Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aunty Kara is home!!!

There is lots going on, and frankly, I haven't had time to sit down and blog. So for now, just some pictures to tide you all over until I can get my thoughts out. Whee.

Oh, and Ariel discovered the window tastes good.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sometimes you go up, sometimes down...

So yesterday was filled with ups and downs. Kinda felt like one of those rides at the park. The ones I shouldn't be on cuz I get sick easily. But life has yet to make me really sick.... ok maybe pregnancy, but other than that I can manage what comes thanks to my faith, family and friends. The deadly 'F' triple threat. Hahah

The morning started well with it being a fantastic day. The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. There was still a wind blowing but not that bad. Ariel slept till 930ish, with was awesome. It gave me a chance to finish up the sign stuff. I have everything burnt to a disc and have sent the image to the powers that be to make sure everyone likes it. So far so good, which is great because I really don't have time to do another one. Heh.

So here is the final product, me likes. Which doesn't happen all the time, since I am soooo picky. I could have done more to the tree, but I had to finish, so I must live with it. Blah. I just want to take one of the sheep and snuggle it. Hee. Cozy sheep. Kinda looks likes a nice place to hang out, which in hopes reflects our new nursery area.

Jo the tax goddess finished our taxes, and even though things didn't work out the way we hoped, it wasn't the nightmare I was dreading. Ken's book money wasn't enough to be taxed in the states, so the Canadian side took a good wack at it. It pretty much evens out with the RRSP contributions, donations etc, so no huge pay out to the government (which I kept dreaming would happen) and no return. Good to know, especially since Ken hopes to write another book. Does make me frustrated to think we are really a single income family with a child, and how much tax we have to pay. When I see how much is taken from Ken's paycheck, its shocking. We should go back to the whole trading sheep and goats.

Lunch was so much fun. Stella gave Nana and I each a bundle of flowers and a lovely card. We have awesome pizza. I must say pizza hut is the best ever. Rose said its that cup of oil they put in the pan at the start. LOL. Yeah, not the healthiest lunch, but still yummy. Ariel slept through the first half, then awoke and was a real doll. She loves people. Such a social butterfly.

Actually, the real excitement happened on the drive there. I picked up Nana and stopped for gas. The gal who filled the tank came to give me my recite and was gushing, 'you have strong bad on your car! You are soooo awesome.' That made me laugh and smile, glad to meet another fan. I then had to explain who that was to Nana.

While driving in the car, Ariel is always pretty quiet. Only upset if she is wet or hungry, but even then doesn't get too nuts since she likes the motion of the car. When we drove into the tunnel, she started crying. Nana was upset since she doesn't tend to do that, and thought something was wrong. I was ready to pull over when she stopped once we were out of the tunnel. Her not making noise was far worse to the Great Grandma and again I had to find a spot to pull over. When I checked her , she was asleep, and opened her eyes to tell me to leave her alone. So on the way back, as we entered the tunnel, again she screamed. THATS IT. She either is afraid of the dark, shadows or something in there. Poor baby. Ken said he was afraid of shadows as a kid, so maybe she is too? So that was a new thing for sure.

After dinner, Nana came to sit with the princess until Ken got home so I could get my hair done. I had a new gal, who was wonderful. She showed me how to make my natural wave become uber curly if I wanted a change from the straight. Wow. I really liked how easy it was. In fact I plan on selling my hot rollers, because I could never get this much curl with them anyways.

It was strange sitting, reading magazines and not having a baby hanging off me. Took awhile to get use to. It was relaxing, and I am very grateful. Ariel was fascinated with my curls when I came home. Ouch. She also gave Nana one of her old, change me and I pee with no diaper on tricks. Then once the new diaper is on, she poops. What a girl. She hasn't done that in awhile, but I guess its funny to her.

Stella is coming to dinner and the house is messy. Better go. Bye!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Under my rock!

Yes, I have been hiding for several days. Not that I didn't want to be here, but life kinda has been a blur the past few days. With weekend family gatherings and endless projects before we are to leave on our trip, I don't get much time on the computer. I tell Ken to wake me up when he leaves so I can get some time to myself before Ariel arises, but I tend to stay in my warm bed instead. I have been told by various people that need an 'Ariel fix', I need to get back on the ball. So here we go.

