Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here we go again.... snow?

Gosh I love her in the laundry basket, tee hee. I didn't want to put the stuff in it away because she was having such a great time. Sadly, its now gone as we were both lacking socks and underwear.

So at least it is just a dusting of snow. Nothing in our neck of the woods that would be considered a pain.... but we shall see. So its a new month, yikes! We are in the season of Lent and moving on to Easter. I really hope I get to see the church soon, I think we all do. The services in the high school are wearing thin on me. Bad echo, hard to see and very little room. Its still a blessing to have our service anywhere, but I am ready to go home. The construction was to be finish already, but these things happen. Frankly, I am amazed at how much they did get done in that time. When I drive by it sure doesn't look like the church I grew up in and was married in. Gone are the doors we stood by to have our receiving line. Gone is the door I walked through with my dad. Strange. In its place is a nursery, lol. I guess thats appropriate right?

So Stella, Ariel and I went off again to the quilters group. It was finishing day on many of the quilts. I sewed on 3 labels via blanket stitch and tied a quilt. Ariel was fantastic until after lunch when she needed her nap. At one point I was freaking out when I realized my glass cross I got from Ken's mom a few years ago, was missing. I was madly searching the floor and thank heavens I found it. At one point I thought maybe Ariel had swallowed it when I found the metal hoop that holds it by her toys. But I realized that she grabbed at it when I put her down, and it fell into shirt, which then fell behind the quilt pile when I went to drop off a finished one. So I was happy, and plan on getting a stronger hoop to hold it the necklace.

After the group, we stopped at Stella's so I could get a quick run through on making placemats with my uber cool chicken fabric. I got one done at her place and finished another at home. Just 2 more to make for my set of 4.

Today so far has been busy, in hopes of keeping the remainder slow. With Ariel in the buggy we went down to pick up some milk, eggs and cold cuts for daddy's lunch. Also got some vitamin d for Ariel, and some baby proofing stuff. Got all the outlet covers in place as Ariel watched on. I am sure her wheels were turning. I got some cabinet locks too, but our handles are too far apart.... maybe 2 together would work. Hmmm...

Princess is sleeping so I think I shall grab some lunch and maybe work on another placemat.

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