Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A real post

I guess I owe everyone one of these. Hehe. So it has been a pretty crazy few days. Ariel and I have been out and about every morning this week. Today was no exception. Stella and I went to the comfort quilters for a short bit today before going off to Richmond. Yes, it was trip to the fabric store day! Yay.

We stopped for lunch at the mall. I had really good sushi, yum. Ariel slept during this portion of the journey, so it was nice to have a relaxing lunch with a good friend. I found the long searched for Baby on Board sign for our car. You'd think they be easier to find.

Fabric store was fun. Ariel insisted on riding in her buggy, her OWN way. One of those you had to be there moments. I got the needed cording and ribbon for the easter project and a cute panel to make a color book for Ariel.

Ariel fell asleep on the way home and slept for another good hour once home, giving me time needed to do some work for the client. Whee. Once that was done, Ariel was up, ate a big meal and played while I worked on finishing the egg. Turned out sooooooooo cute! The front is all stitched with little pearl beads, the back is quilted flannel fabric I had kicking around (since I couldn't decide on one, I used all).

Ken got home, and we had leftovers and Ariel made a fine mess of herself. As you can see above. I got to bath her while daddy had a planning meeting for adult sunday school. They are doing a faith and films unit. Thats totally his thing, so he is excited.

Now its top model time, Ariel's first cycle. Yay.


Katrina said...

Mmm, is that some of your homemade food Ariel's enjoying? I want to do that too (eventually). Maybe I'll come to you for tips.

Jay said...

Yeppers, homemade butternut squash. I got a great book on the subject, lots of fun. Its really not as much work as people think. Just need to be organized. A lot cheaper too!

When the time comes, I shall share my wisdom. :)

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