Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cabin Fever

Here is the princess all decked out in pink. The girl is lucky, I can't wear pink to save my life. We tried her smallest booties again today, and they almost fit, they are still a bit big so she is able to kick them off pretty fast. Ariel's daddy is home sick today, no fun. He has been sleeping all day pretty much since getting home from the doctors. Blah

So I think I may have a bit of cabin fever, or maybe its just I was having an emotional moment. Its hard not being able to do things myself like drive or lift things. I miss having a long soothing bath, but I can't have one till October 1st, when its safe again. Dang c-section! I think I be less stressed if I could have one bath. Sigh. For a brief moment I was in tears, mostly since I was hungry and hadn't eatten yet and was a little overwhelmed with Ken sick. I feel better after a good nap this afternoon, and knowing my friend Dianne is coming for a visit tonight. Whee. Also the thought of a long weekend and having Ken home (and hopefully not sick) is a nice thought.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Nope, I'm not missing, but I did skip a day, oops. No, really I started a blog but my dear daughter was a bit fuzzy last night and didn't want anyone but mommy. Awww, lots of snuggles. Anyhoo, pretty normal day yesterday. Stella came by for lunch and brought me a sandwich. Then Erin, who is due to have her baby in September came by and then Kara. So I had lots of company, whee. Stella is leaving for several weeks, taking Kara back to Toronto. Sniff. As of now, I do believe they are gone. Byeeeeeee. Will miss you Aunty Kara, good thing for webcams.

Ariel is still getting spoiled. Today, she got a visit from Selma and her son Jonathan, they brought some muffins and a cute toy. Nana brought over a lovely gift from Mrs. Moir, which was filled with uber cute clothes, and a neato frog blanket, need to make sure Kenny doesn't take it from her. Hehe. Also got to chat with Maureen via phone today, she wanted to know all about the birth, dedication and wedding.

We had one of the dinners that Ken's mom had made and froze for us. Yum, very tasty. Ken isn't feeling to great. Sore tummy and stuff, not sure if its just the craziness catching up with him or what. I can't really take care of him since I have my own hands full, so he has to be a little trooper. Poor sweetie. Ariel loves her daddy and wants him to get well soon.

Here is a link to a little video of Ariel, enjoy!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to the routine

Ken went back to work today, and its just Ariel and I on our own. So far so good. We ate, she puked, ate again and is now sleeping. My milk comes in so fast that she eats too fast, so I have to slow her down. She is pretty cute right now sleeping in her bouncy chair beside me.

We got more gifts in the mail today from Ken's family. One was from Bob, Laura and the kids, 2 very cute sleepers. The other was from Carol and Sara, another uber cute sleeper. They are all in the larger sizes so thats great. I also got my cross stitch magazine, and to top it off, NO BILLS, so that makes for a great mail day. LOL.

Yesterday, we handed Ariel off to the family so we could go to the Phantom of the Opera. Ken had pushed for us to see it, as I haven't seen it live on stage before. Wow, I am glad he did. It was amazing! I was so spellbound by the beauty of the performances and the costumes. It was worth what we paid for our row 13 seats. Seeing the facial expressions on the actors is just astounding. One day we will have to take Ariel.

Had dinner at Nana's with the family before they all left for the ferries. The cousins had gone to the PNE for the day, and saw my favs the Superdogs. Next year I am not going to miss it! Ariel will be old enough to enjoy it next summer. Well, I should do some clean up around here while she is still sleeping.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Yesterday at 3pm, Mike and Jo were married! Huzzah! It was a pretty exciting day for everyone. So much going on and yet it was practically perfect. Speaking of perfect, my daughter is the most amazing baby!!! Ariel was more on schedule than I could ever ask for.

At 7am, we were up and I fed Ariel. She fell asleep around 8 something, just as I left with the girls for the hair salon. Ken took her to Nana's for babysitting as he went off to the groomsmen breakfast. We were both home again at 1030ish. Ariel ate again right before we left the house at 1230 to pick up our nanny for the day, Kara. Ariel was already asleep upon arriving at Jo's house.

The house was filled with lots of energy, that of 7 little girls and many bridesmaids. All the girls had matching dresses that Jo's mom had made for them. Too cute! Right before we left in the limo, which I ditched Ken and Kara for, hehe, we got a call from the photographer saying that the first location they chose was now out because there was a huge dog show happening. LOL. That was pretty funny actually. Something always goes wrong and if that was it, not bad indeed.

So we go to the beach, the other location right by the ceremony site. After the cute seeing each other for the first time moment, it was realized the guys had forgotten their little flowers in my dad's fridge. Luckily, Ken had gotten his at Jo's place since he dropped me off, so we put his on Mike so that he had one in the pictures. See how things can just work out. We walked all over, getting lots of attention from the people tanning at the beach. There were also these nasty little black bugs everywhere, they didn't bite but they were clinging to our dresses and getting down inside our bras, YUCK!

