Wednesday, March 14, 2007

7 Months... but who is counting?

Today the princess is 7 months. We didn't do anything terribly exciting, just a walk with Nana and some shopping. She wasn't really that pleased when I took her out into the cold air. I don't blame her, but I had to get the things for dinner on Saturday. Mike and Jo are joining us, so I want to make it nice, since we don't see them all that often.

Ariel started the day with her new thing of peeking for me through the bars of the crib. Its cute when its wake up time, not so cute when its time to sleep and she is screaming that I left her, and she can see me down the hall. Crap.

She was super happy this morning, we did our month photo shoot for the baby book. Once we got a good one, then it was downstairs to greet the toys. She played some follow the leader with Mr Bacon and tried out some new tunes on the piano. We left to meet Nana, did the shops, bank and grocery store.

Of course we had to be home for Daily show and Colbert. Hehe. But before that came on, we had a visit from Stella. She is doing a grad dress and this one needs beading, so that will be fun. Haven't done one since .... I guess Chelsea's. I don't think Kara had any on hers.... Either way, tis fun.

Ariel is asleep, yay, and so Ken and I will have some dinner together. Almost like a date. What are those? Until next time kids, I leave you with some Ariel.

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