Tuesday, February 27, 2007


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKEY! We all love ya, hope you have a good one!

Yes, we survived round three with the shots yesterday. Ariel was brave, up until the part when the needle was in her leg. She was uber red and in high pitch screaming mode. Eep. I'm glad she doesn't seem to blame me, and just gives the doctor the dirty looks. She got 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. While we were waiting the 15 minute reaction time, she was happy again and smiled at the doctor as if to say, your forgiven. What a girl.

Her stats are as follows, she is 17 pounds and 26.5 inches long. Looks as if she is hitting the stride that I read happens at about 6 months. They don't bulk up as fast. Looking back, she has indeed doubled her birth weight of 8lb 11oz, which is right on cue. Her milestones are being hit, and overall, it was a good checkup. She was pretty mellow the remainder of the day, and had a 3 hour nap which always helps. This time I gave her some pain medicine before we left, so that when she would need it, the stuff was already working. It really made a difference from last time, when she hit dinner time and screamed for a few hours. No screaming this time, in fact, she was a little cuddle monkey. Awe.

During the afternoon once she awoke from her nap, I sat her down to play while I did some work for the client. Ariel was happy and babbling away. When I looked down, I realized she had been having a great time with the folded laundry instead of her toys. Not surprised at all, haha.

Tonight we are going to Nana's for dinner, as Kyle and Uncle Bill are passing through. Kyle is off to Calgary, like so many people I know. He is even buying a truck to fit in with the local, lol. Safe trip, and see ya later tonight.

Busy week, hope to keep you posted, but if not, enjoy the pics!

Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar goes to....

Whoa, so that had to be one of the most surprising Oscar shows yet. Lots of things I didn't see coming, as I am sure others who follow this stuff to were shocked by. Some I was happy about, and some I sat sort of open mouthed. Really? They won? Either way, we had a good time at home with our party of three. Ariel was dressed as an Oscar, here is Ken with his award. Lol. We made up snacks and parked in front of the tv from 5pm for the red carpet, (awards started at 5:30) until 9ish. Not the longest running show, but still a long haul. Thats what happens when you bring back the producer who loves having performances of the nominated songs.

They also had these wacky gymnastics people behind a screen, that created these shadow shapes of some of the nominated films. It may sounds stupid on paper, and maybe it was a little weird to have at the Oscars, but it was still amazing to see. Our fav, the penguins. Ellen did an pretty good job at hosting, but man you could totally see she was nervous. I don't think I have seen her like that before on stage. It was odd. But still love her! Yay Ellen!

Loved the Will Farrell and Jack Black number. The other musical areas could have been cut. Love Celine, but even that was too much for even me. Apparently, Hollywood didn't like Dreamgirls as much at the public did. Can you count the ways? Lots of surprises.

Cars didn't win animated feature, boooooo. Stupid 'Happy Feet'. I like penguins, but that and the other nominated film, 'Monster House', are generally motion capture. Hello! Thats cheating in my books. Animate it, just animate it PLEASE. Cars was a far deeper film, and for those who fail to see that, its your loss. Sorry, thats my feelings, so moving on. Blah.

Spielberg, Coppola, and George Lucas present Best Director, um that wasn't a total set up that Scorsese was going to win it right? When we heard that friday on ET, Ken was like, oh well you know who is winning it then. Haha. Sigh. At least the guy deserves it.

The icky Departed movie won. I hate blood, really I do. Would have loved 'Little Miss Sunshine' to win, but comedies never win best picture. Rules are rules. Oscar has many of them. Blah. So its over for another year. Ariel seemed to enjoy it. In fact, she may have been the only one who loved the musical numbers. Yayayaydadadad.

During the show, our weird neighbours (the ones the police seem to visit annually) must have had a fight or something. She was either locked out or he locked her out on purpose (about time dude!). Anyways, she kept banging on the door, leaving, then coming back and banging again. Finally after dark, there was a lady cop there. Oh good grief. This time, to our surprise, they arrested HER! Forget Oscar, that was the real show! She has caused so much trouble, it was interesting to see her in the handcuffs this time. Guess I shall see if she returns.... stay tuned.

