Thursday, March 22, 2007


Daddy is on route, and should be stepping through the door within an hour. Yay! We are excited to have him home. Ariel is napping so she can be FULL of energy to crawl to daddy. Yes, if she knows you and she is excited to see you, expect her to crawl to your feet. Its so sweet, but I have had to watch my step more since she is practicing her ninja skills and tends to sneak up on me.

I went to pick up the new travel stroller at the post office today, since I missed the good ol' mailman yesterday. After a fairly easy setup (I still don't get why I had to put on the wheels) Ariel tried it out. Its strange since this one makes her look so small. She and pony got a quick ride in the living room before I folded it back up. Its so nice and light, and will be great when we do the visits to Michigan, or go on the bus. Ariel liked the texture of the fabric. Hee.

Also, today marked the beginning of the new sleeping position of the princess. When I put her down (she is still awake) and leave, she tends to cry, but since she is really tired, she falls asleep within 5 minutes of me leaving her. With the new trick of standing, it has added to this routine, since she stands and cries. Last few nights I have had to go back and lay her down several times. Today at both naps, she managed to fall asleep without me returning to lay her back down, but rather sleeping as if she was standing and slid down. What a silly monkey. Good thing she is a heavy sleeper, so when I put her in a better position, she doesn't wake up.

Apprently, yesterday was the offical first day of spring.... if several days of non-stop rain is the indicator of that, then it really is here. Blah.

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SarahRachel said...

Wow, Ariel is becoming a MOVER! That sounds so cute about her crawling up to ya'lls feet! But being a sneaky ninja like that could make walking complicated for you!

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