The weekend brought church and the joint birthday dinner for me and Dad at Nana's. Stella and Jack, as well as Deb and Blair were there as well. Making it one tight fit around the old table, but there is something about big groups that is fun, no matter if the elbow room is lacking.

The church continues to change each week as things get finished. Ariel discovered that she can crawl through the chairs and decided to join the next row. Stella tapped Phylis on the shoulder to give them a heads up as the baby made her way. Whatever entertains her at this point is fine by me. I do think it was more entertaining for those around us, laughing quietly during the service at her antics.

During the afternoon, it was just amazing outside. After a few straight days of rain, we had an awesome sunny day. It was Ariel's first time on the deck, and she was eager to show off her standing ability (while holding the railing of course). She laughed and both mommy and daddy had the camera and video camera going to capture it. She couldn't decide which camera to look at for her close up. A little star in the making.

Monday, we went to go help at the church with setting up the library. Ariel got to play in the boxes, and was getting attention from anyone who looked her way. Allen took her on a tour of the church when she got fussy. We got a free lunch for helping, whee! I think the big treat was seeing the place come together. It was amazing! I can't wait to hang out in there.

While there, I got asked to create a mural for the wall outside the nursery and toddler rooms. I was already planning on one for the inside of the room, so in a way this could be a practice one of sorts. I have an idea for the one inside the room incorporating a verse. But I have more time to finish that one. They want this sign ready for the open house, so I just need to burn a disc tonight to drop off. They are printing it on this material that can be pealed off later down the road if they want something fresh, very cool!

Today, was a catch up day. We got a walk out in the sun. Ariel in her cool shades, which caused a commotion wherever we went. 'Look at the baby in sunglasses!' Later I worked on the painting and finished it. I need to get some of the last photos scanned for the video and I have a 'super squirrel' I need to paint up in photoshop. Ack. I also got a hair appointment for tomorrow night. See what they can do to my poor mop.

Tomorrow is our memorial lunch for my mom. This sunday marks 7 years since she has been gone. Hard to believe its been that long. Stella, Irene, Rose, another Irene, Nana, Ariel and I are all going out together. Its very special. As I look at Ariel, I realize I have so much to share about her Grandmother she will never know. Makes me thankful that she has her other Grammy (Ken's mom) in her life. Grandmothers are very special, I know that first hand. :)

The rest of the week is filling up, as is next week... then we are gotta here. Crazy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Daddy is on route, and should be stepping through the door within an hour. Yay! We are excited to have him home. Ariel is napping so she can be FULL of energy to crawl to daddy. Yes, if she knows you and she is excited to see you, expect her to crawl to your feet. Its so sweet, but I have had to watch my step more since she is practicing her ninja skills and tends to sneak up on me.

I went to pick up the new travel stroller at the post office today, since I missed the good ol' mailman yesterday. After a fairly easy setup (I still don't get why I had to put on the wheels) Ariel tried it out. Its strange since this one makes her look so small. She and pony got a quick ride in the living room before I folded it back up. Its so nice and light, and will be great when we do the visits to Michigan, or go on the bus. Ariel liked the texture of the fabric. Hee.

Also, today marked the beginning of the new sleeping position of the princess. When I put her down (she is still awake) and leave, she tends to cry, but since she is really tired, she falls asleep within 5 minutes of me leaving her. With the new trick of standing, it has added to this routine, since she stands and cries. Last few nights I have had to go back and lay her down several times. Today at both naps, she managed to fall asleep without me returning to lay her back down, but rather sleeping as if she was standing and slid down. What a silly monkey. Good thing she is a heavy sleeper, so when I put her in a better position, she doesn't wake up.

Apprently, yesterday was the offical first day of spring.... if several days of non-stop rain is the indicator of that, then it really is here. Blah.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yes, one more sleep then dadada is home. We are both excited, and frankly, I can use the help. I never realized how much I need that hour or 2, to myself in the evening to give me a boost in energy. Last night I was asleep before I hit the pillow. Ariel continued her routine of clinging to everyone in hopes they would stay. She got to hear Daddy on the phone, and she was all smiles and wasn't about to give that phone back.

We went and visited Nana and Papa this morning. Ariel got to try out the new toys at their place. She liked the one that sounded like a frog. Kermit perhaps? Came home, had a bath (lunch was messy today). We both hung out in our housecoats, lol. Pretty funny. Then off to Stella's for dinner. Yum. Ariel fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I am letting her sleep in her seat until she wakes up. Which should be in an hour, so I am going to make the best of it and finish the beading on the dress. I got one sleeve done, and took it to Stella's to see how it looked on the dress. Fabulous!

