Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poster Fun

So I have kept Ariel home from school the past few days. She got sent home from school on Monday afternoon with a cough. She is feeling much better and the cough is clearing up. I ended up getting something from her, not sure if its the same bug but I was down for bed at 9pm, which is crazy early for me. I was pretty sore, and this morning my voice is limited. Makes it hard to tend to 2 kids when you are lacking a voice.

I did manage to finish up the poster for Ken and Scott's Muppet Movie for promotion! I recreated the original poster and I think it turned out pretty good! What do you think?

The original-

My recreation-

Yesterday was valentines day, and it was kinda a bummer we were all not feeling well. I didn't make my traditional yummy family dinner, will do that next week. Poor Ariel missed the fun at school and at Sparks. I did give the kids their valentine treats. Ariel got her much wished for Prince doll! She wanted someone for her princesses to marry, she is hoping to eventually get them all a mate, so lots of weddings in our future haha.

Xander got the cool Cars App-Mate. Its so neat, you can drive your car in the environment on the ipad. Needless to say he was playing it a LOT yesterday. I think its pretty fun too!

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