We got to the wedding site and waited for our cue. Let me say again, its practically 3pm and Ariel is STILL sleeping. Wedding goes on without a hitch and as Mike and Jo steal away in the limo for 20 minutes alone, my daughter wakes up to eat. Dang that little gal is good. So Ken and I hid in the house to feed her while set up is happening, something I can't do anyways at the moment. As they finished, Ariel was done eating and getting changed. We got the family pictures done and then back into the tent for the food, which was awesome.

Ariel was up and down after dinner. She would eat and sleep off and on, get passed around. It was then I found out my dad's side of the family didn't know she had been born. Oops. I guess with dad gone the week she was born, he forgot to call them upon returning. Need to get those announcements out this week.

The night ended for us sometime after 10pm. Ariel was ready to crash as were we both. We got home, fed the girl who was uber cuddly upon getting home at last. She fell asleep at midnight at didn't get up till, get this 530am! She practically slept through the night, crazy. We went back to sleep and then woke at 9ish to feed her again. Today is Phantom day so I will sign off till later.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. All the family arrived and we did a run through at the park by Dad's house. I have to come down the aisle first, eek. Watch me make a fool of myself. No, must not fall or be giant git. I heard there is some mystery music for leaving the ceremony. Kinda a tradition in our family, Ken and I used the Star Wars theme, hehe.

Ariel held up very well, considering she was getting passed around like a football, hee. She only got fussy when she was hungry and when she messed her diaper. Apprently, she farted when Kyle was holding her, lol. Kyle and Megan spoiled Ariel rotten, with a gift of cute clothes and a toy bear. She seemed pretty keen on the bear. One thing is for certain, my child will never be naked.

Tomorrow is gonna be crazy!!!!!!!!! I am leaving at 840am to get my hair done, Ken is going to the groomsman breakfast, Ariel is going to be at Nana's for some time with all the family. Then Ken will get her home for when I get back so I can nurse her. We have it all figured out, sort of. Then we pick up Kara to be our nanny during pictures while we walk through the park. Then off to the ceremony where I will not make a fool of myself. Its gonna be fun, I can't wait. Its funny to think this day is finally here!!! Mike and Jo got engaged the week we found out we were expecting Ariel. Time sure flys.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Full Circle

I can't believe how fast this week is flying by. Ken is gonna be back at work before I know it and Ariel and I will be on our own. Right now daddy and daughter are playing on the couch, and she has just messed her pants, so I think I will stay upstairs and let him clean her up this time, hehe.

We went to the doctors this morning and Ariel is right back at her birth weight of 8lb 11oz. Only took her 10 days to get back to it and the doctor was quite pleased. She checked out perfectly, and my incision is healing well but my blood pressure was a big higher than usual, so I am going back next week. She said it was very common in new moms, especially after surgery on top of that, so I'm not too worried. I go back next Friday for a follow up so here's hoping its back to normal.

Ken and I got to walk around the shops this morning with Ariel since we had to pick up her vitamin D drops at London Drugs. Stopped by Safeway to see my old work buddies and to show off my cutie! Also ran in to Aunty Pat again, who gave us a baby gift she had been towing in the the trunk of her car. Went to 'Fancy This' and Joanie was in, so she got to hold Ariel. We came home, had a nice lunch and I had the best nap! Ken went to get his hair cut for the wedding and left us resting, and came home to us both sleeping and snapped this picture, pretty cute.

Tomorrow is the rehersal dinner, whee! Oh, and here is the announcement we are running in the local paper on Saturday!

EDIT: Got it fixed, yay. Thomson is spelled right now too, with no 'p'.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

200th Post!!!

Wow, how exciting! I'd be looking again for falling balloons but I still have some downstairs from my stay in the hospital. Today was sewing day at Stella's. But first we went and got Ariel's announcement for the Saturday's newspaper all ready. Its gonna look awesome! I got the proof in the email and I had to laugh, its great except once again my mom's name is mis-spelled. Plus, I took in what I wanted it to say and the spelling was on there, but I guess it seemed wrong to them. Oh well, its an easy fix.

After that, Ken dropped Ariel and I off at Stella's. With the amount of fabric that was cut off the bottom of my dress, Stella made a little dress for Ariel. She added the left over lace from the dedication dress to the top and boy is it cute! Our first mother-daughter matching outfit. Hee. As you can see she is excited about it! We also finished my dress, huzzah! Its at the cleaners getting steamed, woot! Ken picked up his tux today as well, so the Priebe's are ready for the wedding.

