Saturday, February 25, 2012

Party On

Last night was the big Virgin Radio's Fake Film Festival Gala. We went on a double date with Scott and his wife Morag with dinner out first and then off to the gala. Ken picked me up from the train and we went to the school to meet up with our friends, and for me to finally see the new building. Got to see Charles which was great, and the new building is beautiful, such a night and day difference since I was there.

After the tour, we had dinner at a pub downtown by the school. It was loud since the hockey game was on, but still had a fun meal, all of us playing with our iphones, talking kids and having a great time. Excited to have new friends, especially ones very much like us, yay.

The filmmakers Ken and Scott

We got the Muppets ready and hit the club's red carpet. It was pretty cool, as they were interviewing us, taking pictures, we felt special haha. Inside it was a fun atmosphere of party madness. They had cocktails and appetizers, very yummy cosmos I must say.

Morag and Beaker enjoys those yummy cosmos.

Other things to take part in where a photo booth, caricature artist doing portraits and checking out all the fun costumes. It was great to meet the other film makers, everyone was having such a great time.

Seeing our poster projected on to the wall! They were showing pictures and posters from the top 24 all night :)

They showed the top 10 films, and crowned the winning film Alice in Wonderland, which we guessed the moment we saw it entered in the contest haha. It was fantastic and totally deserved it. The costume contest winner was a girl who dressed up as Elliot from ET. Her outfit included the front of a bike with a basket containing ET. Loved it!

Nat and Drew from the morning show with Ken and Kermit.

They had 2 live performances, Dirty Radio (which I didn't really like) and Carly Rae Jepsen (she was 3rd on Canadian Idol I believe one year) who I think is adorable and love her stuff. I taped a bit for Ariel who loves this song.

The party wrapped at 10pm, you could stay and dance but my feet were sore and we had to head home to take the babysitter home.

So one party done, another one on Sunday for the Oscars.... then I shall be partied out.

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