Saturday, February 25, 2012

Party On

Last night was the big Virgin Radio's Fake Film Festival Gala. We went on a double date with Scott and his wife Morag with dinner out first and then off to the gala. Ken picked me up from the train and we went to the school to meet up with our friends, and for me to finally see the new building. Got to see Charles which was great, and the new building is beautiful, such a night and day difference since I was there.

After the tour, we had dinner at a pub downtown by the school. It was loud since the hockey game was on, but still had a fun meal, all of us playing with our iphones, talking kids and having a great time. Excited to have new friends, especially ones very much like us, yay.

The filmmakers Ken and Scott

We got the Muppets ready and hit the club's red carpet. It was pretty cool, as they were interviewing us, taking pictures, we felt special haha. Inside it was a fun atmosphere of party madness. They had cocktails and appetizers, very yummy cosmos I must say.

Morag and Beaker enjoys those yummy cosmos.

Other things to take part in where a photo booth, caricature artist doing portraits and checking out all the fun costumes. It was great to meet the other film makers, everyone was having such a great time.

Seeing our poster projected on to the wall! They were showing pictures and posters from the top 24 all night :)

They showed the top 10 films, and crowned the winning film Alice in Wonderland, which we guessed the moment we saw it entered in the contest haha. It was fantastic and totally deserved it. The costume contest winner was a girl who dressed up as Elliot from ET. Her outfit included the front of a bike with a basket containing ET. Loved it!

Nat and Drew from the morning show with Ken and Kermit.

They had 2 live performances, Dirty Radio (which I didn't really like) and Carly Rae Jepsen (she was 3rd on Canadian Idol I believe one year) who I think is adorable and love her stuff. I taped a bit for Ariel who loves this song.

The party wrapped at 10pm, you could stay and dance but my feet were sore and we had to head home to take the babysitter home.

So one party done, another one on Sunday for the Oscars.... then I shall be partied out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poster Fun

So I have kept Ariel home from school the past few days. She got sent home from school on Monday afternoon with a cough. She is feeling much better and the cough is clearing up. I ended up getting something from her, not sure if its the same bug but I was down for bed at 9pm, which is crazy early for me. I was pretty sore, and this morning my voice is limited. Makes it hard to tend to 2 kids when you are lacking a voice.

I did manage to finish up the poster for Ken and Scott's Muppet Movie for promotion! I recreated the original poster and I think it turned out pretty good! What do you think?

The original-

My recreation-

Yesterday was valentines day, and it was kinda a bummer we were all not feeling well. I didn't make my traditional yummy family dinner, will do that next week. Poor Ariel missed the fun at school and at Sparks. I did give the kids their valentine treats. Ariel got her much wished for Prince doll! She wanted someone for her princesses to marry, she is hoping to eventually get them all a mate, so lots of weddings in our future haha.

Xander got the cool Cars App-Mate. Its so neat, you can drive your car in the environment on the ipad. Needless to say he was playing it a LOT yesterday. I think its pretty fun too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Muppets in 60 Seconds!

This morning they announced the top 24 films in the Virgin 95.3 Radio Fake Film contest and ..... KEN AND SCOTT MADE IT! YAY!!!

Yes, they are in the finals, so click on the link and go vote for fan favorite! The judges are picking the actual winner so this is a way to show support regardless of the winner! The competition is fierce! Some great films so check them all out!

Are you a man or a Muppet? Go vote!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

This is a tad late, but its been nutty here, but as of 10pm on Thursday night, we officially own our place! Of course their is stuff to come at closing, but as things go we have made it a done deal with our deposit cheque and signing one piece of paper. ACK!

It was pretty exciting and yet we were pretty subdued, still kinda bittersweet really. Missing all the people that made this possible, and wishing they were here to celebrate the moment with. Now it feels like things can't move fast enough. I am eager to pack, pick paint colors, look at new appliances and make it ours!

This week I had 4 big orders that kept me occupied most of the time. Then Ariel had 2 pageants this weekend, so I can honestly say I feel dead now. Haha. Here is a photo from the pageant photographer, Ee dupree. Unfortunately, they had a mix up and she didn't get shots of Ariel in her beauty and casual wear, so we get a free studio session to make up for it. Yay! I am learning what makes a good photo for these things, its sorta different from regular portraits. Good to know in case I add that to my stuff in the future. She is super sweet and Ariel loves her... but then Ariel loves getting her picture taken, lol.

Ariel did awesome, she won Talent Supreme for dance in her age category. That was the one thing she wanted to win, as she practiced every day after school. We will be getting a video of the performance so I will upload it when I do.

She also won 2nd place for the Valentine's photo, which is a shot I took, which made me feel awesome too!

She got a mini princess title overall, but this was her first big one, and she was up against girls who regularly do glitz so it was tough. In the end she had a blast, made some new friends and is eager for the next one.

This week I am just doing some family birthday cakes for Ken and Mike. The rest of the week is quiet, so I am actually looking forward to it since I kinda feel sickness coming on. Will do some overdue laundry, gosh I can't wait to have our own machine! I may even pack a little... oooh, packing!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Piles o' Papers!