Kara came by after work today to snuggle Ariel, who decided to sleep. She was all wake this morning at Stella's so I guess she was all tired out. I got a bit of a rest and Ken went to the store and cleaned up, he rocks! Gonna chill tonight, belly is a bit tender today and I am pretty beat from this morning. I am missing Jo's dinner tonight downtown, poo, but its more important to be good for Saturday.

Ken got the webcam hooked up last night, so if you wanna chat via MSN, you can see Ariel in real time. Oooooh.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Out and about

Ariel was a busy little girl last night. I think she was just having too much fun with mom and dad and didn't want to go to bed. hehe. Oh well. We took her out this morning in her stroller and had breaky at the cafe. Had lots of people wanting to check her out. She put on her best cute face while she slept. We walked down to the London Drugs for some more diapers and a webcam.

At noon I had a pedicure appointment, so I would have pretty toes for the wedding this saturday. Things are starting to come together, doing more dress alterations tomorrow at Stella's. Got the schedule from Jo this morning, so its really getting real now. Wow.

When I got home, the three of us had lunch and chilled on the couch. Another dinner is arriving tonight, via the Emery's. Yay! Tonight I am getting our newspaper announcement all together and finalizing our birth announcements so we can get them printed. So much fun stuff!

Monday, August 21, 2006

One Week

Today Ariel is one week old, wow. Kinda exciting and yet really makes you realize how fast time goes by. A health nurse came by this morning, a different one then the one we saw last week. Anyhoo, she measured Ariel and our growing girl is now at 8lb 5.9oz, so she put on 5.9 oz over the weekend, talk about a good eater. Also the shock of the cold scale didn't impress Ariel and she preceded to pee on it. LOL. Oh well, we thought it was funny.

Tried to keep today somewhat quiet, since yesterday was soooooo crazy. Ariel was up only at 1am, 5am and then didn't wake up again till 9am. That was nice of her to let us sleep in, well, Daddy thought so anyways. We had a lazy morning together, it was very nice. Stella came by with some cake for our freezer, woot! We then got me into my bridesmaid dress and started figuring out how much we were taking off. There is so much left over material, that Ariel may get a dress out of it. The one I bought back in Spring may be too big, so we shall see. Ariel slept through most of Stella's visit, as she does for most visitors. But she did get some cute diaper shirts that Auntie Kara had picked out, yay!

Then in the afternoon, Natalie came by to see us. She brought Ariel some UBER cute outfits! One is a newborn size which is awesome, since she is kinda in transition to her 0-3 outfits and is lacking much choice in her clothes. I think she is gonna wear it to the rehersal this friday. Hee. It was great to see her and have a nice visit. She told us that Peter is offically joining our church as a member, woot! How exciting!

Tonight we had some more of the lovely salmon corn chowder that was brought for us last night, along with many sandwiches from the party. The fridge is so full these days, as is the freezer. May not need to cook for a long time. Yay! I am going to hop in the shower to unwind. I am a little sore today, blah. Sometimes remembering one has had surgery sucks.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dedication Day

It was a wonderful day, if not just a tad overwhelming. I am feeling pretty zonked right now but it can't erase the excitement and joy both Ken and I had over watching this special event for our daughter. The morning was pretty good, Ariel was only up once in the night, but we also went to bed late, so when she was up to eat at 7am it was right on cue. She ate on and off all morning, I guess she had butterflies in her tummy about the big day.

We left for church at 930am, to give us time to get settled and for Ken to set up the video camera. We were pretty much the main attraction, well, Ariel was at least. She slept through it all though, maybe one day she will be awake for everyone. Anyhoo, her Auntie Kara did a fantastic job dancing to the song 'He lives in you' and it had me in tears. I was pretty emotional already so it just pushed me over the edge a bit. We got our rose from the church and then went up to dedicate Ariel to the Lord. Very cool. When the friends and family were called up to stand with us, we couldn't believe how surrounded we were, just really makes us feel blessed.

Then we were off to the after party at Dad and Rita's. They really made it very nice for our little girl, and it meant alot to us. Dad even had pictures he had taken of Ariel printed out on the table with all the food. Which brings me to the food, man was it gooooood! I think the smartest thing we did was to get it ordered so no one had to prepare anything! We got fruit and veggie trays, sandwiches, wraps, croissants and a spinach dip bread bowl. Needless to say, we have alot of leftovers in our fridge. Hee.

We cut the cake with Ariel, since she isn't allowed to play with knives. Lots of visiting with friends and family, eatting and basically having a good time. Ariel mostly slept again, only getting a bit fussy once when it was time for her lunch. She also got some lovely gifts from people, and needs to work on her thank you cards, I may need to help her with that this week, as the list is growing DAILY!