Had a pretty good weekend in general. Only one major emotional breakdown, ok two. Feeling better today, so lets hope thats behind me. Don't really want to get into the issue, but basically just feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated and hurt. Argh.

Saturday, Ariel had her first real play date with Carter. She had a great time playing with different toys. Carter was sleeping for the first half of the visit, but was all smiles when he got up. He was showing his new teeth off, very cute. Hoping Ariel's show up soon, I grow tired of the lead up, as I assume she does too. Speaking of the princess, she is still sleeping, and its 9am already. She must know we are going to the doctor's this morning. HA! Yes, we are getting those pesky shots finally. Then its a happy 6 months with out any more until she is a year. Yay.

Apparently, we start March this week. Dang. In a month (and a bit) we will be taking off for Michigan. Wow. We are having Natalie and Peter over next Sunday for lunch (and she is bringing the main course, NICE) and most likely a run down as she is coming to house sit again. Yay. She reads this so, Hi Natalie!

I can't think of anything else... bye.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


"Everyday, it's a gettin' closer,
Goin' faster than a
roller coaster,
Love like yours will surely
come my way."

-Buddy Holly

Our world changed today with one of those milestones that basically turns parents on their heads with joy, sadness and fear. Ladies and gentlemen, Ariel is crawling! I tried to get the camera out in time, but really only got a small sampling of the new movements. I will try and get a better clip up soon, cuz we all know that now that its happened, there is no going back. Guess we are gonna be buying some gates and baby proofing stuff. It was funny. Those lyrics were the first thing that popped into my head when it happened. Not sure why, but it fits I guess.

Other exciting stuff, we received our Valen-christmas presents today in the mail from Dianne! Ariel got some cute shirts, LOVE EM! She is wearing the funny hot chocolate one with the marshmellows jumping in. Lol. I clearly need to design kids clothes, because this is totally my taste. I got a super cute pink, kermit the frog pencil bag. Thanks so much sweetie! (Thanks also for the words of encouragement, tis very true. I guess no matter what stage of life we are in, we are still all the same.) Dianne got it on her trip to London. I guess they like Kermit over there too.

Yesterday, Nana, Ariel and I went to the mall for some retail therapy. Lol. I was after the Easter dress! All the shops had gotten in the spring fashions and I wanted first pick. It is her first Easter, and thats a big one like Christmas. So where do all crazy parents go when they want to spoil the babies? Gymboree... needless to say, they didn't disapoint. I got the uber cute dress of the year, with matching sweater. It will also be the offical mother's day dress I believe. Its just so gorgous. Nana also picked up a dress for Ariel at the Children's Place, as her Easter present. Its really a cute patchwork style dress. Perfect for the warm days ahead.

I ran into my friend Sofie, and we chatted while waiting for our burritos. Gonna try and have coffee sometime with her. I drove us home, so Nana could relax a bit. Had a peaceful night, but a weird sleep. In fact, I didn't actually get to sleep until 2am. Not sure why.... weird.

Here is Ariel performing her lastest trick. She loves to flip to tummy in her bouncer, then slide down to her knees to play with the toys. What a girl.

Today was a late start, after last night, so surprise. We stopped to visit the improving Papa. Still not %100 but feeling better. Dang flu. Then we walked to get some bananas for Ariel and to make some bread for the World Day of Prayer next week. Also got some sweet potato to make some new baby food for the princess. She is doing so well with solids, its really a treat. I think she was soooooooo ready, the whole grabbing things from our plates was a good indicator.

This weekend is Oscar weekend. Not going to the uber party this year. Hope to get back next year, but with Ariel nursing still, and the fact that the party is as long as the Oscars (what was the total time last year?) it be a long night for her to be with a sitter. So, I shall be having a private party for 3. Maybe I will cook something special.... hmmm.

