Sunday, March 11, 2007

The last quack

Sometimes I really mess up. Today, I did again. While trying to make my way to the kitchen to check on dinner, I stepped directly on to one of Ariel's baby Einstein blocks. Her favorite, the yellow duck one. The moment I did it, my heart sank. It was like I knew I just broke it. I tried to poke the happy duck, in hopes to hear it quack, but it was silent. Eep. I opened the block to see if I could fix it, but I couldn't see how or why it no longer worked. Except the fact I stepped on it. I guess that was enough. I feel pretty bad. I sewed it up and figured it was still a fun block. Thats when she tried to make it quack..... crap. If anyone ever has an unwanted baby Einstein block that does still quack, let me know. Until then, I believe the beginning of my daughter's therapy bill may have just started. 'I was so happy until the day my block stopped quacking...'

Other than the block trama, we had a good day. The church looks fantastic, still some work to do, but at least we were back. The new paint, carpet and chairs make it really look totally different. We have stepped out of the 80's. Afterwards, we rented a movie since it was such a nasty day. Cold rain, blah.

Time change so far not so bad, but ask me at the end of the week.

1 comment:

SarahRachel said...

Ha ha...gosh, I hope you don't traumatize her! Her poor block. ;)

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