When it was over and we loaded the car and finally returned home, all 3 of us too a nap and spent the remaining part of the day just relaxing as a family. Tomorrow, Ariel is offically a week old, wow. This time last week I was waiting for my c-section. Crazy. Glad thats over, heh.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Yesterday was another full day of visits and stuff. Ariel got to meet her Grandpa Worth for the first time, since he has been out of town since she was born. I think he liked her, just a guess. Also, Stella and Donna were over in the morning for tea and a visit. Nice to sit around and catch up with people. Kara came over later with dinner for us. Yum. Kara got to experience the worst 'crap attack' in the past few days. Actually it was pretty funny. She was holding Ariel when that sound happened, the gun shot! Took her upstairs and got the diaper off and her cleaned, only to have her shoot a second helping on to the changing mat. Got that cleaned up only to have her then pee. We got a good laugh out of it, especially since Ariel looked rather blank on the whole episode.

Stella also presented us with a quilt for Ariel yesterday. Its gorgous, little puppies that remind me of lucas and duckies. Ken's work also sent a lovely arrangement of flowers, and some of the students had chipped in and got Ariel a purple elephant from the Disney store, along with 2 adorable diaper shirts.

Other news, my milk is really in now. I had one of those moments most new moms have when they realize they left the taps on, and yet have no control over turning it off. Needless to say, we had to make a run to the store today to buy a nursing bra and pads. Too much information I know, but thats life with a baby, right?I was so sore yesterday but am much better today. As long as she keeps up with her feeding, I am pretty comfortable. However, I am growing ever more concerned about fitting that dress, might need to add a bit on the sides so I don't look like a medieval serving wench.

Here is our little gal in her carseat. It was our first family shopping trip. After the maternity shop, we stopped at a cute scrapbooking place and then had a bite at Bread Garden. Ken then left later for his last stop motion class. Not sure when he is coming home, but we have dinner coming via the meals on wheels (otherwise known as our Bible study group). Its nice not having to worry about cooking right now.

Tomorrow is Ariel's dedication and party. Expect a round up of the events later that day. Until then, I am gonna grab a nap while she is still sleeping.

Friday, August 18, 2006

First Night

Gotta say it was pretty uneventful, which is cool! Ariel was really laid back yesterday, almost to the point were I thought I brought the wrong kid home. She slept most of the day which was weird, kept trying to wake her up at points to make sure she was in fact alive. (Is that a first time parent thing or what!) She basically would wake up for short meals and a few 'crap attacks' that Ken calls the uber full diapers.

Had our first bath at home. LOL. That was pretty funny. We kinda hoped it would wake her up because she didn't want to stop sleeping. It kinda worked, she didn't cry and in fact was really enjoying the water. She liked her bath hood, or maybe Mom and Dad did more. Hehe. After that she woke up every 3-4 hours in the night to have a snack and then would promply go back to sleep. Since my milk is coming in, the effect on her seems to be that she is getting full and very sleepy from her meals. Its just a different phase and yet she is only a few days old, so weird.

Also,lots of visits yesterday evening. Nana came by and so did Mike and Jo. Its hitting me that the following Saturday is the wedding. Holy Crap! I really need to get things in gear, good thing Stella is coming by today, we can talk about my dress. Eek!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Picture Happy

Was uploading pictures tonight and thought I'd post a few of my favs!

Here is our little one's head shot for magazine work, hehe. She is just too good looking for her own good. I sure wasn't that cute when I was a baby.

This one is for Uncle Mike and Aunty Jo. She seemed pretty keen on the bouncy chair!

Finally, here we are blogging. Well, maybe a short catnap from it. Hee.

Home Again!

Seems like forever, well, at least for me. Thought I was never going to be released from the hospital. Actually, the thing I missed the most was going outside for air and a walk. The maternity ward is like a hamster cage that goes in circle with only one exit. I would daily circle the halls, being quite jealous that Ken got to escape for a few hours a day to do chores. But today was my turn, and I am free... yet I now walk outside with a new name to my credit - mommy. Amazing and yet overwhelming.

I promised a good detailed update about my delivery so here it is. (I need to if we want a second baby one day). Like you know, the inducing wasn't working well. The last attempt on Saturday morning was a bit different, they didn't use a pill but gel and said it would work better. LOL, do they not get it yet, my body isn't going for it. I told Ken, its gonna end in a c-section, just wait.

Managed to have some fairly strong contractions that day but not alot of change to the cervix. They decided to keep me at the hospital this time, so we set up camp for the long haul. The next morning, surprise, the contractions were gone. Thats when the IV drip was called out. They decided to pump me full of oxytocin, which would start contractions. It didnt. In fact I had barely a blip on the monitor. Around 2pm, I was on the highest dose and still nothing. However, they were finally able to reach my cervix and break my water. Since I was soooooooooo overdue, it was no surprise the water wasn't clear, but baby showed no destress at all, so that was good.

