Sunday, March 18, 2007

Up, up and away!

This weekend was filled with new Ariel tricks. The main one being, someone can stand up in her crib. She also can pull herself up on to things. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow. (Lowering the mattress in case you didn't figure it out, hee). I wish there was an easier way of doing that, like the play yard, but its not the case. Blah.

So we had Mike and Jo over for dinner last night. I made up some cornish game hens, yummy. Ariel didn't cry this time at Mikey, YAY! In fact, she was quite in love with his 'fart' game he brought with him. Yeah, its pretty much like it sounds. We also asked them officially if they would be Ariel's guardians if something were to happen to us. They accepted, so we were very happy. Jo, aka the tax goddess, was helping us prepare our stuff this year. I think this is the first year in a long time were things are not so straight forward, so its rather nice to have someone with so much knowledge on the subject.

Today was church, and Ariel was dressed for Spring (which is coming this week I believe?). She looked just like a little daffodil. She is harder to take pictures of these days since she started crawling. I did get some ones later, but they are still on camera, and frankly, I am too lazy to get it at the moment. Yeah, thats right, I am lazy. I could fall asleep right now but then I be awake all night.

After church we made a trip to the mall for much needed jeans for Ken. He is leaving on tuesday, so it was important to get them before he left. We also purchased a gate for the top of the stairs. Had some good chinese food for lunch while Ariel slept. We saw a brand new baby, and were in awe that Ariel was as small as she was at one time. Yikes.

Also made a quick stop at the craft store before Ariel decided she had enough and wanted to go home. I needed some stuff for the grad dress I am beading. Now I can start tonight. Whee. Trying to get all my projects tied up before the trip, since they really are all due while we are gone. I even got a change to work on our easter cards yesterday. Looking pretty dang cute. Hee.

Oh, to end off this entry, gotta tell you the sight I saw coming in to town this afternoon. Along the river, there were over 10 eagles, yes over 10 that I could count. Several in the trees, some flying. It was the most amazing sight, and I wasn't the only one to see it, there were people stopping on the road and watching them. Of course this was the one time I didn't have my camera with me, rats.

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