Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 Month Review

Six months, whoa. Ariel didn't seem phased by this day, but then she really doesn't know how significant and special this particular milestone is. Half a year old, and yet I sit here trying to wrap my own head around it. Mix in some valentine fun, and its a pretty cool day.

We started the morning out by having coffee at the local hangout. Ariel was wearing her valentines duds from Grammy. Very cute. Nana gave Ariel a cute doll, the ones were you can practice things like Velcro, snaps, zippers etc. I think she enjoyed the bag it was in far more at the time. Heh.

Afterwards, we headed off with Stella to help out the comfort quilters again. I made some bindings and helped knot a quilt. Ariel was pretty tired at that point and managed to get a quick nap in before waking up when it was time to go.

A lazy afternoon followed with naps and play. She was pretty grubby from the morning, so we had an mid day bath, with BUBBLES! Ariel was loving those. Hehe. My poor bathroom has become the splash zone. Got her changed into her monkey onesie, appropriate for the dinner later.

Daddy came home at dinner time and we introduced Ariel's first fruit! Banana. (I feel a Qwen Stefani song coming on, hehe). She didn't seem overly excited, and just ate it like her normal cereal. I think if she had her way, she be eatting a steak and potatoes.

After dinner and much clean up (sticky girl) we gave Ariel her first 6 months and up toy. Lol! She was pretty keen on it, especially since when she hits the rim it makes music. Ken showed her how to drop the blocks in and overall, it was a big hit. (See below). She even got to watch some of Ken's animation via flipping (I think Ken may post that video on his blog tonight.)

The morning has come with rain, and lots of it. Blah. The doctor's office just called, and Ariel's appointment has been moved to the 26th. Her doctor is sick, and there isn't space until that date. Ariel didn't seem overly disappointed about missing her shots. I don't blame her.

This new development does allow for us to go to the mommy and baby movie today, which is the Queen. I really wanted to see it, but if it continues to dump rain, I am not that eager to go and drag the princess out in it. Blah. We shall see. Right now the girl is back down for a nap, after an early get up to prepare for the trip to the doctors. Sooooo, I may enjoy this time alone and make myself a cup of tea.

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