I shall leave you with the snippet I got of Ariel on the move.... more to come... eep!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Part

Is being the mommy my only part? Sometimes I wonder that. Sure I have my freelance gig here and there, but sometimes I wish I had more to keep my skills sharp. I am trying to decide what is the best way to nurture that call. Is it developing my own business more? Maybe a part time job? Don't get me wrong, I love being at home with Ariel. But lately I feel like thats all people see of me. It hurts at times, because I know I can do so much more. Maybe I want to prove it? I don't know. Ken chalks it up to hormones, lol. I think he is right, but I still wonder none the less. Maybe I should really develop my ideas while I have this chance... maybe it will get me on Oprah one day. Hahah. I am sure either way, I will get some sort of lead from above, so time will tell.

Ariel has been getting into books these days, as you can see. She loves the mirror book her Grammy sent her. She has just figured out she can see her self in it. She will pull it close to her face to check it out. Pretty funny. She is also making crawling progress. She is now using her big toe to push herself forward. It tends to make her go in circles, but its still moving, so she is happy. Lots of babbling, and yet she is probably too smart for her own good. I try and play the mimic game with her, and she looks at me like, you think I am a baby or something? She rather chat back and forth like a grown up.

Food news, we are eating both bananas and butternut squash. Yay. Bananas were easy, the squash took a few feedings to grow on her. Now its gone in seconds. Yum. I think we will be moving on to carrot and apple later this week. I keep making my own food, and stocking up on the organic stuff when its on sale, just for backup. The jolly jumper continues to be a big hit and she is really jumping off the ground these days. Still no teeth, but lots of pain, ARGH. Bible study tonight, hoping princess is up to it, if not, bath and bed. Maybe we both need that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Chili Dogs?

Yes, thats what they were serving at Mike and Jo's church after the service as the kid's camp fundraiser. I still can't believe that. We haven't had them in months, and then we get them twice withing 3 days. Crazy. They were good, once we got the actual hot dog part. Hehe.

Ariel did well being a visitor in a new church today. Her Uncle Mike made her cry again. I guess she has issues with tall people. Poor Mikey. She was better when he was sitting with her. Ariel liked sitting in the pew with us. She sat at the end with pony. She babbled along and was generally happy until she was showing signs of being ready for some food. It was nice to visit a different church, but I missed ours. I guess its home right? I really can't wait for the construction to be finished, spring is coming, yay!

After church and lunch, we came home and just kept things mellow. We have been hanging out in the computer room playing. Ken is dubbing the video footage of Ariel to DVD and animating. Ariel was playing in the jolly jumper, pulling various cables and is now sleeping soundly. I have gotten the various junk put away and playing on the computer. If you haven't seen it, try out Fd's Flickr Toys, tis loads of fun. Check out my creations!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fridays bring out the crazies!

So this morning I am taking Ariel to meet my dad for breakfast at the local ABC, only to be stopped in my tracks by a police lady. Turns out much of the street is swarming with cops, much like over Christmas time when our building was in lock down for an hour over some guy with a gun. (or so we were told, more so a lying girlfriend cheesed at her boyfriend) Anyhoo, had to take the LONG way around, so much for a short walk on an empty stomach. Ugh. I heard later that it was another gun situation. Some guy who lives above the bar and his shotgun. I would like to add it was only 8am, talk about getting an early start. A gal at the quilt shop said she heard he shot a cop earlier, but no proof of that yet... guess the local paper will tell this weekend.

Breakfast was nice, Ariel was a little out of sorts. I wish those dang teeth would show themselves SOON! She was going from happy to miserable within seconds. Waking up early for breaky didn't help either. She was pretty grouchy until she got her nap in the afternoon.

During her nap I had some work for the client, which went well until it was time to send it. All my files, except for 2, went perfectly via email. So I then had to burn a disc and drop it off in person. It wasn't terrible though, because I had to go to the store anyways. I love walking around the grocery store, its very relaxing.

Came home, and Ken arrived shortly afterwards. We had a lazy dinner of chili dogs (Ken's pick). I tuned in to the latest installment of Canada's Next Great Chef while Ken played with the princess. She got a loaner jolly jumper today from a friend at a church. Yes, its shaped like a duck. Here is a little video of her trying it out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 Month Review

Six months, whoa. Ariel didn't seem phased by this day, but then she really doesn't know how significant and special this particular milestone is. Half a year old, and yet I sit here trying to wrap my own head around it. Mix in some valentine fun, and its a pretty cool day.

