Saturday, March 10, 2007

When Saturday isn't Saturday

Ariel lives for Jon Stewart. I don't know what it is about him, but she loves the show. I managed to snap this picture and Ken loves it. Now, on with the blog.

So Friday pretty much felt like it was Saturday to me. Not sure why, but it was enough to mess up my internal clock and routine. It all began with an early call at 730am from my dad, who at the time I thought was the mailman with a package or something. I was starting to shake my head at how early he was getting, but when it was an breakfast invite, one can't complain. Ariel and I made our way to meet him, no gun battles or cops this time. Just a sleepy town waking up. Ariel sat in a really dirty highchair, yuck. I really wonder if they bother to clean them. It wasn't even a standard restaurant one, but looked like one from someones home... an 80's home. It was old in terms of what it was, and wasn't the most attractive thing I wanted to place my child into. I don't mind using older things, but I like to see them clean. The original white straps were a lovely (or not so lovely) shade of orange-brown. Ick. Its called bleach people, please look into it. Thank you.

Dirty chair or not, breakfast was good and it was nice to see dad. Ariel still gives him the look over. She sure is protective of her smiles with those she isn't sure she knows. I guess this is her version of stranger anxiety. I hate classing family in the stranger category, so please don't take it the wrong way. She is like her mother, needs time to warm up to people. Also, if your tall, bend down to talk to her. Hint, hint Mikey. (Little scared of those tall people).

Rest of the day was low key, just some sewing, visiting and cleaning. Ariel has now discovered the glass door to the deck. It can be a good distraction for a good length of time if there is enough to see. She likes it when there are people walking about, or kids playing. She bangs on the window till she gets their attention. They make faces back at her, and she cracks up. However, what we save on toys will go into the Windex budget. Lol.

Today was really Saturday, also known as the day of evil. (We are losing an hour of sleep tonight- argh) Stupid time change. Should be interesting with Ariel, but its not like she has concept of time. Only her poor parents.

I have pretty much finished the chicken place mats. Just one left to hand sew the binding in place. Whee. Pictures soon. I am so country it hurts when it comes to our kitchen. Party of me wants to go modern, but I think its hard to take it out of your blood when you grew up with a very country kitchen as a child. I often wonder why that style stuck with me and other things in the house didn't... Either way, love my chickens.

Ken is home playing with the princess, who is finally getting better at the crawling thing. She kinda took a step back when she first did it. As if she forgot how to get her knees under her and together. For 2 weeks we have dealt with the whining and attitude that comes from a frustrated girl. Oh what a vision of things to come. Joy! She seemed to remember how things work today, and was scooting all over getting into everything. Its a combo of crawling, pulling herself and what looks like a walrus maneuver. Won't like be nice in the baby book.

I need to go feed her and bath for church tomorrow. We are finally back in the building and I am very excited! Whee.

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SarahRachel said...

Can I just say that I really enjoy your blogs?! You should write a book. I looove that Ariel likes Jon Stewart. That pic is classic. And I hear you on the dirty, old highchairs. We went to a restaraunt the other night (a nice Italian one) and they brought us this dirty, rickety, old, high chair that was BROKEN. Jackson would have slipped out of it. When we asked for a different one the waitress said she couldn't find another one. We left. Grr.

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