Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can't cage me

Thats Ariel's thoughts on the new gate. Haha.

So Ken left early this morning for Calgary. He arrived safe and sound. We even got a chance to chat online while the princess slept. Its a short trip, but we still miss him lots. Especially, Ariel. She has been dadadadada all afternoon. I think she isn't sure why he isn't home yet. Needless to say, the result is her being a bit clingy. Right now she is happily bouncing.

This morning I had coffee with Nana and a nice walk. Saw several friends out and about, including Gwen, Cindy and her kids, Ed, Jen and Emily. I couldn't believe how tall Emily is getting. No little baby girl that I use to babysit, thats for sure. She padded Ariel on the head, it was really cute.

On the way home, got to pick up my birthday present, the framed pictures of Ariel. So gorgeous, and I hung it up the moment I got home. Sure looks lovely in the hallway. We had an early dinner. Ariel tried some peas, not sure what she thought of them, but she soon forgot when the apple came out for dessert. Hehe. She is looking pretty green still, especially in her hair, so I think we are gonna have a bath.

Been invited to Stella's for dinner tomorrow, so that will be fun. Otherwise, I guess things will be a mellow until daddy gets home. We miss you daddy! Hope you have a fun trip!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture, not happy with that gate.


SarahRachel said...

That pic of her with the gate is hilarious! Your birthday present pictures are stunning! I might copy you on that.

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