Sorry for so few pics, I keep forgetting to pick up new batteries. Rechargeable ones only last so long, and I have used every last one in our place. Will get some tomorrow and then will over load this blog again. Brew ha ha.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can't cage me

Thats Ariel's thoughts on the new gate. Haha.

So Ken left early this morning for Calgary. He arrived safe and sound. We even got a chance to chat online while the princess slept. Its a short trip, but we still miss him lots. Especially, Ariel. She has been dadadadada all afternoon. I think she isn't sure why he isn't home yet. Needless to say, the result is her being a bit clingy. Right now she is happily bouncing.

This morning I had coffee with Nana and a nice walk. Saw several friends out and about, including Gwen, Cindy and her kids, Ed, Jen and Emily. I couldn't believe how tall Emily is getting. No little baby girl that I use to babysit, thats for sure. She padded Ariel on the head, it was really cute.

On the way home, got to pick up my birthday present, the framed pictures of Ariel. So gorgeous, and I hung it up the moment I got home. Sure looks lovely in the hallway. We had an early dinner. Ariel tried some peas, not sure what she thought of them, but she soon forgot when the apple came out for dessert. Hehe. She is looking pretty green still, especially in her hair, so I think we are gonna have a bath.

Been invited to Stella's for dinner tomorrow, so that will be fun. Otherwise, I guess things will be a mellow until daddy gets home. We miss you daddy! Hope you have a fun trip!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Up, up and away!

This weekend was filled with new Ariel tricks. The main one being, someone can stand up in her crib. She also can pull herself up on to things. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow. (Lowering the mattress in case you didn't figure it out, hee). I wish there was an easier way of doing that, like the play yard, but its not the case. Blah.

So we had Mike and Jo over for dinner last night. I made up some cornish game hens, yummy. Ariel didn't cry this time at Mikey, YAY! In fact, she was quite in love with his 'fart' game he brought with him. Yeah, its pretty much like it sounds. We also asked them officially if they would be Ariel's guardians if something were to happen to us. They accepted, so we were very happy. Jo, aka the tax goddess, was helping us prepare our stuff this year. I think this is the first year in a long time were things are not so straight forward, so its rather nice to have someone with so much knowledge on the subject.

Today was church, and Ariel was dressed for Spring (which is coming this week I believe?). She looked just like a little daffodil. She is harder to take pictures of these days since she started crawling. I did get some ones later, but they are still on camera, and frankly, I am too lazy to get it at the moment. Yeah, thats right, I am lazy. I could fall asleep right now but then I be awake all night.

After church we made a trip to the mall for much needed jeans for Ken. He is leaving on tuesday, so it was important to get them before he left. We also purchased a gate for the top of the stairs. Had some good chinese food for lunch while Ariel slept. We saw a brand new baby, and were in awe that Ariel was as small as she was at one time. Yikes.

Also made a quick stop at the craft store before Ariel decided she had enough and wanted to go home. I needed some stuff for the grad dress I am beading. Now I can start tonight. Whee. Trying to get all my projects tied up before the trip, since they really are all due while we are gone. I even got a change to work on our easter cards yesterday. Looking pretty dang cute. Hee.

Oh, to end off this entry, gotta tell you the sight I saw coming in to town this afternoon. Along the river, there were over 10 eagles, yes over 10 that I could count. Several in the trees, some flying. It was the most amazing sight, and I wasn't the only one to see it, there were people stopping on the road and watching them. Of course this was the one time I didn't have my camera with me, rats.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sales = Crazy moms

When do we leave for the mall mama? Oh the things I do for my princess.

Seriously, I never dreamed it be like that at Gymboree today. I have never gone on a gymbucks day, and frankly, even though I got AMAZING deals on FANTASTIC clothes, waiting over 20 minutes in a line with an arm full of clothes isn't my idea of fun. I am the get in and get out girl. I guess this sale world of kids clothing is much different. I am glad we went today though, because there would have been very little left by tomorrow.

After all was said and done, I got clothes that most likely cost over $200 in total (very over priced clothes), for $60 (what they should really cost). Nice! Everything, except 2 onesies, were for the fall. Some great church outfits and casual wear. I wish it was as easy getting me clothes as it is for her. Blah.

