Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sometimes you go up, sometimes down...

So yesterday was filled with ups and downs. Kinda felt like one of those rides at the park. The ones I shouldn't be on cuz I get sick easily. But life has yet to make me really sick.... ok maybe pregnancy, but other than that I can manage what comes thanks to my faith, family and friends. The deadly 'F' triple threat. Hahah

The morning started well with it being a fantastic day. The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. There was still a wind blowing but not that bad. Ariel slept till 930ish, with was awesome. It gave me a chance to finish up the sign stuff. I have everything burnt to a disc and have sent the image to the powers that be to make sure everyone likes it. So far so good, which is great because I really don't have time to do another one. Heh.

So here is the final product, me likes. Which doesn't happen all the time, since I am soooo picky. I could have done more to the tree, but I had to finish, so I must live with it. Blah. I just want to take one of the sheep and snuggle it. Hee. Cozy sheep. Kinda looks likes a nice place to hang out, which in hopes reflects our new nursery area.

Jo the tax goddess finished our taxes, and even though things didn't work out the way we hoped, it wasn't the nightmare I was dreading. Ken's book money wasn't enough to be taxed in the states, so the Canadian side took a good wack at it. It pretty much evens out with the RRSP contributions, donations etc, so no huge pay out to the government (which I kept dreaming would happen) and no return. Good to know, especially since Ken hopes to write another book. Does make me frustrated to think we are really a single income family with a child, and how much tax we have to pay. When I see how much is taken from Ken's paycheck, its shocking. We should go back to the whole trading sheep and goats.

Lunch was so much fun. Stella gave Nana and I each a bundle of flowers and a lovely card. We have awesome pizza. I must say pizza hut is the best ever. Rose said its that cup of oil they put in the pan at the start. LOL. Yeah, not the healthiest lunch, but still yummy. Ariel slept through the first half, then awoke and was a real doll. She loves people. Such a social butterfly.

Actually, the real excitement happened on the drive there. I picked up Nana and stopped for gas. The gal who filled the tank came to give me my recite and was gushing, 'you have strong bad on your car! You are soooo awesome.' That made me laugh and smile, glad to meet another fan. I then had to explain who that was to Nana.

While driving in the car, Ariel is always pretty quiet. Only upset if she is wet or hungry, but even then doesn't get too nuts since she likes the motion of the car. When we drove into the tunnel, she started crying. Nana was upset since she doesn't tend to do that, and thought something was wrong. I was ready to pull over when she stopped once we were out of the tunnel. Her not making noise was far worse to the Great Grandma and again I had to find a spot to pull over. When I checked her , she was asleep, and opened her eyes to tell me to leave her alone. So on the way back, as we entered the tunnel, again she screamed. THATS IT. She either is afraid of the dark, shadows or something in there. Poor baby. Ken said he was afraid of shadows as a kid, so maybe she is too? So that was a new thing for sure.

After dinner, Nana came to sit with the princess until Ken got home so I could get my hair done. I had a new gal, who was wonderful. She showed me how to make my natural wave become uber curly if I wanted a change from the straight. Wow. I really liked how easy it was. In fact I plan on selling my hot rollers, because I could never get this much curl with them anyways.

It was strange sitting, reading magazines and not having a baby hanging off me. Took awhile to get use to. It was relaxing, and I am very grateful. Ariel was fascinated with my curls when I came home. Ouch. She also gave Nana one of her old, change me and I pee with no diaper on tricks. Then once the new diaper is on, she poops. What a girl. She hasn't done that in awhile, but I guess its funny to her.

Stella is coming to dinner and the house is messy. Better go. Bye!


Dynamitedianne said...

love the curls, Janet! I wish my hair would do something like that every now and then... instead of the usual blah-straight style it loves.

That first pic of Ariel reminds me of those quilts, with the same little girl in each square with a different colour dress and bonnet... soooo cute. You know the ones I mean?

Jay said...

yeah, wasn't that holly hobbit or something like that?

Kim said...

Those curls look awesome! Oh, and I love the Church sign too . . . it looks very welcoming for the little ones (and their parents)! I continue to be impressed with creativity and your artistry :-)

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