Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Guess who is coming to dinner?

First off, it has been reported from my computer engineer of a brother that my blog looks good in internet explorer but 'sucks' (and yes that is a direct quote - he isn't blunt at all is he, lol) in firefox. Basically, there is something screwy in my code, so when or if I bother to fix it may never happen, so I suggest not using firefox to view my page. Poo.

Not much to report today. Basically my day revolved around cleaning the house and preparing for our dinner guests tonight. Poor Papa is sick, so it was only Nana and my cousin Kyle coming in the end. So Ariel helped me in the kitchen, or watched until she grew tired and bored. Still no teeth yet, and yet our days have been filled with lots of drool and chewing on anything for relief. Poor girl.

Dinner was good, the heart shaped cake was great, and there was cute photo moments. Awe!

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Sonny said...

hey hey, like the new look... I rarely get to actually any blogs anymore as I read everything in my news reader program. I'll agree with your bro... it's messed up in firefox and on safari on my mac. Just looks like the light pink colour that should be behind the words don't go all the way to the bottom, it stops just after Ariel's age counter. Other than that, looks great. Love the pic of you and Ariel. She's so cute and seems like a super happy baby.
Take care,

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