Tuesday, February 27, 2007


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKEY! We all love ya, hope you have a good one!

Yes, we survived round three with the shots yesterday. Ariel was brave, up until the part when the needle was in her leg. She was uber red and in high pitch screaming mode. Eep. I'm glad she doesn't seem to blame me, and just gives the doctor the dirty looks. She got 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. While we were waiting the 15 minute reaction time, she was happy again and smiled at the doctor as if to say, your forgiven. What a girl.

Her stats are as follows, she is 17 pounds and 26.5 inches long. Looks as if she is hitting the stride that I read happens at about 6 months. They don't bulk up as fast. Looking back, she has indeed doubled her birth weight of 8lb 11oz, which is right on cue. Her milestones are being hit, and overall, it was a good checkup. She was pretty mellow the remainder of the day, and had a 3 hour nap which always helps. This time I gave her some pain medicine before we left, so that when she would need it, the stuff was already working. It really made a difference from last time, when she hit dinner time and screamed for a few hours. No screaming this time, in fact, she was a little cuddle monkey. Awe.

During the afternoon once she awoke from her nap, I sat her down to play while I did some work for the client. Ariel was happy and babbling away. When I looked down, I realized she had been having a great time with the folded laundry instead of her toys. Not surprised at all, haha.

Tonight we are going to Nana's for dinner, as Kyle and Uncle Bill are passing through. Kyle is off to Calgary, like so many people I know. He is even buying a truck to fit in with the local, lol. Safe trip, and see ya later tonight.

Busy week, hope to keep you posted, but if not, enjoy the pics!

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