I got moved to the fancy delivery room, in hopes I think that I may actually deliver. It was then I was begging for pain relief. As I said, I was on the highest dose of oxytocin and found out that it can make for some serious PAIN! I never really wanted to do an epidural, but I can honestly say I felt as if I was going to die, I was screaming and crying so much and couldn't get any relief at all. The nurses couldn't believe I lasted so long. They gave me laughing gas to help take the edge off until the nice man with the needle came. It made me pretty loopy, and Ken said it was most likely the closest anyone would see me to being drunk.

The epidural was attenpted to be inserted into my spine... 3 TIMES!!! Yes, he was having trouble getting it in the right spot, and all this time I was told to be still during contractions, good grief. He had me curl up in a ball on the bed and that finally was the trick. Huzzah for the drugs! It took a while to kick in, and I used the gas still so I was one doped up gal. They came and checked me again and I was at 4cm. They continued the drip and said they be back in a few hours to see if there was any change. At 10pm, I was checked and nothing had changed. I was booked for surgery in a few hours.

Waited for a long time, apprently it was a busy day in there. Finally at 1am I was wheeled downstairs. Ken was dressed in cute scrubs. My epi was topped up, man thats a weird feeling. I sat looking up at the lights trying to stay calm. I was so tired at that point, it wasn't hard. Ken was brought in by my head, and his eyes were glowing. We were finally here...about 15 minutes later, and lots of pushing my inside bits around, there was a little baby girl being held up to us. I always thought I would cry, but I was in awe. We created this little person, and she has been growing inside for months. I just stared at her, it was a moment I think I will hold in my mind forever. After all the pain, she was my prize. Wow.

I got taken to recovery after they finished putting me back together. Ken was taken upstairs with Ariel and was filming her for me so I wouldn't have to miss a thing! I was expected to be in recovery for serveral hours but I didn't like it and prayed for some quick healing, I wanted to be with Ken and Ariel. I got my answer when the male nurse checked me and surpringly said, she actually is good to go, amen.

Just as I was brought through the elevator there was Ken with his cel phone. He was smiling when he saw me, he was told I be gone for hours. Got put in my room and they brought me Ariel. She was pretty mellow as was I. With some help from the nurses, I fed her for the first time and she is a great eater, must be dad's genes. So basically, I found out that Ariel wasn't helping much in the surgery either so it was rougher than they thought it would have been. My cut is bigger and apprently I am gonna be pretty brused inside for awhile. Yuck! She didn't want to bend or make it easy for the doctors. Talk about a little trouble maker. Hee.

5 days later, I am out and have a new blogging buddy. She is hungry so we need to eat, will post some fun stuff soon! Thanks to everyone for congrats emails and posts. Ken printed them out and would bring them to the hospital, they were really great! Love to you all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

She's here!

Ariel Lynn Priebe
Born via c-section at 2:13am
Monday, August 14th, 2006
8 lbs 11 oz
52 cm (20.47 inches)
Mom and Daughter doing well, and will be coming home Thursday.
Detailed birth story to follow soon after.
Praise the Lord!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Is third time a charm?

Ok, still home. Had some contractions again last night, but not getting my hopes up as they felt like the ones I had the previous night that eventually went away. Was up for several hours but did manage to get some sleep, which makes me curious how strong of contractions they really were... Ken called the hospital so we will be leaving in a while, need to eat first.

Sooooooooooo, we are hoping not to end up back at home. From what we were told we shouldn't but with me, anything is possible. Pray for our baby and that she is delivered some way, some how today. Contractions are coming on again so gonna say goodbye for now, lets pray you don't see a blog for a few days eh?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Guess who?

Yep.... we are home again. Argh. Its almost laughable, but not really. So, my contractions still happen now and again, but they seem to stop this morning. Boo! My cervix hasn't changed so they are once again trying the pill that will (or should but won't in my case) make it open and soften. From what the doctor and nurses told me today, this is our last attempt at getting things going the natural way. If I am still not in labour today, I come back tomorrow morning to talk to the specialist. So Jeff you might be right after all and baby will share your b-day.

So, we are gonna have some lunch and chill out. Ken's mom and brothers are at the UBC museum and loving it. They should return sometime this afternoon. Mom started cooking some meals for us yesterday, boy does that smell good! We should be set for a week once we are home with baby.

Ok, thats it for now, sigh. Updates as they become available.

Take 2

Ok, so my contractions are still 10 minutes apart. I managed to sleep several hours last night and woke up this morning with the same thing still happening. We just called the hospital and they want us to come back in, I guess to see if I need more drugs or not, whee. So, I guess if we are sent home again, expect another blog, if not, we are still there. Bye for now!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Evening Update

Still at home, feeling pretty good. It seems that I am starting to have some regular contractions, about every 10 minutes apart. Yay! Now, lets pray this continues and they get closer together. Jay over and out!

