea made me promise I would make some for her shower one day.

Fast forward 5 years later and I remembered. Since then I have learned fondant and so she got a cake and some red velvet cupcakes to boot, yum!

Being the sneaky girl that I am, I went on her facebook page and grabbed pictures of her and Nick to print in black and white for the table. I added the words cherish, love and joy to tie in with...

... this adorable ribbon I found at the craft store. I used it to tie the cookie favors that we sent home with all the ladies. Stella baked up shortbread cookies and I dipped them in chocolate to match our black and white theme.

Stella insisted on a game, haha something I don't usually enjoy but I did like this one and it went over well with the ladies... not to mention it matched the theme again. In 10 jars we had white kitchen cooking ingredients like flour, salt, powered sugar etc. The ladies then had to try and determine what was what, and we stumped them good because the highest correct answer was 8.

At the end of the day, everyone had a wonderful time, Andrea got some lovely gifts from the church ladies and I had very sore feet. I fell asleep by 830pm that evening, haha.

This coming Saturday is our big registration day for the 'Imagine That' summer arts camp! The feedback from the community about our project has been mind-blowing! I don't know what to expect come Saturday morning, will there be a line up? Will it be a steady string of people coming by or will we be standing there twiddling our thumbs? I shall let you know how it goes. Again if you are in the area and think your kids would enjoy it, please check out our website 'Imagine That'

Next week is the last week of April, thus meaning my birthday is around the corner. 31, which means I have survived my first year in my thirties. Gack! I told Ken this week I am starting to see a future game plan when it comes to things I would like to do. Nothing I want to share publicly yet, since its still coming together in my head, but lets just say I have a vision. Its exciting and I look forward to what is to come. Until then, I am enjoying an early gift from my kids, some fab books on cupcakes. Oh the goodies I will make them for school parties, hehe.

I need to share Ariel's really cute skirt that Stella made her. Matches her favorite turtle outfit perfectly, and what is even more special? Its made with the material of Nana's old skirt. So Ariel has a little piece of Nana with her, very sweet.

Well, I better get my butt in gear to get dinner started. I must say I love the nights Ken works late since I get Ariel into bed earlier than usual, hee. Plus its Glee night! Can I say how excited I have been for this Madonna episode. Oh man, taking the phone off the hook tonight, so don't call me. Haha. Well I am going to leave you with my new computer desktop picture, been playing around in photoshop more and came up with this. Love it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Touch and Feel

Project 365 - 109

Ariel made a touch a feel book at school today. She was very proud of her work and loves showing it to Xander.

(Will blog tomorrow night as Ken will be animating and I will FINALLY get the computer, hee)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black, white and green

Project 365 - Day 108

Nothing beats a floral and jelly bean center piece.... yum.

Have lots of pictures from the shower today, as well as lots of stuff to share but yet again I am losing the computer to my hubby. Will try and blog tomorrow!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Berry Sweet

Project 365 - Day 107

I am making tux berries for the bridal shower Stella and I are hosting for Andrea tomorrow. I love throwing parties, and the chance to do a bridal shower is even more exciting! Will have lots of exciting pictures to share tomorrow, I have been very busy today getting all my tasks completed... I will say this, its a black and white shower... oooh.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Project 365 - Day 106

I am not sure what happened, I had this done and for some reason it didn't post. Odd, so I had to redo it. Blah. Well, here it is, the pretty sunset sky colors from our living room window. Pretty!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toxic Tub Water

Project 365 - Day 105

Ariel got new bubble bath today and mixed with her 'tub tint colors' her bath water kinda looks toxic now. She loved it... that is all that matters.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Ol' Boys

Project 365 - Day 104

I think the only things I know about the tv show Dukes of Hazard is the theme song and this car. So I think there is either someone in town who is a super fan, or thinks by having this car maybe he can get a hot chick in those tiny shorts.... please note there is no hot chick in shorts anywhere near this car, so I guess it only leaves the super fan option. I be far more excited if this was the A-Team van... I guess I will continue to dream, sigh.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Project 365 - Day 103

We got Ken's American tax papers dropped off today at the IRS office in Bellingham. We didn't count on Ken being sick, which made for another difficult twist, but it had to be done! Now its a waiting game as the papers go off to the first stop of assigning tax numbers for the kids, then off to get filed. Technically American's living in Canada get till June 15th to file their papers, but I prefer to go by the April 15th date is case there is anything owing since they go then by the April date (yeah, sneaky eh?). The other news, if all goes as it should, we are getting a refund that should cover what we need to pay here in Canada.