Check out the loot!

After the scary line ups, we headed home. The picture framers had called to say Ariel's pictures were almost ready. The gal wanted to double check the order of the prints since she wasn't the one I dealt with. This is my uber cool b-day present. I didn't really want anything, but then having my daughters gorgeous pictures framed in our hall seemed to make me cave. I have such wonderful things in my life, that its hard to ask for more these days. Sure I have dreams, but I am trying to learn to be patience and realize I have somethings that money just can't buy. I love you both Ken and Ariel.

Speaking of wonderful things in my life, I have wonderful friends. I got an email today from Trudy saying, that she has a duck block that Ariel can have!!! HUZZAH! This totally made my day, and I think will do the same for Ariel. Really people, she totally knows what mommy did to the poor duckie. So I have to give a huge shout out to Trudy, and her family for passing along their quacking block to Ariel. I will not be stepping on this one, TRUST ME! Even if I have to put up giant road cones to direct living room traffic. Boy, can you tell its almost friday and I was up at 3am unable to sleep... Jay is going bananas.... B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Ariel can sleep, why not mommy. Blah.

In unrelated news, I hung the cross stitch bird banner I made. The one I finally finished... let me rephrase that. The one that hung in my sewing closet until I sat down to actually quilt it (which took only an hour). Now my door is happy.

Pastor Dave came over last night to help Ken plan out his sunday school stuff. He is leading a Faith and films group in the adult class. The first half of the meeting consisted of him trying to get Ariel to smile. Lol. You gotta work for those smiles these days. After 20 minutes she caved and became a goofball. Overall, the meeting went well and Dave enjoyed my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, even asking for the recipe. Note to self, email the recipe.

One other thing, that I think I failed to mention, was that there is going to be a seating area / garden at the church that is going to be in memory of my mom. We are slowly approaching that time again, perhaps this is the cause my my resent mood swings, lack of sleep and general weirdness. Those who don't know, my mom died on April 1st, 2000. Its been 7 years and the donation money has been sitting in an account waiting to be used. With the new addition, this seemed like the right time. I was approached and I approve of this gesture. Nana gave me the honor of making the decision, and I look forward to taking Ariel to sit there once its done. There will be a ceremony of sorts since we are away for the big open house, so I hope to post pics when its done.

I think my brain is empty now and I hear a little voice talking down the hall, better go. Bye.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

7 Months... but who is counting?

Today the princess is 7 months. We didn't do anything terribly exciting, just a walk with Nana and some shopping. She wasn't really that pleased when I took her out into the cold air. I don't blame her, but I had to get the things for dinner on Saturday. Mike and Jo are joining us, so I want to make it nice, since we don't see them all that often.

Ariel started the day with her new thing of peeking for me through the bars of the crib. Its cute when its wake up time, not so cute when its time to sleep and she is screaming that I left her, and she can see me down the hall. Crap.

She was super happy this morning, we did our month photo shoot for the baby book. Once we got a good one, then it was downstairs to greet the toys. She played some follow the leader with Mr Bacon and tried out some new tunes on the piano. We left to meet Nana, did the shops, bank and grocery store.

Of course we had to be home for Daily show and Colbert. Hehe. But before that came on, we had a visit from Stella. She is doing a grad dress and this one needs beading, so that will be fun. Haven't done one since .... I guess Chelsea's. I don't think Kara had any on hers.... Either way, tis fun.

Ariel is asleep, yay, and so Ken and I will have some dinner together. Almost like a date. What are those? Until next time kids, I leave you with some Ariel.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Video Evidence

I managed to capture the princess in motion today. Actually, its like someone lit a fire under her. She has been go, go, go, all day. I guess its going to get really interesting now, eh? I set up Mr Bacon, and it looks like chasing him proves to be very exciting to her. Watch and see for yourself.