We started the morning out by having coffee at the local hangout. Ariel was wearing her valentines duds from Grammy. Very cute. Nana gave Ariel a cute doll, the ones were you can practice things like Velcro, snaps, zippers etc. I think she enjoyed the bag it was in far more at the time. Heh.

Afterwards, we headed off with Stella to help out the comfort quilters again. I made some bindings and helped knot a quilt. Ariel was pretty tired at that point and managed to get a quick nap in before waking up when it was time to go.

A lazy afternoon followed with naps and play. She was pretty grubby from the morning, so we had an mid day bath, with BUBBLES! Ariel was loving those. Hehe. My poor bathroom has become the splash zone. Got her changed into her monkey onesie, appropriate for the dinner later.

Daddy came home at dinner time and we introduced Ariel's first fruit! Banana. (I feel a Qwen Stefani song coming on, hehe). She didn't seem overly excited, and just ate it like her normal cereal. I think if she had her way, she be eatting a steak and potatoes.

After dinner and much clean up (sticky girl) we gave Ariel her first 6 months and up toy. Lol! She was pretty keen on it, especially since when she hits the rim it makes music. Ken showed her how to drop the blocks in and overall, it was a big hit. (See below). She even got to watch some of Ken's animation via flipping (I think Ken may post that video on his blog tonight.)

The morning has come with rain, and lots of it. Blah. The doctor's office just called, and Ariel's appointment has been moved to the 26th. Her doctor is sick, and there isn't space until that date. Ariel didn't seem overly disappointed about missing her shots. I don't blame her.

This new development does allow for us to go to the mommy and baby movie today, which is the Queen. I really wanted to see it, but if it continues to dump rain, I am not that eager to go and drag the princess out in it. Blah. We shall see. Right now the girl is back down for a nap, after an early get up to prepare for the trip to the doctors. Sooooo, I may enjoy this time alone and make myself a cup of tea.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is Ariel's greeting to you all! My little valentine is 6 months TODAY!!! I can't believe it. I plan on doing a special post for her big day, so stay tuned for that a bit later once I get pictures taken. So for now, lets celebrate Valentines first.

Its funny, people think valentines is only fun if you have someone special in your life. I guess you could see it that way, but what about all those other special people in your life? Your parents, siblings and best friends, don't they count for anything. Sure, its not a romantic love, but its love none the less. Valentines was one of the last holidays my mom made it through before she died. I still have the little ladybug stuffed toy she hid in my lunch that morning before I left for animation school. I found it during our clean up, and decided I would pass it on to Ariel today. The love continues...

Ken asked me out on valentines in 2000, and we have been together ever since. He stood by me through some of the darkest moments of my life, and I will be forever grateful. Our life is like a movie... funny, sweet, romantic, sad, scary, thrilling and most of all - unforgettable. Valentines is very dear to us, not for the actual name of the date, but because of the memory of it. So in honor of our love and life together, I put together a little thing (I was playing around online with some of the new websites out there). Hope you enjoy it, but more so, I hope you love it Ken.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Guess who is coming to dinner?

First off, it has been reported from my computer engineer of a brother that my blog looks good in internet explorer but 'sucks' (and yes that is a direct quote - he isn't blunt at all is he, lol) in firefox. Basically, there is something screwy in my code, so when or if I bother to fix it may never happen, so I suggest not using firefox to view my page. Poo.

Not much to report today. Basically my day revolved around cleaning the house and preparing for our dinner guests tonight. Poor Papa is sick, so it was only Nana and my cousin Kyle coming in the end. So Ariel helped me in the kitchen, or watched until she grew tired and bored. Still no teeth yet, and yet our days have been filled with lots of drool and chewing on anything for relief. Poor girl.

Dinner was good, the heart shaped cake was great, and there was cute photo moments. Awe!

