Monday, February 06, 2012

Piles o' Papers!

My dining room table has several piles of papers, I may need to clear a whole section from the filing cabinet when this is all said and done to house it all! How many trees have we killed in purchasing a home? Haha.

Anyhoo, we are closing in on the big day this week when we remove subjects! Today I finally got the last of the minutes from the current strata meetings (and finally confirmation our maintenance fees have gone done, woot!), forms from the investment people for removing some of our RSPs for the first time home-buying program and then a whole whack of stuff from the mortgage broker.

We locked in our rate today, and its even lower than first quoted, which is a bonus! Now we are just going over the fine details, asking lots of 'dumb first time questions'. Love my broker, she is fantastic and has a good sense of humor with me. I commended to some friends at church this weekend how smooth this whole experience has been with the wonderful people we have had the privilege working with. Very very thankful for that!

Speaking of church, we took in some photos to share with people, its very exciting and everyone is so happy for us. This is a long time coming for us, so its a big day! Woot! Already lots of offers of friends with trucks for moving, cleaning and painting. Yay! Also we got the most sweet and overwhelming email from my Aunt Deborah and Uncle Blair telling us they wanted to gift us with paint for the new place! I am beyond excited and Ariel is eager to look at pink paint chips! I have been on Pinterest looking up inspiration for color, as you know I am not afraid of using it, haha. Thank you to everyone, we appreciate everything everyone is doing for us, we love you all! We can't wait to have a house warming party and thank you all in person.

This week I have 4 orders so at least I will be busy and keeping my mind off stuff. One is a fun wedding order with cupcakes and 4 cats in wedding outfits, haha, should be awesome!

The past few weeks Ken and his co-worker and office mate Scott have been working on a submission for Virgin Radio's fake film contest. Finally they uploaded it last night, so check it out by using the link below, vote for them and we will see if they make it to the finals! Either way, they are happy and enjoyed the process, and our kids LOVE it. Xander has it memorized which I think is almost funnier than the film.
Most updates later this week! Yay!

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