Ariel is still sleeping, so I am going to enjoy this time, as its gone too fast.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The last quack

Sometimes I really mess up. Today, I did again. While trying to make my way to the kitchen to check on dinner, I stepped directly on to one of Ariel's baby Einstein blocks. Her favorite, the yellow duck one. The moment I did it, my heart sank. It was like I knew I just broke it. I tried to poke the happy duck, in hopes to hear it quack, but it was silent. Eep. I opened the block to see if I could fix it, but I couldn't see how or why it no longer worked. Except the fact I stepped on it. I guess that was enough. I feel pretty bad. I sewed it up and figured it was still a fun block. Thats when she tried to make it quack..... crap. If anyone ever has an unwanted baby Einstein block that does still quack, let me know. Until then, I believe the beginning of my daughter's therapy bill may have just started. 'I was so happy until the day my block stopped quacking...'

Other than the block trama, we had a good day. The church looks fantastic, still some work to do, but at least we were back. The new paint, carpet and chairs make it really look totally different. We have stepped out of the 80's. Afterwards, we rented a movie since it was such a nasty day. Cold rain, blah.

Time change so far not so bad, but ask me at the end of the week.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

When Saturday isn't Saturday

Ariel lives for Jon Stewart. I don't know what it is about him, but she loves the show. I managed to snap this picture and Ken loves it. Now, on with the blog.

So Friday pretty much felt like it was Saturday to me. Not sure why, but it was enough to mess up my internal clock and routine. It all began with an early call at 730am from my dad, who at the time I thought was the mailman with a package or something. I was starting to shake my head at how early he was getting, but when it was an breakfast invite, one can't complain. Ariel and I made our way to meet him, no gun battles or cops this time. Just a sleepy town waking up. Ariel sat in a really dirty highchair, yuck. I really wonder if they bother to clean them. It wasn't even a standard restaurant one, but looked like one from someones home... an 80's home. It was old in terms of what it was, and wasn't the most attractive thing I wanted to place my child into. I don't mind using older things, but I like to see them clean. The original white straps were a lovely (or not so lovely) shade of orange-brown. Ick. Its called bleach people, please look into it. Thank you.

Dirty chair or not, breakfast was good and it was nice to see dad. Ariel still gives him the look over. She sure is protective of her smiles with those she isn't sure she knows. I guess this is her version of stranger anxiety. I hate classing family in the stranger category, so please don't take it the wrong way. She is like her mother, needs time to warm up to people. Also, if your tall, bend down to talk to her. Hint, hint Mikey. (Little scared of those tall people).

Rest of the day was low key, just some sewing, visiting and cleaning. Ariel has now discovered the glass door to the deck. It can be a good distraction for a good length of time if there is enough to see. She likes it when there are people walking about, or kids playing. She bangs on the window till she gets their attention. They make faces back at her, and she cracks up. However, what we save on toys will go into the Windex budget. Lol.

Today was really Saturday, also known as the day of evil. (We are losing an hour of sleep tonight- argh) Stupid time change. Should be interesting with Ariel, but its not like she has concept of time. Only her poor parents.

I have pretty much finished the chicken place mats. Just one left to hand sew the binding in place. Whee. Pictures soon. I am so country it hurts when it comes to our kitchen. Party of me wants to go modern, but I think its hard to take it out of your blood when you grew up with a very country kitchen as a child. I often wonder why that style stuck with me and other things in the house didn't... Either way, love my chickens.

Ken is home playing with the princess, who is finally getting better at the crawling thing. She kinda took a step back when she first did it. As if she forgot how to get her knees under her and together. For 2 weeks we have dealt with the whining and attitude that comes from a frustrated girl. Oh what a vision of things to come. Joy! She seemed to remember how things work today, and was scooting all over getting into everything. Its a combo of crawling, pulling herself and what looks like a walrus maneuver. Won't like be nice in the baby book.

I need to go feed her and bath for church tomorrow. We are finally back in the building and I am very excited! Whee.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A real post

I guess I owe everyone one of these. Hehe. So it has been a pretty crazy few days. Ariel and I have been out and about every morning this week. Today was no exception. Stella and I went to the comfort quilters for a short bit today before going off to Richmond. Yes, it was trip to the fabric store day! Yay.

We stopped for lunch at the mall. I had really good sushi, yum. Ariel slept during this portion of the journey, so it was nice to have a relaxing lunch with a good friend. I found the long searched for Baby on Board sign for our car. You'd think they be easier to find.

Fabric store was fun. Ariel insisted on riding in her buggy, her OWN way. One of those you had to be there moments. I got the needed cording and ribbon for the easter project and a cute panel to make a color book for Ariel.

