Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Part

Is being the mommy my only part? Sometimes I wonder that. Sure I have my freelance gig here and there, but sometimes I wish I had more to keep my skills sharp. I am trying to decide what is the best way to nurture that call. Is it developing my own business more? Maybe a part time job? Don't get me wrong, I love being at home with Ariel. But lately I feel like thats all people see of me. It hurts at times, because I know I can do so much more. Maybe I want to prove it? I don't know. Ken chalks it up to hormones, lol. I think he is right, but I still wonder none the less. Maybe I should really develop my ideas while I have this chance... maybe it will get me on Oprah one day. Hahah. I am sure either way, I will get some sort of lead from above, so time will tell.

Ariel has been getting into books these days, as you can see. She loves the mirror book her Grammy sent her. She has just figured out she can see her self in it. She will pull it close to her face to check it out. Pretty funny. She is also making crawling progress. She is now using her big toe to push herself forward. It tends to make her go in circles, but its still moving, so she is happy. Lots of babbling, and yet she is probably too smart for her own good. I try and play the mimic game with her, and she looks at me like, you think I am a baby or something? She rather chat back and forth like a grown up.

Food news, we are eating both bananas and butternut squash. Yay. Bananas were easy, the squash took a few feedings to grow on her. Now its gone in seconds. Yum. I think we will be moving on to carrot and apple later this week. I keep making my own food, and stocking up on the organic stuff when its on sale, just for backup. The jolly jumper continues to be a big hit and she is really jumping off the ground these days. Still no teeth, but lots of pain, ARGH. Bible study tonight, hoping princess is up to it, if not, bath and bed. Maybe we both need that.

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Dynamitedianne said...

I love that first pic... she looks so studious!

And as wonderful a thing as is it to be Ariel's mom... you are soooo much more than that too! It must be hard to feel it this first little while, while Ariel needs so much of your time, but the rest of you is lurking in there somewhere!

I wonder if this is similar to how I have felt at times, being "just s student", since that's what was demanding all of my time. But I have to say that your Ariel is much cuter than my text books :)

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