Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sales = Crazy moms

When do we leave for the mall mama? Oh the things I do for my princess.

Seriously, I never dreamed it be like that at Gymboree today. I have never gone on a gymbucks day, and frankly, even though I got AMAZING deals on FANTASTIC clothes, waiting over 20 minutes in a line with an arm full of clothes isn't my idea of fun. I am the get in and get out girl. I guess this sale world of kids clothing is much different. I am glad we went today though, because there would have been very little left by tomorrow.

After all was said and done, I got clothes that most likely cost over $200 in total (very over priced clothes), for $60 (what they should really cost). Nice! Everything, except 2 onesies, were for the fall. Some great church outfits and casual wear. I wish it was as easy getting me clothes as it is for her. Blah.

Check out the loot!

After the scary line ups, we headed home. The picture framers had called to say Ariel's pictures were almost ready. The gal wanted to double check the order of the prints since she wasn't the one I dealt with. This is my uber cool b-day present. I didn't really want anything, but then having my daughters gorgeous pictures framed in our hall seemed to make me cave. I have such wonderful things in my life, that its hard to ask for more these days. Sure I have dreams, but I am trying to learn to be patience and realize I have somethings that money just can't buy. I love you both Ken and Ariel.

Speaking of wonderful things in my life, I have wonderful friends. I got an email today from Trudy saying, that she has a duck block that Ariel can have!!! HUZZAH! This totally made my day, and I think will do the same for Ariel. Really people, she totally knows what mommy did to the poor duckie. So I have to give a huge shout out to Trudy, and her family for passing along their quacking block to Ariel. I will not be stepping on this one, TRUST ME! Even if I have to put up giant road cones to direct living room traffic. Boy, can you tell its almost friday and I was up at 3am unable to sleep... Jay is going bananas.... B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Ariel can sleep, why not mommy. Blah.

In unrelated news, I hung the cross stitch bird banner I made. The one I finally finished... let me rephrase that. The one that hung in my sewing closet until I sat down to actually quilt it (which took only an hour). Now my door is happy.

Pastor Dave came over last night to help Ken plan out his sunday school stuff. He is leading a Faith and films group in the adult class. The first half of the meeting consisted of him trying to get Ariel to smile. Lol. You gotta work for those smiles these days. After 20 minutes she caved and became a goofball. Overall, the meeting went well and Dave enjoyed my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, even asking for the recipe. Note to self, email the recipe.

One other thing, that I think I failed to mention, was that there is going to be a seating area / garden at the church that is going to be in memory of my mom. We are slowly approaching that time again, perhaps this is the cause my my resent mood swings, lack of sleep and general weirdness. Those who don't know, my mom died on April 1st, 2000. Its been 7 years and the donation money has been sitting in an account waiting to be used. With the new addition, this seemed like the right time. I was approached and I approve of this gesture. Nana gave me the honor of making the decision, and I look forward to taking Ariel to sit there once its done. There will be a ceremony of sorts since we are away for the big open house, so I hope to post pics when its done.

I think my brain is empty now and I hear a little voice talking down the hall, better go. Bye.

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Dynamitedianne said...

I love the crab & octo onesies... too cute :)

And a garden sounds like a beautiful tribute to your mom. It will a special, tranquil reminder to everyone.

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