Waiting.... again!

Just a quick update, this is Ken by the way. We went to the hospital this morning and Jay got some stuff to help the cervix to open and get going. They had her hooked up to the monitors for 2 hours to watch and see if baby was ok with this. Apprently, she was just dandy. She is so content in fact, that the contractions haven't really started. Sigh. Soooooooo, we are at home again. They said they should start but who knows. Basically, if nothing happens by tomorrow morning, we add another drug to make the contractions start.

Jay is doing ok considering, but she has really had enough. I took her for pizza for lunch and we ended up it and a dessert thing for free since they gave our pizza away by accident, so God is good. Free lunch can cheer anyone up. Jay is resting on the couch and watching tv, waiting yet again. Pray that things start soon, and that her spirits stay up. She had a rough night and was sick right before we went to the hospital. Nerves most likely, but still no fun for her. Keep checking in!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last day before we are offically a family of 3

Today was nice. Spent time just walking around with Ken's family. We drove to Steveston and had fish and chips on the warf. Checked out all the cute shops, Jonathan did most of the shopping. We even visited the shop were we bought our wedding bands 5 years ago. Then we went out to Centennial Beach to lounge a bit. The tide was out but the little pools of water were nice and warm to walk through. Ken's mom enjoyed the little creatures that are unveiled when the water is gone. She has made a list of things to look up to find out what they are.

We came back to our place for awhile and then did an early dinner at White Spot (Jonathan wanted to go to one) All day was really nice and calm, just what I needed. I am trying to keep myself together. I am pretty emotional and just start crying for no reason. Its just amazing and strange that this journey is over and the new phase is just beginning. I was really feeling the weight of this kid today, she is too much for me now. My back is starting to hurt and I can't stay long on my feet. Hopefully tomorrow (or Friday morning) she will be in my arms.

Got the bag packed, Ken's cooler of snacks filled and the phone list ready. We are ready for baby. Wonder if she is ready for us?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally, some answers...

Sorry for the long delay, been kinda a crazy day here. So went to the doctors at 315pm today for appointment. Those poor gals at the desk just shake their heads when they see me coming. Heh. Anyhoo, had Ken with me and that was a nice change. Needless to say, the little stinker is still where we left her. Blood pressure and heartbeat were good. She checked my cervix and it was still extremely high, blah. She called the hospital and from there we were off for our non-stress test.

Of course traffic was a cow because it was rush hour. Finally got in at 430pm and got hooked up to the fancy machine. Now, if anyone remembers my stories about how Ariel hates the doppler and moves away from it, can only imagine how much she hated this one. I had to literally hold it down hard so she couldn't run. Over a half hour of this, one apple juice and a few cartoons on tv later we were released. Baby is fine, but is showing signs of being overdue and cranky.

Ok, here it is folks, I am going in THURSDAY MORNING TO BE INDUCED!!! Huzzah! At some point after that there will be a baby. Now I am trying to wrap my brain around it, since this is somewhat different than the video you get in class. Trust my kid to want a schedule, just like mommy. Hehe.

After the hospital, we met up with Ken's mom and brothers at the hotel (hence my delay in blogging) for dinner and another huge bag of gifts for the golden child. Just look at this kid's loot. (Please note that blogger is being a pain so until I can fix it, here are the links to the pictures)


She has more shoes now than I do. She got several cute outfits, books, cds, hat, sunglasses and a baby blanket that Ken's grandma Priebe had made when Daniel was born. That was pretty special indeed, can't wait to let Grandpa Priebe know that, he is gonna be pretty touched. Also, I got a pretty necklace that says mom in a heart surrounded by tiny diamonds. Very pretty and also extremely sweet of her to get me something so nice.

Dinner was really nice, the Beaches restaurant is sure awesome. Yum. However, with our hospital day set, tomorrow is our only free day to get out and about with the family. At least there will be a baby for them to see, thats all that matters to me. Thank the Lord!

I will most likely do an update tomorrow and a brief one before we leave for the hospital on Thursday morning, they want me in by 8am. After that, might be a few days depending on when they release me (if I need surgery or not). Might get Ken to post a picture if possible, but if not expect a full summary sometime next week when we are home and... gulp.... parents!


I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so there is some hope of some possible answers to the big question, when! This isn't my regular doctor sadly, mine is on vacation for her sister's wedding. I guess thats ok then, heh. The other doctor is fine, just a bit quiet for my liking, she doesn't say much, since she really doesn't know me. Expect an update later today on this.

Other news, Ken is on vacation, whee. Went to have breaky at the cafe this morning and ran into Nana. So that was nice. Walked down to Fancy This to get a grad gift for Ken's mom. Found a beautiful ceramic birdhouse for a tealight (we got a battery powered one since Jonathan doesn't have a good track record with candles) and a pewter starfish pin made in Nova Scotia.

