Sunday, February 11, 2007

Joy and Heartache

I have some time to myself at the moment. Both Ken and Ariel are sleeping, awe. I have since moved her to her crib, in hopes she will sleep longer. I have been in reflection this morning as the past few hours have brought both happy and sad news.

Last night I checked Megan's blog and surprise, she had her baby! Another adorable son named Davin. Go check out his pictures, he is too cute for words. I must say if I had known castor oil worked that well, I may have bit the bullet and tried it. Hehe. Congrats you guys!

On a sad note, one of the moms on my online message board I belong to had to share news no one wants to hear. Her 18 month old daughter drowned in the bathtub. I literally was bawling my eyes out after reading the post and poor Ken was trying to calm me down enough to get me to say what had happened. I don't know this woman, or her family personally, but yet it hit me straight in the heart. Ariel woke up shortly after and I held her for a long time. No words, simply no words. I pray for them all, and thats all I can do.

The morning brought a new day and a trip to church. Ariel did much better today, in fact she sang along with the worship. Yayayayadadadadmamam. Amen. Too funny. She then fell asleep in her daddy's arm, however, not before she managed to spit up on Stella, Bob and numerous other poor souls who got near to her. Thanks Ariel. We had her sporting a ponytail and bow. (I grow tired of people saying what a cute little boy when we go out- at least at church people know who she is)

It was told today during the service, (and this is something I knew prior, but for some reason it makes it more real when said out loud in the service), that Gwen's cancer has returned for a 3 time. Pastor Dave said we never understand God's plan and why it can't be how we want things to be. That rings true so much with me, why why why. Its only later you see the path that moment in time created, but nevertheless, it still hurts. Keep them in your prayers please.

After church we stopped by the store for some taco making goodies for tonight. We are planning on watching the Grammy Awards (mostly for the Police reunion). Ken has been begging for tacos for awhile now, so I broke down and will be making them for his eating pleasure. I also made up bean dip, yum. If you are going all out, might as well do it right.

While in the line, Ariel was growing restless so I entertained her with the stuffed toys along the till. When I showed her the pretty pony she started laughing so hard. I started laughing and dropped it into her lap, and she grabbed it and wouldn't let go. IT BEGINS! I wanted to get her a V-day gift, so that worked out in the end. I told the checker to ring in the pony and she hugged it tight when I gave it back to her. She hasn't let it go since then. I guess girls love ponies. (Note to self, this is your daughter, so she will love stuffed toys just as much as you do, be warned not to let her see them in the store, or your home will be a giant pit of toys... or in our case, a bigger pit of toys.)

Well, thats all from us, I am going to get some stitching down while the house is quiet. Bye!


SarahRachel said...

That picture of Ariel and her Daddy napping together is priceless.
I, like you, started crying reading that post today about little Melody. While I was giving Jackson his bath tonight, my eyes kept welling up with tears. Life is just so precious. And we don't know God's plan even though it's the easiest to question when tragedy strikes. We just know that He's sovereign.
You know, I don't think Jack has ever taken to a toy or stuffed animal like that! That's such a cute story! She looks very happy with her unicorn. =)

allison said...

Yes, the story about Melody was so heartbreaking. It's tough to understand why these things have to happen.

My toddler is stuffed animal obsessed, BTW. Watch out, soon your house will look like mine!

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