My dining room table has several piles of papers, I may need to clear a whole section from the filing cabinet when this is all said and done to house it all! How many trees have we killed in purchasing a home? Haha.

Anyhoo, we are closing in on the big day this week when we remove subjects! Today I finally got the last of the minutes from the current strata meetings (and finally confirmation our maintenance fees have gone done, woot!), forms from the investment people for removing some of our RSPs for the first time home-buying program and then a whole whack of stuff from the mortgage broker.

We locked in our rate today, and its even lower than first quoted, which is a bonus! Now we are just going over the fine details, asking lots of 'dumb first time questions'. Love my broker, she is fantastic and has a good sense of humor with me. I commended to some friends at church this weekend how smooth this whole experience has been with the wonderful people we have had the privilege working with. Very very thankful for that!

Speaking of church, we took in some photos to share with people, its very exciting and everyone is so happy for us. This is a long time coming for us, so its a big day! Woot! Already lots of offers of friends with trucks for moving, cleaning and painting. Yay! Also we got the most sweet and overwhelming email from my Aunt Deborah and Uncle Blair telling us they wanted to gift us with paint for the new place! I am beyond excited and Ariel is eager to look at pink paint chips! I have been on Pinterest looking up inspiration for color, as you know I am not afraid of using it, haha. Thank you to everyone, we appreciate everything everyone is doing for us, we love you all! We can't wait to have a house warming party and thank you all in person.

This week I have 4 orders so at least I will be busy and keeping my mind off stuff. One is a fun wedding order with cupcakes and 4 cats in wedding outfits, haha, should be awesome!

The past few weeks Ken and his co-worker and office mate Scott have been working on a submission for Virgin Radio's fake film contest. Finally they uploaded it last night, so check it out by using the link below, vote for them and we will see if they make it to the finals! Either way, they are happy and enjoyed the process, and our kids LOVE it. Xander has it memorized which I think is almost funnier than the film.
Most updates later this week! Yay!

Thursday, February 02, 2012


So this week I have been drowning in paperwork. From the 2 years worth of strata minutes I had read, gathering info for the broker and reading contracts that say Ken and I will own a home in less than 2 months... gack! A tad overwhelming but exciting too.

We got our inspection booked for this afternoon, well Ken booked it as for a good day we were without a phone after it died in mid call the other night. The tech guy came and said our port died, easy fix but still annoying, haha. Anyhoo, it was fun to go back to the place and walk around knowing we get to fix it up to be perfect for us. Did some measurements and talked about layouts while the inspector did his thing.

Dad and Rita picked Ariel up from school and brought her over. She was excited as it was the first time she got to see the place. She really liked her future room, eager to paint it pink! Haha. She was so sweet, saying Mommy its beautiful. Awww.

Stella and Donna came walking by to before the inspection started so they got to check it out, and see the dirt. Seriously, I don't understand how people can live in this. The inspector actually asked if it was tenants because usually they explains the lack of cleaning, but no they were the owners. That made him rather wide eyed. haha. Donna didn't want to touch things, it was rather funny... come back when its clean :) She also wants us to get a new light fixture for the dining room... so I guess we will all go shopping one day for one. Hee

Overall the inspection didn't reveal too much, which was good, some wiring done backwards on an outlet, a window missing some hardware, some broken lights etc. The roof had some patching but it was more from wind blowing off some, but its got another 10-15 years in it. The bathroom they had done peel and stick tiles, so to replace those with solid vinyl and fix the hand rails on both sets of stairs. His best advice was to eventually replace the windows. He gave us our report in a handy binder, with fact sheets about everything that needing fixing, as well as coupons and seasonal maintenance lists.

I meant to bring my camera to snap some pictures, I will go back and get some because seriously you need to see some of this stuff to believe it. However until then I will share the 'old' listing pictures from when these guys bought it. Show the place in its full potential once its clean and not cluttered. Today I got to see dirty underwear on the floor... gross!

So here is our main floor space, living room and it flows to the kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen, the counter tops are blue, I kept thinking they were teal so I was excited to realize today they weren't, haha. Makes picking paint easier! The space on that one counter is HEAVEN! The wooden cabinets are really nice too. Planning on painting this a light blue to brighten it up, robin's egg sorta shade.

The dinning room has 2 windows, and lots of light. Great for cake photos. Our table will fit perfectly and having the extra leaf in won't be difficult anymore.

Don't have great pictures of the upstairs but here is Ariel's future 'pink' room.

Xander gets the cool loft, this bed makes it look small but its a good size room, and really funky. Probably doing a bright blue below the chair rail. Its amazing how bright it is, especially compared to Ariel's current skylight she has in her room.

Missing is the bathroom, our room and hallways. We will be sure to do before and after pictures as we go along. Can't wait to start, but first we need to finalize our financing and remove subjects. I think today made it more real... kinda getting giddy now.
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