Came home and they are pressure washing our decks for painting the trim. Good thing we got home when we did, otherwise some of my plants and decor could have been trashed. Ran into one lady who wasn't so lucky who warned us to move our things. Her hanging baskets are toast apparently. She didn't seem too happy.

Well, gotta finish cleaning the downstairs, Ken just took the bottle to the depot so I guess I shouldn't slack. Heheh.

Monday, August 07, 2006


41 weeks pregnant... makes you think... or more so go insane... why should I be the one who has all the fun... enjoy... go INSANE TOO!!!!

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh my dear friend Natalie!

Thanks for telling my baby to wait until you returned from your trip to be born. Hehe, apparently she listened.

Yeah, it was pretty funny to give her a hard time at church this morning. We had a pretty good laugh about the situation, but it I had to give her a good shake and the hope that she has triplets that are overdue one day. HA! Everyone else was pretty funny too, lots of ideas, my favorite being going to use someone's trampoline. The most common comment was, don't worry, it will happen this week. Um, no kidding, they PROMISED no later than the 13th, otherwise conditions become less favorable for baby. Which is kinda making me anxious too. I don't want her to get sick staying in too long.

Last night was really rough. Got a super bad headache/migraine. Ugh. Woke up at 5am and it was still bad and ended up getting sick. That usually helps and it did, by church time I was feeling better. Good service, also the lease attended one every year (long weekend). Every week we come, there is something new torn down. Its crazy how fast things are moving. Its wild to think it will be done in December.

After church, Ken took me to White Spot, where there was A/C. We are trying to think of some things to do with Ken's family in case the baby doesn't arrive before they come on Tuesday night. Might try and go to Minter Gardens, they would really enjoy that. Ok, we are going to tidy up a bit, kinda messy around here.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Long Weekend

And long pregnancy. Still here faithful readers, hehe. Just slept in a bit this morning since I stayed up a bit late last night. Was having my insides kicked to mush. I didn't know it was physically possible to stretch my tummy out that far. Ack. I keep waiting for this foot to coming breaking through.

We had dinner at the 'Boot' last night. I had one of the best chicken burgers ever. So awesome. Afterwards, it was a little after 8pm (Ken's got home later than usual) we went for a long walk. Ended up at the library since I needed a restroom stop, and got Ken a library card. Not sure why it took us so long, I guess we always just used mine before. Ken found some stop motion films he watched as a kid and checked those out and I got a cross stitch book and magazine.

Came home and chilled. It was a really cool evening, very nice. I was having some pains, come and go. We were getting excited but by 1am they were gone. Ken's mom and brothers are arriving late Tuesday night. I guess we are going to have to plan some activities now that we still have some time. Maybe one will bring things on.

Other news, got to Stella's today and made my uber easy skirt. Its very cute and I am pleased. We got some subs and met Kara at the park for her lunch break. That was nice to see her, she is working so much its hard to catch her. Soon she will be back in Toronto. Sniff. We picked up my waiting baby bathtub (in the over sized box) at the Sears Pick up location, and it sure is cute. The baby cage should be arriving next week. Hee. Been also getting many gifts from people this week and need to get the thank you cards going. A bit behind, but we wanted to use an actual baby picture for the front, so it may still take a bit longer, but thank you to everyone who has given us some lovely and practical things. My diaper stash is growing, whee!

Ken is now offically on vacation, well, after his class today. Its gonna be odd having him around, but he is glad that he can come to the doctor's on tuesday (which I think I still will be going to) and ask his questions about the upcoming week involving the possiblity of the anti stress test and induction.

So today I plan to veg and sew, unless someone decides she is finished baking.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Going on day 5...

Ready to jump out the window... that's it, no inheritance for you Ariel!

Going to sew at Stella's this morning. That will be fun, hee. Its another nice day, not too warm but still sunny. Tonight I think we are going to try the uber spicy food trick for starting labour. I am getting desperate. Ken had a theory that the baby was waiting until he got all his work related issues taken care of and that is now pretty much done, so she better get cracking.

Talked to Ken's brother Dan yesterday. Looks like they are all prepared for the possiblity of no baby during the visit. He did tell me to bribe her with stickers and candy. Heh. Got another email from Ken's mom, she saw a shirt at Costco on a lady that said 'let me out of here!' I am sure Ariel wants to come out as much as I do, but somedays I wonder.

Well tune in tomorrow... lets see if I am still here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

For once, no RUDE people!

I think I have had the best day of my life. Thank you Lord for no stupid and rude comments from strangers! Nana had to go to Sears today so I tagged along so I could get some shopping done, while I still had time to kill. Got to the Old Navy and got a new white tank top (huzzah!) and a black one as well. Also found some cute loose fitting pants which will be great after baby is out and a skirt.

