Friday, February 16, 2007

Fridays bring out the crazies!

So this morning I am taking Ariel to meet my dad for breakfast at the local ABC, only to be stopped in my tracks by a police lady. Turns out much of the street is swarming with cops, much like over Christmas time when our building was in lock down for an hour over some guy with a gun. (or so we were told, more so a lying girlfriend cheesed at her boyfriend) Anyhoo, had to take the LONG way around, so much for a short walk on an empty stomach. Ugh. I heard later that it was another gun situation. Some guy who lives above the bar and his shotgun. I would like to add it was only 8am, talk about getting an early start. A gal at the quilt shop said she heard he shot a cop earlier, but no proof of that yet... guess the local paper will tell this weekend.

Breakfast was nice, Ariel was a little out of sorts. I wish those dang teeth would show themselves SOON! She was going from happy to miserable within seconds. Waking up early for breaky didn't help either. She was pretty grouchy until she got her nap in the afternoon.

During her nap I had some work for the client, which went well until it was time to send it. All my files, except for 2, went perfectly via email. So I then had to burn a disc and drop it off in person. It wasn't terrible though, because I had to go to the store anyways. I love walking around the grocery store, its very relaxing.

Came home, and Ken arrived shortly afterwards. We had a lazy dinner of chili dogs (Ken's pick). I tuned in to the latest installment of Canada's Next Great Chef while Ken played with the princess. She got a loaner jolly jumper today from a friend at a church. Yes, its shaped like a duck. Here is a little video of her trying it out.


Sonny said...

wow... are in east van? no wait, that's me :P

SarahRachel said...

Sounds like an eventful morning! Wow, Ariel can really get some air in that thing! :)

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