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Week

We are in countdown till wednesday, as it is both valentines and Ariel's 6 month birthday. Yay. The mailman brought 2 fun packages today, one had Ariel's new babylegs. Aren't they super cute! She got 4 fun pairs, so they shall keep her legs warm and safe as she enters the soon to be crawling phase. This was the solution to my daughter wanting to just be in the diaper shirts when its still a little chilly. They are all the rage on the mommy chat board. The best part is they go just to the thigh, so diaper changing is a snap! Its my baby pick of the week! Hehe. The other package was our portraits! So gorgous, and I had fun sticking them in the various frames around our home.

This morning we went to the quilting group to hang out. I managed to get some stitching done on Ariel's easter present, that was when I wasn't holding her. We messed up the midmorning nap, and she wasn't too keen on things until she got her sleep, which she finally did.Stella showed Ariel how a sewing machine worked, and boy did she love it. She would laugh when it made noise going really fast. Lol. She was never spooked by it at all. I guess she may have the crafty gene in her, yay!

Ariel even got to see one of her older 9 month old friends. (I would love to tell you her name but I can't remember the spelling and frankly, don't want to butcher it on here unless I have it right. I will try and get it.) They sat there jabbering to each other, which was really cute. There was some pushing, but it was coming from both sides. Baby's first cat fight? Nooooooooooo.

Around 2pm, we came home for a quiet time. Ariel had a ball pulling her blanket over her head. It was funny to watch and then she talked to the toys, managed to turn around in the play yard and get on her tummy to play with the teething ring, then only to return to the blanket game again.

Daddy came home, we had some leftover tacos and watched Corner Gas. Man, we love that show. Really well written, huzzah for Canadian TV. Ariel then got a bath and was in bed fast to sleep pretty quick. She had a busy day, and tomorrow we have to prepare for our dinner party for Nana, Papa and Kyle, should be fun!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Joy and Heartache

I have some time to myself at the moment. Both Ken and Ariel are sleeping, awe. I have since moved her to her crib, in hopes she will sleep longer. I have been in reflection this morning as the past few hours have brought both happy and sad news.

Last night I checked Megan's blog and surprise, she had her baby! Another adorable son named Davin. Go check out his pictures, he is too cute for words. I must say if I had known castor oil worked that well, I may have bit the bullet and tried it. Hehe. Congrats you guys!

On a sad note, one of the moms on my online message board I belong to had to share news no one wants to hear. Her 18 month old daughter drowned in the bathtub. I literally was bawling my eyes out after reading the post and poor Ken was trying to calm me down enough to get me to say what had happened. I don't know this woman, or her family personally, but yet it hit me straight in the heart. Ariel woke up shortly after and I held her for a long time. No words, simply no words. I pray for them all, and thats all I can do.

The morning brought a new day and a trip to church. Ariel did much better today, in fact she sang along with the worship. Yayayayadadadadmamam. Amen. Too funny. She then fell asleep in her daddy's arm, however, not before she managed to spit up on Stella, Bob and numerous other poor souls who got near to her. Thanks Ariel. We had her sporting a ponytail and bow. (I grow tired of people saying what a cute little boy when we go out- at least at church people know who she is)

It was told today during the service, (and this is something I knew prior, but for some reason it makes it more real when said out loud in the service), that Gwen's cancer has returned for a 3 time. Pastor Dave said we never understand God's plan and why it can't be how we want things to be. That rings true so much with me, why why why. Its only later you see the path that moment in time created, but nevertheless, it still hurts. Keep them in your prayers please.

After church we stopped by the store for some taco making goodies for tonight. We are planning on watching the Grammy Awards (mostly for the Police reunion). Ken has been begging for tacos for awhile now, so I broke down and will be making them for his eating pleasure. I also made up bean dip, yum. If you are going all out, might as well do it right.

While in the line, Ariel was growing restless so I entertained her with the stuffed toys along the till. When I showed her the pretty pony she started laughing so hard. I started laughing and dropped it into her lap, and she grabbed it and wouldn't let go. IT BEGINS! I wanted to get her a V-day gift, so that worked out in the end. I told the checker to ring in the pony and she hugged it tight when I gave it back to her. She hasn't let it go since then. I guess girls love ponies. (Note to self, this is your daughter, so she will love stuffed toys just as much as you do, be warned not to let her see them in the store, or your home will be a giant pit of toys... or in our case, a bigger pit of toys.)