We checked out the newly opened Children's Place, soooo cute! They got some great stuff at awesome prices, you were right Julie! We got a t-shirt as a gift from there, from one of the people Ken interviewed for the book. Love it!

Then I made my way to La Senza. Found 2 night gowns that will be good for hospital and at home. The sales girl was really nice and mentioned a lady came in yesterday looking for the same thing, so she was helpful.

Picked up the chocolate cigars from Purdy's Ken wanted me to get him. He wants to hand them out, too cute! Gotta make sure they don't melt before then. The sales lady was again very nice and asked when I was due, and I said this past Monday. She smiled and said, soon. It was very nice to hear rather than the usual comments. This big exciting part was no one made the 'twins' comment. It was nice to have one free day of that question. I should ask Marie if people ask her if she is having twins since she IS in fact having twins.

Nana and I then went to Pizza Hut for lunch, yum. I never get tired of their pizza, and neither does Ariel. She always is so bouncy after pizza. Hee. Got leftovers for dinner, so no cooking, whee!!! Ken is on his way home, one more day till he is off for vacation for 2 weeks. Can't wait, and I am sure he can't either.

40 weeks, 3 days and still here...

Going to the mall this morning, perhapes the extra walking will start things up. Here's hoping anyways. Last night was ok. Woke up around 3am, had some cereal and watched tv. Was strangely wide awake but I guess that will be good when I am up breastfeeding.

Mike and Jo came by briefly last night for our huge book of cds, as they are preparing the music for the dance portion of the wedding reception. Whee. Ken saw our building manager showing off the place next door to a young couple with a young son. Be nice if a family moved in, so we shall see. Looks like the PMS couple might have moved out yesterday, or perhapes asked to, since there was a few more yelling issues this past month. Who knows, but it seemed late to be moving out with it being the beginning of a new month. They did manage to move the furniture without killing each, thats always a good sign.

Better get myself ready, leaving early. Yay.... escaping!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For a moment...

I thought it was finally starting. Last night proved to be a testing point for me last night. At 11ish we went to bed (still downstairs) and watched the Daily Show, Ken was asleep before they even got to the Mel Gibson bashing. I however was having the worst case of everything! Ariel was not happy no matter what way I was laying, so I would walk around to ease the pain. Then the coming and going of pain in my back and tummy seemed to be lingering more than usual. Part of me was like, oh please let this be the start. Then at quarter to 3am I was sooooooooooooooo hungry I felt sick, and got some cereal and juice. After that, things just stopped. So here's hoping it was a prep phase or something. Ken left for work and hoped I would be calling him at some point today. Wishful thinking, but I won't burst the bubble. If I know this kid, she is gonna wait till we are heading to the hospital to be induced, someone has mommy's stubbornness!

I believe our baby bathtub has arrived at the Sears pickup location. Yay. At some point I guess I will need to get it. Hmmm. In other news, my dear husband, helped me do a load of whites last night. Sadly, somehow my tank top strap I think was put over that big thingy in the middle of the washer, because when it came back it was stretched sooooooo badly. Now my favorite item is somewhat unfit to wear. WAH! I don't know if I can get to the mall to get a new one, I hope so. Sniff.

Just got a call from Stella, won't be sewing today since she is kinda beat. Thats ok, I just need to find something else to do... hmmm.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Score card

Still here, just in case you thought differently. Below are the guesses, made by my family, from the other morning when we had breakfast at Rickies. As the dates pass, they will become red. I guess I should find a prize for the winner... except if Mike wins, because its just plain depressing.

Rita – July 31, 8 lb 2oz

Nana – August 4, 8 lb 10 oz

Jo – August 5, 8 lb 4 oz

Papa – August 9, 7 lb 11 oz

John – August 11, 9 lb 11 oz

Michael – August 14, 10 lb 2 oz (She arrived Aug. 14th, but was 8lb 110z)

Just came back from coffee at Linda's, and it was nice to visit people in a different setting. Tomorrow I am planning to get to Stella's to work on my skirt. So keeping busy no matter how I feel. Ken is holding his own, staying busy at night with animation an such. He got some scenes back from his friend Steve for his own film, and was excited to film them today at work.

Apprently, his boss asked about the baby yesterday. Ken replied that she hasn't shown up yet and that we were still waiting. He seemed shocked I was by myself daily in my condition. Its not like I am dying, well, feels like it sometimes. I can still do alot, except put pants on myself. (how sad is that) Ariel is bopping around. I got a good idea how cramped it must be in there last night, cuz when she turned I let out a big yelp. I saw an elbow go by and thats just creepy.

Ok, its lunch time and I feel like a grilled cheese sandwich, yum.
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