Ariel fell asleep on the way home and slept for another good hour once home, giving me time needed to do some work for the client. Whee. Once that was done, Ariel was up, ate a big meal and played while I worked on finishing the egg. Turned out sooooooooo cute! The front is all stitched with little pearl beads, the back is quilted flannel fabric I had kicking around (since I couldn't decide on one, I used all).

Ken got home, and we had leftovers and Ariel made a fine mess of herself. As you can see above. I got to bath her while daddy had a planning meeting for adult sunday school. They are doing a faith and films unit. Thats totally his thing, so he is excited.

Now its top model time, Ariel's first cycle. Yay.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for Colbert ice cream! This is the coolest thing ever. I love this guy. Woot! The best part came when he gave it to his audience, very Oprah like... "You get a pint, you get a pint, you get a pint." Cut with footage of the actual Oprah car giveaway audience reacting. PERFECT! God bless ice cream! Now to find some....

Other news, went to Costco, bought lots of meat to fill the freezer again. Had a migrain, spring must be coming. Made a new recipe for dinner, broccoli and chicken divan. Yummy. Yes this is short, sorry, but head is still sore and I have some work to do since I am going out tomorrow.

Jay over and out.... dang I want ice cream.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Just when you thought I had disappeared...

Yes, I just realized that my last post was on Thursday. Naughty me, oops. Frankly, I had my little black rain cloud still popping up the past few days that had me rather moody. Ken came home from teaching on Saturday, and we watched the Buffy Musical, which is garanteeted to make you smile. It did.

Not much to report on the weekend activties, except sunday. At church it was announced we would be returning to our building!!! I can not say how exciting this is. Good bye high school. Afterwards, we had Natalie and Peter over. They supplied the lasanga and us the bread, salad and some banana bread for dessert. Nat and I got a science experement out of some tin foil and cheese. Somehow it got to the trash before my camera could capture it. Twas fun to have some company and hope to have them back again sometime.

Today is the sewing group, and I think I am gonna pack us up and go. Need to be around people since hubby is gonna be late tonight. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed. Ariel is a pretty easy going baby, but I still need a break sometimes and talk to people that don't just say dadada. I will try and be here more this week. Promise...famous last words right?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here we go again.... snow?

Gosh I love her in the laundry basket, tee hee. I didn't want to put the stuff in it away because she was having such a great time. Sadly, its now gone as we were both lacking socks and underwear.

So at least it is just a dusting of snow. Nothing in our neck of the woods that would be considered a pain.... but we shall see. So its a new month, yikes! We are in the season of Lent and moving on to Easter. I really hope I get to see the church soon, I think we all do. The services in the high school are wearing thin on me. Bad echo, hard to see and very little room. Its still a blessing to have our service anywhere, but I am ready to go home. The construction was to be finish already, but these things happen. Frankly, I am amazed at how much they did get done in that time. When I drive by it sure doesn't look like the church I grew up in and was married in. Gone are the doors we stood by to have our receiving line. Gone is the door I walked through with my dad. Strange. In its place is a nursery, lol. I guess thats appropriate right?

So Stella, Ariel and I went off again to the quilters group. It was finishing day on many of the quilts. I sewed on 3 labels via blanket stitch and tied a quilt. Ariel was fantastic until after lunch when she needed her nap. At one point I was freaking out when I realized my glass cross I got from Ken's mom a few years ago, was missing. I was madly searching the floor and thank heavens I found it. At one point I thought maybe Ariel had swallowed it when I found the metal hoop that holds it by her toys. But I realized that she grabbed at it when I put her down, and it fell into shirt, which then fell behind the quilt pile when I went to drop off a finished one. So I was happy, and plan on getting a stronger hoop to hold it the necklace.

After the group, we stopped at Stella's so I could get a quick run through on making placemats with my uber cool chicken fabric. I got one done at her place and finished another at home. Just 2 more to make for my set of 4.

Today so far has been busy, in hopes of keeping the remainder slow. With Ariel in the buggy we went down to pick up some milk, eggs and cold cuts for daddy's lunch. Also got some vitamin d for Ariel, and some baby proofing stuff. Got all the outlet covers in place as Ariel watched on. I am sure her wheels were turning. I got some cabinet locks too, but our handles are too far apart.... maybe 2 together would work. Hmmm...

Princess is sleeping so I think I shall grab some lunch and maybe work on another placemat.
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