Well, thats all from us, I am going to get some stitching down while the house is quiet. Bye!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sleeper Queen or Spring Chicken

I promised an update on the night in sleepers, so here it is. We have success!!! Ariel has grown out of the 'I hate sleepers' phase. Some kids hate naps, others hate diaper changes, my daughter hated sleepers. What a nut! Anyways, she seemed quite pleased with herself, as you can see.

Yesterday, we didn't do much. A walk down to town, visited some shops, then home again. We did stop in to see Stella, where Ariel helped in the quilt shop, what a girl! I found some super cute chicken fabric to make some new place mats. I love chickens.

Ken got home really late last night, so Ariel and I were on our own for most of the evening. Nana had brought some roni over in exchange for me doing some writing on her world day of prayer flyers. Good trade me thinks. Hee. Yay dinner!

Today its been raining, and no fun to go out walking in (at least until I get the rain cover for the stroller). I got some sushi as a treat, and heard the funniest thing while there. A teenage boy got california rolls, and was attempting to remove the avocado from them because 'its gross'. Well, those of us who eat sushi will know that really doesn't leave much. Good grief.

During playtime, Ariel showed me that she has in fact mastered sitting up, unassisted! It was so cool to get to see her use her hands to play. She giggled and smiled as she rediscovered her toys. I had her in one of her uber cute baby gap onesie, love them! She wore herself out and when I put her in her bouncer (not thinking she was that sleepy) she surprised me by falling asleep in the oddest position. What a girl.This did give me time to work on her easter present. Pretty cute eh?

Well, I have some things to do, so I'll leave you with my Spring Chicken.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mid week ramblings....

I was nearly done my post when I hit the wrong key and poof, it was gone, argh. Today the big box o' goodies arrived. Inside was a valentines gift for Ariel and Ken's birthday present. Ariel is here modeling her new hat, made especially by Grammy Liz. Its too cute for words! She also got a really sweet V-day outfit of skirt, shirt and sweater. She will be styling for sure on the 14th, which of course is her big 6 month b-day. Yay. Ken got a cool iblaster (speakers your ipod plug into), some books to read Ariel and a killer rabbit puppet from the Spamalot show. Too cool!

Monday we celebrated Ken's birthday with a dinner made by me, with all items that he requested, including ribs, potatoes, mushroom caps, wine and cake for dessert. Yum. Ariel looks kinda cheated when she saw all she was getting was her cereal. Poor girl. We did introduce her to Mr Bacon, not sure what she thought of that either.

Tuesday brought our car home. Yay, and a lovely surprise of it being cheaper than originally thought when it turned out to be a different sensor that was not working. I like those surprises. I also was surprised to see someone working there that I use to go to school with. Nice to see him, and had to laugh because in the yearbook it said, most likely never to leave auto shop (or something along those lines) and needless to say, he is still there. Heh. He is happily married and loved Ariel's cow shirt. Very appropriate for our farming town.

Managed to get to Bible study with Ken for a change. Ariel had a late nap so she was very happy to entertain everyone. She had a good time with Hans and Anna's feet. Stella made a cake for Ken and we all sang. Twas really nice. I miss getting there, but Ariel isn't always in the best mood in the evening. Blah.

Today had us helping out at the comfort quilters. Stella was going up and invited us to tag along. So we finished up one of the preemie quilts, the one on the left. Ariel was happy to play and talk to everyone there. We came home at noon, and she had a good nap.

Tonight poor Ken didn't get home till 8pm, there must have been an accident. Practically 3 hours in traffic, not cool. We watched Idol and he assembled his iblaster. Then we tucked in Ariel for bed. She is wearing an actual sleeper tonight!!! Those who know our daughter well, know she refused to wear them for the longest time. She would kick until her feet were out and bend causing her to scream. On a whim (more so hoping since we have oodies of cute sleepers in the closet) we tired it again. So far, so good. No wild kicking. Will give the update how the night goes tomorrow, cross your fingers everyone.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl?

This is Ariel's idea of a super bowl, hehe. Yeah, so we aren't football people, but I may try and catch the half time show. I think they said its gonna be Prince.