On a personal note, we found out we need to send papers stating all our Canadian accounts to the USA as well. I won't go into my personal feelings on that, but its almost too much for me to take. Why do they need all this info when we don't live in that country? Sigh... sometimes being a Canadian - American couple is really frusterating. Good think I love my Ken! Haha.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Noah's Ark

Project 365 - Day 102

Wow, I wish this was something far more exciting than some cookies for my big day 100 in my project. Wow, only 265 more to go, haha. Ariel is having a Noah's Ark party in class next week, they get to dress up and have treats. I signed up to make cookies and did an array of different animals to fit the theme of the party. If you are wondering how I did this, just egg yoke with food coloring, painted on the cookie dough before baking. Super easy! Hope the kids enjoy them next week, these are off to the freezer till then. Yay for being ahead of schedule!


Well we are a house full of sick! Ken stayed home sick today and so the count is up to 3. I seem to have traded my sore throat for a sinus thing and now Xander is showing signs of a cough and runny nose. My poor baby! He is still a trooper but is wanting Mommy a lot.

So on Friday I did my party post for the annual 'blog party'. Welcome everyone who is a new reader, always nice to meet new friends. Also hugs to my old friends and readers, always nice to hear from you guys too. I am finally getting around to visiting some sites, but with the sickies in the house, makes for less computer time. Blah.

Saturday was a fun and yet crazy day as we went down to Washington for Kailey's birthday. We finally left the house and got on the road by 830am but apparently that was still too late for the border line ups. The sign said when we arrived that the wait time was 90 minutes! Gack! After a quick call to my Dad he reminded me of the high dollar and so lots of Canadians were off to spend their money in the USA. Not to mention the construction on the USA side, only 3 open, makes for a backlog of cars. Thankfully it really only took over an hour, but it was enough to put us a tad behind schedule.

The drive was uneventful, as for our meeting with the border guard for a change. Haha. We stopped briefly once for a potty break, but the kids did great. No crying or whining, although we had several 'are we there yet' comments. Ariel was eager to get to Kailey's party, and the border delay made her very upset that she might be late.

We arrived and Ariel was thrilled! She had a great time and I think Kailey was excited her 'Canadian' pal made it for her big day. Ariel had picked out a Sleeping Beauty Barbie for a gift for her friend, and then Ken and I did up a little painting for her as well.

She really liked it, can you tell?! Hee. Yay!

Sadly when it was time to go, Ariel was not happy... she was HEARTBROKEN. I have never seen her cry that long after leaving a place. Sometimes she cries but usually it passes quickly, not this time. A good 5-7 minutes it took her to calm down... so it was a little loud in the car.

On the way home we stopped at the outlets since I was trying to find some white sandals for Ariel to wear at the weddings. I hadn't be able to find any around here, not sure why?! So weird... oh well. We all had a snack and I took Xander in the stroller and left Ken and Ariel to finish eating. It wasn't too long before the found me as I was paying for the sandals (yay). Ariel came up to me and asked for some coins for the toys and I said I didn't have any and would get some in a minute. I turned back to the desk and when I turned again Ken was standing there but without Ariel.

I asked where she was, and he suddenly looked confused as if he thought I knew. After a quick view of the store we realized she was GONE! The moment you realize your child is gone is a feeling I hope I never experience again. The ladies at the counter said they would watch Xander and to go find her. We ran out to swarms of people everywhere. Oh Lord help us I felt my heart cry out. Ariel wasn't in sight and we called her name to no response. This particular mall is on the outside, so its open to everything. Then an angel was sent to us, a woman saw Ariel dash out of the store and ran up to us telling us which way she ran. She had tried to stop her since she felt it was odd seeing a child run out of a store like that. Ariel was too quick for her and with that Ken ran like I have ever seen him run before.

I stood frozen, its the first time ever I was so afraid... the woman kept reassuring me Ariel would be ok, and then I saw Ken approaching through the crowds with our daughter in his arms sobbing... most likely from Daddy giving her a piece of his mind for running away. I went back inside to get Xander who was happily cooing for the ladies. I was still stunned and the cashiers were very nice and said it happens to everyone... but that didn't make me feel better. It can happen... but sometimes the ending isn't as nice. We are very thankful that our little girl is safe, but I think its going to be on both our minds for awhile. Sigh....

We left shortly after that, and the car ride home was quiet. Ariel and Xander both fell asleep and I just watched scenery out the window. Just so drained. We came home and went to bed early.

The next day was church and the presentation of 'Imagine That' Summer Arts Camp! Click here to visit the blog we set for it. I designed the logo and all the promo materials that we have printed to give out, oh they look so cool! Eek! If you are in the area and want to come, we are having our official opening date on the 24th of this month to register in person. I really think its a opportunity for kids unlike any other. I will keep you posted how it goes. Yay!

In Xander news, he crawled! Yes, a short little bit but we know its just the beginning... I hope to get some good video of it soon, until then enjoy a cute picture of him, haha.

Well, Ken needs to get back to work, even when he is sick he needs to meet his deadlines. So off to bed I go to watch Dancing with the Stars with Xander. Have a good night!
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