We didn't get to church this morning. I had a sleepless night, not sure if it was a full moon or not, which could be the reason. I ended up watching one of my fav movies, Sneakers, in bed till I fell asleep again. Heck, Ariel slept better than I did. Sheesh.

Poor Ariel is having a fit this morning. Those dang teeth better show up soon. Poor girl is so sore, and its hard to watch. We have tried pretty much everything to help. Blah.

Last night Ann came by to pick up the disc with the final yearbook cover design I did for her. She is graduating from UBC's dentist program this spring, YAY. They apparently have been working on this book for the past 4 years. She asked if I'd help with a cover, so I got something together for them to their liking. It will be neat to see it printed. Takes me back to grade 12 yearbook class. That was 10 years ago, I still can't get over that. Ann also mentioned that she may move to Alberta for a few years. Seems to be the trend these days. She mentioned that Gwen is looking at Saskatchewan for doing her Masters. Wow. I must get her to find Corner Gas for me. Heheh.

Stupid car is back at the shop, thats all I want to say about that. I miss the days without a car, I really don't like them, I am a foot traffic girl all the way. They need to get those Star Trek transporters to become a reality. I do miss my car, but I don't miss the trouble he has been lately.

Ok, one thing has been bugging me for the past week ever since I saw the trailer on tv. Bridge to Terabithia, any of you remember reading this book in school? They are marketing this as some happy, fantasy movie, when its really a really tragic, sad story. I think they are doing this to get the kids in that loved Narnia, but they will be surprised when those scenes last maybe 10 minutes tops. Market it as the story it is, not what people would like it to be.

I got the hallway cleared of all the yard sale bags and moved them to the storage room. Dang we are getting rid of a lot of stuff. Feels good. Yay. Only a few areas left to go through. As for now, Ariel is sleeping.... huzzah.

EDIT: Trying something new, what does everyone think? Still a few bugs to work out... but thats typical with silly blogger!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Well, sort of... we have started crawling... well... backwards! From what I have been told, it won't be long till that becomes a forward action and my life will change BIG TIME! I have been making plans for the upcoming baby proofing, shall be a task for sure. Eep! Ariel is somewhat frustrated when she starts moving away from the toy she is after. She has even managed to go in a circle, which is really funny. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is really developing her personality these days. She is a ham like her parents, that much is for sure.

Even with the backwards crawling, lots has been happening around here, hence the lack of huge blog. I have several things to still catch up on, but don't we all? Today marked a day of new experiences. With Ariel pretty much sitting up (almost unassisted) I decided we try her sitting in the stroller, rather than in the seat attachment. She looked rather proud of herself. What a big girl! On the 14th my valentine turns 6 months! Wow!

We did some stops to the post office, grocery store and coffee with Nana. We even made a stop to the park. I got some cute pictures and video of her on the swing for the first time, which I posted below. She loved it, smiling so big when she was sailing. Whee! We also stopped to visit the town palm tree, its just so random... sitting there alone. Lol. I am sure it enjoyed company.

Yesterday, Stella, Ariel and I went out for some fun. Ariel got a cute spider toy from Aunty Stella for Valentines Day! What a lucky girl. She was a little disappointed once we took the tag off it though. Hehe. Typical right? Either way, its her new friend, and he has been going various places with her. They were pretty tired after the fun shopping.Ariel also started to wear more of her 6 months and up clothing. She is sporting her Trogdor shirt from Daddy in one of the pics below. Its pretty cute, but so is she! She also tried her lion king one on, which was a gift from some of the staff Ken works with. She loved it, can you tell?

We officially have new neighbours, and so far all I can tell is that they have REAL furniture - which is always a good sign. They were assembling stuff last night, and I saw the boxes by the trash this morning. I am hoping they are nice, and hope to meet them soon. I think its a young couple. They aren't very loud, also a plus, and they have a stain glass pineapple hanging in the window. Anyone who likes pineapples as decorative stuff is good in my books.

Ariel is now asleep, so I am going to get some lunch and put my feet up. I have been working on an Easter gift for her, so I have to hustle to get it done in time. Enjoy the video!

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